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Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

The optimal mattress for back sleepers is the one with a adequate firmness and proper support, without causing over the top sagging. The perfect firmness for normal weight back sleepers falls among ‘Medium’ and ‘Medium Firm.’ Lighter people frequently need softer surfaces, while people with more weight will feel better on firmer surfaces.

Sleeping on your back is genuinely rare among the people in the U.S. Yet this position has certain medical advantages. One of these advantages is the natural alignment of the neck, spine, and pelvis. This can limit and decrease back pain, aches, and pressure points all through the body. People who have these problems, need to find the best mattress for back sleepers with back pain. Furthermore, unlike side and stomach sleepers, back sleepers don’t need support pillows. Nonetheless, many back sleepers – especially those with sleep apnea – utilize a thicker pad underneath their heads to reduce snoring.

Choosing a mattress is a very important factor for back sleepers. The optimal mattress for back sleepers provides them quality back support without over the top sagging. Back sleepers ought to also take a gander at mattress firmness; the perfect firmness for normal weight back sleepers falls among ‘Medium’ and ‘Medium Firm.’ Lighter people frequently lean toward gentler surfaces, while people with more weight will, in general, feel best on firmer surfaces.

Keep reading to find more about essential mattress aspects for back sleepers. Beneath you will discover our options for the best six mattresses for back sleepers.

The Top 6 Mattresses for Back Sleepers

  1. DreamCloud
  2. GhostBed
  3. Zenhaven
  4. Novosbed
  5. Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid
  6. The WinkBed




The DreamCloud mattress is a hand tufted mattress with springs and foam. It was presented to the public in January 2018, a luxury mattress and one of the best hybrid mattresses. This hybrid mattress is viewed as a ‘Medium Firm’ (6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale), one of the most popular firmness settings that back sleepers use.

This hybrid mattress has quick responsiveness that allows you to change positions without any problem. It is composed with a dense system of comfort spread through many layers. Among the layers, is the gel-infused memory foam and latex, and of course the standard, quilted layers located on every mattress. These features quickly adapt very close to the person’s body to ease pain and pressure points without bending or sagging. With its cashmere blend, it is the best mattress for back pain, which is a big problem among back sleepers. The cashmere blend, along with flax yarns gives support to your back.

Among its qualities, this mattress has good motion isolation and minimal noise, which can be crucial for couples who sleep lightly and get woken up by movement and noise. It is also very receptive and good for sex, and offers pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, with stitched handles along the side, making it the best luxury mattress.

The DreamCloud mattresses prices are also very affordable. Their price is much lower than the average hybrid model. And customers located in the U.S. have free shipping.  DreamCloud also offers a 365-day sleep trial and the “Everlong” warranty that lasts a lifetime. The best thing is that they will even pay for your mattress cleaning after one year.

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The GhostBed mattress can meet the needs of a large number of sleepers. Unlike the average mattress, the GhostBed is a firmer mattress that gives excellent support whether you are on your back or stomach. The mattress uses dense foams of high quality that makes it more durable. It offers firmness that softens up during sleep, and it helps ease the pain in the back, shoulders, hips, neck, and lumbar region.

It is considered a ‘Medium Firm’ (6), and it has a combination of memory foam and Dunlop latex, which are essentially two of the best pressure-relieving materials. With to his combination, the mattress creates a very pleasant and supportive surface for back sleepers to sleep on. The cover is a combination of viscose and polyester which are very stretchy, while the comfort layer has latex foam that can quickly respond to pressure, and is also ventilated with holes to improve breathability and airflow. With this and the latex’s cooling properties, it is designed to satisfy the need for a durable mattress and to protect against being too hot while sleeping.

The cover is made from a combination of viscose and polyester that makes it very elastic to prevent bunching up when you trying to position on the mattress. This very thin mattress allows air to flow through the mattress for temperature regulation and cooling. And because of its thinness, the cover won’t interfere with the feel of the top foam layer of the mattress.The comfort layer is 1.5 inches of latex foam. Latex best quick response material for pressure, and it gives the mattress some bounce, while keeping the sleeper from feeling stuck. Latex is also good at dissipating body heat, in order to protect against sleeping being too hot. Under this layer, the mattress has 2 inches of gel memory foam that is responsible for contouring to the body. Memory foam usually traps the body heat, but in this case, with the combination of the gel, it draws the heat away from the sleeper. The most important thing about this mattress is that it is aerated to improve breathability, which ultimately improves temperature regulation and cooling of the mattress.

The mattress enables you to contours to the body and helps to maintain a comfortable sleep surface. It isolates motion and produces no noise, making it perfect for light sleepers. And it is also fairly durable with the lifespan that is longer than average, an unusual thing for beds that have thick foam layers. With its latex and memory foam, it is the best mattress for back pain that is present among back sleepers.

The GhostBed meets and exceeds all expectations for foam density in all of its layers. It has free shipping available for people living in the U.S. And the mattress also has a 101-day sleep trial and a 240-month warranty. This mattress is a good option if you are looking for the contouring support of memory foam models and the bounce of latex mattresses.

