Your Sleep Position Is More Important Than You Think!

You surely have a sleeping position that you prefer the most. However, you probably don’t pay enough attention to your choice of positions as you may not be aware of their importance. The position that … Read more

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You surely have a sleeping position that you prefer the most. However, you probably don’t pay enough attention to your choice of positions as you may not be aware of their importance. The position that you sleep in can tell a lot about you, much more than you think. Although you don’t realize it, there is a connection between your favorite position while sleeping and your personality. As you can see, your way of sleeping can reveal a lot about who you are as a person. Also, it can have a vital impact on your health. Every sleep position has its benefits and drawbacks and can make your health issues better or worse. 


Here’s What Your Sleep Position Reveals about You 

There are many ways to sleep comfortably, from lying spread across the entire bed to curling up into a ball. Every person has particular sleeping positions they favor the most. What you maybe don’t know is that a lot can be revealed about your personality based on sleeping positions meaning the way you sleep can reveal more about you than you even think. Here is what the way you sleep at night says about you:

The Fetal Position

Research shows that around 47% of Americans prefer sleeping in a fetal position. 54% of women consider sleeping curled up the best sleeping position, while only 34% of men adopt sleeping in the fetal position at night. This position, although it’s very common, reveals that you look strong on the outside, but that you are actually soft and sensitive on the inside. It can also indicate that you are shy when making new friendships, but that you also open up and relax quickly. People who sleep in a fetal position are also organized and conscientious.  

The Yearner

The yearner sleeps on the side with arms stretched in front, as if he or she is trying to reach something. Not many Americans sleep in this position – only 13%. Sleeping in the yearner position doesn’t indicate that you are yearning for a good night sleep, but rather that you have a complex character. You are at the same time open-minded but cynical, confident in your conclusions but suspicious of your own decisions. 

The Log

This position doesn’t look quite comfortable, but more than 6% of Americans sleep this way. If you want to try snoozing in this position just lie on your side with your arms straight. Side sleeping is a healthy sleeping position that can help you alleviate insomnia or other sleeping disorders. It can also help you alleviate back pain or hip pain. Sleeping like a log doesn’t indicate that you are a heavy sleeper, but rather that you are a bit of a social butterfly, very friendly and often carefree. You also have a very naïve nature and are very gullible to outsiders. 

The Soldier

A soldier sleeps lying on his back and with arms straight by his sides. Sleep studies show that around 11% of the population prefers sleeping this way and consider this position very healthy as it brings them certain medical benefits. However, sleeping like a soldier can lead to lower back pain and even episodes of apnea. If you prefer sleeping this way, put a small pillow under your knees to relieve the tension from the lower back. And what does this position say about your personality? Sleeping like a soldier means you are quiet and reserved. It may also indicate that you adhere to discipline and strict moral codes and that you have high expectations for yourself. 

The Freefall Position

If you love sleeping in this position, like the 17% of the American population does, you look like a relaxed skydiver that is free-falling through the sky. Most people preferring this position sleep on their stomach with their arms wrapped around their pillow.

Despite being the second most popular sleeping position, about one-quarter (26%) of all Americans consider it the worst position. Although you find it comfortable, your body doesn’t. Freefaller sleeping position can lead to lower back strain and neck pain. To avoid frequent tossing and turning, as well as neck strains, you should sleep without a pillow or use only low and a very soft pillow. Sleeping on your stomach indicates that you are sociable and bold, but also rather sensitive when it comes to criticism. You have a playful and open personality, adventurous spirit and are a risk taker.  

The Starfish Position

The starfish sleepers spread their arms and legs in a carefree manner over the entire bed. Only 7% of the population prefers sleeping this way. When it comes to your personality, it shows that you are a good friend, ready to help anyone that needs a hand. These people are rather introvert and don’t feel comfortable to be the center of attention. 

The Stargazer

The stargazer sleeps lying on his back with his arms wrapped around his head – as if he is stargazing. This position indicates that you prioritize your friends and that you would do everything for the people you love. 

The Pillow Hugger

As the name indicates, a pillow hugger sleeps with a pillow close to his body or with his limbs somehow wrapped around it. Pillow huggers are individuals who love to cuddle and get cozy. They nurture relationships with the people they love and care about and put them above everything else.

