Tuft & Needle started working in 2012. Two software engineers from Silicon Valley founded it. They started with only one mattress, which is their flagship model today – the T&N Mattress, a Medium Firm (6) bed with a comfort layer and support core made out of polyfoam.

The GhostBed is slightly newer. They started working in 2015 as a division of industry veteran Nature’s Sleep. The idea was to simplify the mattress shopping experience and make it better by removing the middle man – the salespeople in the showroom. Their flagship model differs from the T&N model. It is also a Medium Firm (6) bed and support core made of high-density polyfoam. However, the comfort layers are made of gel memory foam and synthetic Dunlop latex.

These are not the only models these companies offer. Tuft & Needle has the Mint Mattress with a polyfoam support core of high density and gel polyfoam comfort layer, while the GhostBed has the mixed-foam model GhostBed Luxe with a phase-change top layer.

Both brand models are similar in terms of firmness setting, construction, and pricing. They also have unique attributes that offer advantages and disadvantages when compared to other brands.

Quick summary

T&N Mattresses offer great support and comfort for lightweight individuals who sleep on their stomachs, backs, or side, those who prefer firmer beds, and couples.

GhostBed mattresses also provide exceptional support and comfort for lightweight stomach, back, or side sleepers and people who like firmer surfaces with proper body conforming. It is also an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Mattress Specs

T&N Mattress     

The Tuft & Needle mattress is a Medium Firm foam mattress with a 6.5 firmness setting that is good for back pain. It is very inexpensive with a price of $595 for a Queen size. With 72 lbs, it comes with a 120-month warranty and a 100-day sleep trial and free shipping.

The bed’s cover is made from soft polyester that will flow smoothly through the mattress and help with temperature regulation. The comfort layer consists of three inches of Tuft & Needle’s polyfoam that provides little bounce, quick response to pressure, and functional mobility that won’t let the person sink into the bed or be stuck in a heat trap. This model will keep its shape and durability even if it has lots of wear and tear. Body and environmental temperature can affect your sleep, and due to T&N’s minimal body heat absorption, you will be able to sleep relatively cool during the night. Some have claimed the bed sleeps very hot, but the overall rating doesn’t imply temperature neutrality is an issue.

The base layer below is made of 7 inches of high-density polyfoam that gives the bed its sturdy shape and keeps the sleeper properly positioned during the night. Body-contouring is good, but heavier individuals might not feel comfortable because it only has two layers. The bed’s motion is excellent, and even though it has no memory foam, it does minimize movement to a great extent, making it suitable for couples.

The durability of the mattress is excellent, and many have claimed that the model performs decently, with the expected lifespan being from six to seven years. The model has excellent conforming with targeted pressure relief and above-average pain relief. The edge support is minimal, and sinkage around the edges can happen. It’s silent when weight is applied, with moderate off-gassing that will disappear quickly after purchase.


The GhostBed Mattress is a Medium Firm foam model that is good for back pain. It is 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale and comes at an affordable price of $895 for a Queen size. The 89 lbs bed comes with free shipping, a 240-month warranty, and a 101-day sleep trial.

The bed’s cover is made from a combination of viscose and polyester. It is pretty stretchy, and won’t wrinkle up during the night. It has excellent airflow that ensures proper temperature regulation. The comfort layer is made from 1.5 inches of latex foam that has some bounce and a quick response to pressure, so it will keep the sleeper from feeling trapped in the mattress. The latex also absorbs and disperses body heat to prevent the person from sleeping too hot.

Even though memory foam usually traps body heat, the gel infusion in this model will draw it away from the sleeper. In combination with latex, it will provide exceptional contouring to the body and prevent excessive body heating in bed. At the end of the bed is a base layer made from 7.5 inches of high-density polyfoam that gives the bed its support, and durability. The durability of the mattress is excellent, but it has been sold for less than four years, so long-term performance can’t be evaluated yet.

The model has excellent conforming with great pressure and pain relief. The bed isolates motion to some extent, but less than the average foam-latex mattress. It is not particularly bouncy or responsive for sex. The edge support is better than what most memory foam and latex models have. However, sinkage around the edges can happen. It is silent when weight is applied, and off-gassing rarely occurs. It emits little to no odor, which is very uncommon with memory foam models.

Prices and Sizing

When it comes to prices, both model can be purchased at an affordable cost. Latex models are commonly considered the most expensive mattresses on the market, but with the use of synthetic latex, the GhostBed is an exception.

Both GhostBed and Tuft & Needle models are available in all six sizes. The prices for twin sizes are $350 for GhostBed and $445 for Tuft & Needle, while the twin XL are $395 and $620. Looking at the twin bed prices, the Tuft & Needle is much cheaper, and the same goes for other sizes too. The Full-size bed costs $495 for GhostBed and $770 for Tuft & Needle. The prices for the Queen are $595 and $795. The price of a King size and Queen size for Tuft & Needle is the same – $750, while the GhostBed price for Queen size is $975 and California King $995.