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The Zenhaven by Saatva is the best latex mattress that has a particular firmness setting on the two sides, with one side being ‘Medium Delicate’ (4) and the other ‘Firm’ (7). The dual comfort layers are made from Talalay latex. Both of the comfort layers of the Zenhaven mattress have the same support core made out of a firmer and denser Talalay latex. This type of latex has more consistent cell structure that makes the mattress softer. It quickly responds to every curve of the body and gives pressure-free support to your body. The Talalay latex gives the best support for back sleepers, who enjoy a responsive and even feel of the bed.  

The mattress contains many layers of all-natural Talalay latex, and the material is efficiently sourced from rubber trees, which means the mattress really absorbs CO2 during its production. Both sides have amenity layers of natural Talalay latex and organic cotton covers. All the parts allow you to sleep very cool in the bed. Each side has unique benefits for sleepers. The side of the mattress that is softer has latex in it. The latex adjusts closely to the place of pressure relief and decreases motion transmission. The firmer side of the mattress has better responsiveness and it’s great for sex, and the mattress is essentially silent even with weight on it.

The cover is made with 100% organic cotton,which gives a soft and breathable fabric for your back. It’s covered with all-natural wool, which absorbs and wicks moisture away from the mattress, so that you can get a pleasant cooling sensation. The plush layer is made with 1.5” of Talalay latex that is soft on touch and gives a subtle sinking feeling with applied pressure. The second layer is built with 3” of Talalay latex that gives the mattress a nice bounce and supports the structure so you can change sleeping positions. Below is another 3” section of Talalay latex that provides immediate support from the firm top.

Zenhaven’s Talalay latex offers a range of health benefits wi hypoallergenic properties and resistance to dust mites, mold and microbe organisms. It has no resilient organic blends or any other unhealthy substances that can be found in chemical-based bed foams, making it a great option for environmentally friendly mattress shoppers.

The price of the Zenhaven mattress is slightly high, which is intended for shoppers with bigger budgets. Nonetheless, similar to other mattresses from Saatva, the Zenhaven also qualifies for free White Glove delivery. With this service, you have included in-home mattress assembly and old mattress removal. And the Zenhaven mattress is also backed by a 120-night sleep trial and 240-month warranty.

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The Novosbed mattress with memory foam can be found in three firmness settings: ‘Soft’ (3.5), ‘Medium’ (5), and ‘Medium Firm’ (6.5). With this broad selection, this mattress is made for back sleepers of all weight groups. It is especially useful for people with lightweight (less than 130 pounds) that like fewer firm surfaces.

The mattress consists of two memory foam layers that are very comfortable and give great pressure relief. The high-density polyfoam that is in the base layer guarantees you long-lasting support. And the mattress isolates motion excellently, essentially producing no noise when you apply weight on it. However, the Novosbed has more benefits than most of the memory foam mattresses. The mattress also has a very soft, moisture-absorbing washable cover and it is highly durable, lasting for at least seven years.

The cover is very thin, and it doesn’t intrude with the memory foam that is located below. It is composed of Tencel fiber and extractions from raw wood material. The second layer gives great pressure relief and motion isolation and is aerated with vertical channels to improve your temperature regulation while sleeping. The third layer is for plush support and gives additional pressure relief because it forms a transition between the top comfort layer and the base. The fourth layer gives the mattress its structure and offers support to your spinal alignment while removing the feeling of motion transfer.

All of these contribute to drawing moisture away from the body to have a comfortable night. The cover is made from silica, lyocell, polyester, and modacrylic, with the inner lining of cotton and rayon. The really thin cover also has a very appealing pattern and a lovely feeling when laying on your back.

The Novosbed company has a zero-waste policy, which assures that the things that are not used in the manufacturing process are later recycled or used to make other products. For environmentally-friendly shoppers, this is a great choice. The Novosbed has free shipping for people living in the U.S. and certain places in Canada. And the mattress comes with a 120-day sleep trial and a 180-month warranty.

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Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid


The Alexander Hybrid Mattress made by the company Nest Bedding is intended for people who sleep on their backs, regardless of their weight, but especially for people with average weight  (130 to 230 pounds) who want softer or firmer beds. The mattress can be found in three firmness settings: ‘Soft’ (3), ‘Medium’ (5.5), and ‘Firm’ (7.5). With its luxurious and very sleek design, the mattress has fantastic performance.


The mattress contains a very breathable cover that contains strategically-placed copper-infused foam. This gives the mattress in the best possible cooling capabilities you will need while sleeping. It also has a layer of gel memory foam with polyfoam that is copper-infused for suitable adjustment of the pressure points on your back and to improve the blood circulation of your body. The surface of the mattress is also very good for sex and produces no noise. It also has very good airflow and emphasizes the beds support with its strong edges.

The cover of the mattress, unfortunately, can’t be removed like with most mattresses, but it gives a very natural feel because it is made out of a combination of polyester and cotton. Beneath the cover, there are five layers. The first layer under the cover is constructed with the purpose of cooling. The second layer has the copper-infused in it. Copper is a great conductor of heat, and it magnificently removes the heat from the body, keeping the surface, and your body cools during your sleep. The next layer is a layer that adjusts your spine while participating in the cooling process. The fourth layer is there to establish deep compression support and to enable the airflow through the mattress. The last layer is there to support all of the previous layers with dense foam.