The Thinker

The thinker sleeps in the fetal position, but with his hand gently resting on his chin. Hm, what are they thinking about? The thinkers are considered more emotional than other sleepers and  great lovers. 

So, is the position that you sleep in an indicator of your personality or is it simply a preference? Whatever the way you sleep means, the most important thing is to focus on choosing fully comfortable positions that will help you get a good night’s sleep. 


The Impact of Sleep Positions on Your Health 

As you maybe already know, different sleep positions can have a different effect on your overall health. Of course, some of them are better than others. Your position preferences are related to your health and can have a positive or a negative impact on it. 





What’s the Best Position for Your Health Problem? 

As we already explained, the position that you are in when sleeping can have an impact on your health and well-being. A particular position can be excellent for one health issue and at the same time be terrible for a different health problem. If you need relief from pain, discomfort, and other problems, you should opt for healthy sleeping positions that will help you.  

Best Position for Sleep Apnea 

Every person has a preference when it comes to sleep positions. In most cases, people think nothing of it as it is their personal choice. However, it can have a vital impact on your quality of sleep, especially if you suffer from breathing abnormalities. If you suffer from sleep apnea, your airways are unrestricted while standing or sitting, but gravity works against them when you are in a horizontal position. This problem can be triggered when the blockage of your airways caused by relaxed muscles and surrounding tissue stops breathing altogether. If it happens often, you should reconsider your choice of sleep positions. The best position for sleep apnea is sleeping on the side as it keeps the airways open and stable, and they are less likely to collapse and cause breathing to stop. Sleeping on the side prevents sleep apnea and snoring while ensuring comfort. 

Best Position for Neck Pain 

We all know that it can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable to deal with neck pain all day. No matter if we are walking or sitting, this type of ache can be very persistent and irritable. If you often suffer from neck pain, and it seems to get even worse overnight, your preferred sleep position may be to blame. If you tend to wake up in pain, you should consider changing your sleep habits. The best sleeping position for neck pain is back sleeping. Sleeping on your back is the best option if you are dealing with neck pain as it keeps your neck properly aligned. On the other hand, the worst position for neck pain is stomach sleeping and you should avoid it at all cost. 

Best Position for Back Pain 

It is not easy to get through the day if you are dealing with back pain, and it can be even more difficult to get enough good night’s rest. In case you experience back pain on a regular basis, and can’t seem to get in and out of bed without it, changing your sleep habits can help you. If you sleep mostly on your stomach, you should stop doing it as it can worsen your problem. During the night, your core sinks deep into the mattress if you are resting on your stomach, while your head and limbs stay high up on the surface. Something like this can have a negative impact on your spinal alignment and contribute to back pain. The best position for back pain is back sleeping. This position keeps your spine, neck, and head in alignment, and helps prevent and relieve pain, which makes it the best sleeping position for lower back pain and upper back pain. You can increase your chances of getting enough quality rest by opting for back sleeping. It is also the best sleeping position for posture. If you want to be free of pain and have good posture, you should try resting on your back during the night, instead of on your stomach. 

Best Position for Shoulder Pain 

If you have shoulder pain, you shouldn’t sleep on that side of your body as leaning all of your weight into it will make the problem even worse. Finding the right sleep position can benefit you as it won’t agitate your shoulder. When it comes to the best position for shoulder pain, you can try side sleeping, but on the opposite shoulder. In case you want to sleep on your back, it is a wise idea to place a small pillow underneath the shoulder in pain. You should definitely avoid stomach sleeping as it will keep your shoulders unstable.  

Best Position for Snoring During Pregnancy 

No matter if you have snored before pregnancy or not, you should be aware that snoring during pregnancy is quite common and it affects about 30% of future moms. It is fairly common, and if you experience it regularly, it means that it would be the best idea to re-consider your position preferences. In most cases, this problem is caused by pregnancy hormones that contribute to nasal congestion, which is even worse when you lie down. The best position for snoring pregnant is side sleeping as it will keep your airways open. However, you should keep in mind that it is a better idea to sleep on your left side. It is the best side to sleep on when pregnant as it is a better option for blood circulation to your fetus. On the other hand, back sleeping can reduce blood flow to the fetus and you should definitely avoid it. Sleeping on the left side also prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver, which makes it the best position to sleep during pregnancy. 

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