Mattress Construction

Each model has a different material composition, firmness, and thickness. The firmness level for T&N model is Medium Firm 6.5 and for GhostBed Medium 6, while the thickness is 10″ for the Tuft & Needle model and 11″ for GhostBed. They also differ in weight, with the T&N Queen size having 72 pounds and GhostBed 89 pounds.

The Tuft & Needle comfort layer consists of Polyfoam, while the GhostBed model has comfort layers of memory foam and Synthetic Dunlop Latex. The support core for the T&N is made of  7″ HD polyfoam, and the GhostBed core is made of 3″ polyfoam. Both beds have covers made from polyester blends. The GhostBed has a blend of viscose and polyester, while the T&N model has rayon and polyester.

Sleep Position Ratings

The T&N Mattress has only two layers, but it provides close conforming and provides pressure relief to individuals of all weight groups. Its medium firmness provides quality pain and pressure relief, regardless of the sleep position. It is also an excellent choice for those who sleep hot on foam models. The GhostBed is slightly firmer than T&N, with its Medium Firm (6) setting, making it great for those who weigh more than 130 pounds.

Individuals in the lightweight group will sleep good on their side or back, and okay on their stomachs on the GhostBed. However, side and stomach sleepers with less than 130 pounds may not experience the full conforming benefits of the Tuft & Needle. Stomach and back sleepers in the average weight group will sleep good on the Tuft & Needle and very good on the GhostBed. However, side sleepers with average weight will sleep very good on the T&N and worse on the GhostBed. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers in the heavyweight group will sleep well on both brands, but back sleepers will be more comfortable on the Tuft & Needle.

Delivery, Warranty, and Sleep Trials

Most important aspects of shopping are delivery, warranty and sleep trials. We will now take a look at what both models offer.

Tuft & Needle has a non-prorated warranty that lasts 120 months, with a 100-day sleep trial. They will coordinate mattress pickup and cover all associated costs for refunds. You can return the bed anytime during this period and get a full refund only if it was ordered from Tuft & Needle or Huckberry. Purchases placed elsewhere may include additional fees. However, people in Hawaii and Alaska won’t get a refund for shipping costs.

The warranty is entirely non-prorated – with all shipping charges covered by Casper. This warranty covers surface indentations and sagging 3 or more inches in-depth, along with physical flaws that caused the foam to crack and split. However, if the product is not used with a firm, solid foundation surface, the warranty will be voided. The same goes if the product is taken outside the U.S. The warranty is offered only to people who buy the mattress from Tuft & Needle or authorized retailers and it can’t be transferred.

Customers receive the product within seven business days after placing the order. The Standard UPS delivery is free of charge, but you can pay $50 if you want it shipped the same day. The product is compressed and shipped. However, free delivery is only available for those in 48 states, not for Alaska and Hawaii, and the cost of same-day delivery is the same for all locations. Tuft & Needle does not have the option for old mattress removal.

GhostBed has a partially prorated warranty that lasts 240 months, with a 101-day sleep trial. The sleep trial begins when the product is shipped, and it has a mandatory 30-day break-in period. It means that customers won’t get a full refund until they test it out for 30 days. Only those who bought the bed directly from GhostBed can get the sleep trial. Products that were purchased on Amazon will only have the site’s standard 30-day trial.

It comes with a partially prorated warranty that lasts 20 years, which means you have to pay a certain percentage of what you originally paid for the mattress if you want it repaired or replaced. In the first ten years, GhostBed will cover repairs and replacements for a defective mattress, but after ten years owners will need to pay a prorated fee for replacements. All shipping charges (that come with model repairs or replacements) will fall on the owner to pay. On top of that, these prorated charges will increases by 5% with each year of ownership. And the bed’s cover is covered for one year only. The warranty covers 1″ or more in-depth sagging or indentations of the sleep surface, along with physical flaws that cause materials to split or crack when in proper care and use.

Customers will receive the product within three to five business days after the order is placed. All deliveries are made through FedEx. The standard delivery is free of charge for anyone living in the contiguous U.S. Those who live in Alaska and Hawaii have to pay a delivery fee. Changes to the order cannot be made when it is processed, and individuals who want to cancel the order will have a 15% restocking fee. Also, just like T&N, there is no option for old mattress removal.


Both mattresses offer a range of benefits and downsides, and it is up to you to consider all of them carefully to find an adequate model. Here are some of our recommendations that might help you choose.

You should choose T&N Mattress if you need a firmer model with decent conforming. It is suitable for any sleeping position, but individuals with at least 130 pounds will find it more comfortable than those in the lightweight group. Also, it is greatly suitable for people who get awaken easily because of movement or noise, and couples. People with less than 130 pounds who are looking for a Medium bed that has close conforming should consider getting GhostBed.

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