Nest Bedding gives a lifetime comfort and warranty for The Alexander Signature Hybrid which guarantees that owners can return the bed at any point and get a partial refund. They also offer full refunds within 100 days of the date of purchase. But, not to worry, the mattress has an approximately long lifespan, even with hybrid standards. It is one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market that sells at an affordable price.

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The WinkBed


Assuming that you move around during sleep, and change numerous positions, the WinkBeds should work for you. It has an incredible equalization of comfort and support. You should feel well supported when sleeping on the back and stomach, and you should feel very little pressure when sleeping on the side. The WinkBed can be purchased in three firmness settings – ‘Medium Soft’ (4.5), ‘Medium Firm’ (6.5), and ‘Firm’ (7.5). This mattress accommodates sleepers of all sizes, and it is especially good for back sleepers. It is also made for people in the heavyweight group, with its distinctive design just for heavier individuals.


In case you are prone to overheating while sleeping, this mattress is a good choice for you. The cover has Tencel, an eco-friendly, plant-based material. Besides this mattress being a good choice for environmentally-friendly shoppers, it is also very soft and extremely breathable. Mixed-in with the Tencel cover is also memory foam. The layer under the cover is a combination of hypersoft and gel memory foams that provide pressure relief and contours to your body. The layer under this one is there to provide support to the foam layers located above it.

The main attribute and benefit of the WinkBed mattress is the edge support. It has pocketed coils that are bound in foam, and they reinforce the mattress to help prevent you from sinking in the bed.

The mattress handles motion transfer decently for a spring mattress. Hybrid beds usually do not handle motion across their surface as good as a foam mattress. But, the WinkBed actually has a good performance with this factor. With its two foam layers, it handles and isolates motion quite well. However, this bed wouldn’t be good if you’re sleeping with a partner. In case you don’t like feeling your partner move around on their side of the mattress, a foam mattress could be a better choice. Although, the bed is responsive enough for sex.

The WinkBed has free delivery for people located in the U.S. The mattress has a 120-day sleep trial and a warranty that lasts a lifetime.

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Mattress Buying Guide for Back Sleepers

Less than 10% of adults that live in the U.S. sleep on their backs. Some of the most common positions that back sleepers sleep in include the following:

Neither of these positions are technically ‘correct’ or ‘better’ than the others. But back sleeping, similarly to side sleeping, naturally adjusts the spine with the pelvis, which can help alleviate distress and uneasiness and pressure points throughout your body. A supportive mattress can help guarantee comfortable sleep for a long time, while an unsupportive mattress may prompt more pains and aches.

Shopping Considerations for Back Sleepers

In addition to the appropriate spinal arrangement, there are other advantages and benefits to sleeping on your back. When looking for the best mattress firmness for back sleepers, you need to carefully look and test out different models until you find out what suits you best. The position does not need any extra support pillows, which is the case with side and stomach sleeping, and you’re less inclined to develop wrinkles on your face if you sleep on your back. But sleeping on your back also conveys the accompanying health risks and problems:

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Sleeping

Mattress support is an important factor for back sleepers. Supportive mattresses have a flat or even surface that adjusts to the body of the sleeper and aligns to the neck and spine without the body sinking in the mattress. The support of the mattress relies and depends on two factors: the weight of the person and the firmness of the sleep surface. The majority number of mattresses that are offered are between 3 (or ‘Soft’) and 8 (or ‘Extra Firm). For people who have between 130 and 230 pounds are deemed to be average weight, and the best choice for them is to buy a medium or medium firm mattress because they will adjust to the body of the sleeper without sinking and thus gives the best support.

For other weight groups, the firmness choices are different than for the average. People who have weight under 130 pounds choose a softer mattress, and people who have more than 230 pounds are better with a firm or extra firm mattress, so they don’t sink too deeply which is an important factor for support.

The firmness choices can vary for back sleepers with different weight. People who have less than the average weight may choose firmer mattresses that don’t conform to the body so closely. This decreases pain and pressure relief. Softer sleep surfaces will adjust closer to the light-weighted body of back sleepers, to have more comfort and better support for the back.

Back sleepers that have average weight are more inclined to choose mattresses with a middle level of firmness. The mattress will adjust to the body in order to help align the spine and ease pains and aches, with no sinkage experience.

Back sleepers who have more weight may encounter inconvenience and increased pressure when they rest on extremely soft sleep surfaces. They will in general sink very deep, which will undermine the support of the mattress. It would be better to get a firmer mattress for back sleepers in this weight group.

The most important factor for sleep quality is the firmness of course. Additionally to firmness of the mattress and the weight of a person, the material composition of a mattress is also an essential consideration for people who sleep on their backs. Mattresses with latex, foam or air chamber layers tend to adjust better to your body and ease more pressure. Different factors for picking a mattress type include price, odor potential, noise, and durability.

Tips for Buying a Mattress

When you finally decide which mattress type suits you best, take a look at these tips for ordering and purchasing a mattress:

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