Best Mattresses for Combination Sleepers

If you are a combination sleeper, our guide to choosing the best mattresses for combination sleepers will help you make the right choice. You need to find a mattress that will keep your spine aligned and prevent neck pain and back pain.

Imagine this situation.  
Recently you moved into a new flat and you’re so excited to get rid of that old mattress which you had since college. So, you start asking friends and family for a bed recommendation (finally, you can afford to get a good, comfy bed to return to after a long day at work), but they always seem to mention – “This is great for your back or if you sleep on your side that one would be perfect” and you’re thinking – “But I don’t really have a preference, most of the time I wake up in a different position so, does it really matter? ” 
If you’ve ever felt this way, chances are that you’re a combination sleeper. Most people think this is the best-case scenario because you can pick any bed. But can you, really, get a good quality of sleep on any type of bed? 

Important Things to Keep in Mind 

The important factor for combination sleepers is that the spine is aligned with the pelvis and shoulders no matter if you sleep on your side, back or stomach otherwise misalignment will cause pain points, especially on neck, shoulders and lower back. Let’s look at some pros and cons to combination sleeping  

  • Sleeping on the side is great for people who have pain in the back because sleeping on your shoulders and hips aligns the spine and lessen pressure point. Also, if you have a problem with snoring sleeping on the side will provide the best air flow. On the downside, in order to be more comfortable, you might need an extra pillow under legs specifically between your knees. The studies have shown that this position can cause facial wrinkles
  • Sleeping on the back promotes natural spine alignment, but people with bigger and heavier stomachs might experience hip or lower back pain because of uneven distribution for the weight in their mid-section. This position might increase symptoms of acid reflux
  • Sleeping on the stomach is not very recommended because it can cause pain and discomfort, especially in the neck. Also, it can cause the lower back and spine to strain due to high concentration weight in the mid-section. 


How to Choose the Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers – Useful Tips 

Alignment of the spine is vital to people who are changing positions during sleep so it is necessary to pay attention to mattress support. That’s the ability of a mattress to provide an even and flat surface that can conform in specific areas in order to provide proper alignment of the spine. Neither too firm nor too firm enough surfaces can lead to misalignment. 

Firmness scale is measured from 1-10 (ten which is the firmest). Generally, most mattresses that are sold today are between Soft and Extra firm. The weight of the sleeper will determine suitable firmness. For example, a person who is the average weight will likely choose mattresses that can offer a golden middle, not too soft nor too firm, but choices for those who are above or below average are different.  

Here are some recommendations for sleepers who like to change positions: 

  • For those who weigh below 130 lb, the optimal firmness is Medium Soft (4) because people who weigh below average usually need a softer surface that will align their spine correctly and conform their body to a noticeable extent, but it won’t give that sink in feeling. Firmer mattresses can increase pressure and discomfort.  
  • For those who weigh from 130-230 lb(average weight), the optimal firmness is Medium- Medium Firm (5,6) because people who have average weight usually need a surface that will align their spine correctly without sinking in too deeply and conform their body to some extent. 
  • For those who weigh above 230 lb, the optimal firmness is Firm (7) because people who have above average weight usually need a surface that conforms their body a little bit but does not sink at all. Softer mattresses can cause big discomfort and pain during sleep. 
  • Besides spinal alignment, it would be wise if combination sleepers pay attention to the construction, that is the materials used to make the mattresses. Some mattresses are made in a way that eases the pain pressure and conforms more than others. Also, the mattress construction can affect noise and odor potential, sleep temperature, price point and durability.  


Let’s Review Different Types of Mattresses

Foam – Mattresses that have comfort layer made of memory foam or polyfoam and support core made of polyfoam of high-density are good because they: 

  • Conform closely 
  • Offer pain relief 
  • Make no noise and have great motion isolation 
  • Have a lower price than average 
  • Offer a wide range of firmness options and availability 


  • Sleeping hot  
  • Odor potential  
  • Some early sagging reported –
  • Has minimal edge support 

Latex – Mattresses that have comfort layer made of natural or synthetic latex and support core made of latex or polyfoam of high-density are good because they: 

  • Offer lifespan that is longer than usual 
  • Provide pain relief and conform closely 
  • Make no noise and have great motion isolation  
  • Provide cooler sleep than foam 


  • Odor potential 
  • Cause some early sagging  
  • Have Minimal edge support 
  • High price-point and limited availability  

Innerspring – Mattresses that have comfort layer made of polyfoam, support core that has steel springs evenly spread with base layers made of polyfoam, are good because: 

  • Edge support is strong 
  • They offer good performance for sex 
  • Provide cool sleep 
  • Have lower price
  • Offer a wide range of firmness options and wide availability 


  • Some early sagging  
  • Noise potential 
  • Minimal conforming and pressure relief 

Hybrid – Mattresses that have comfort layer made of memory foam and /or latex  (2inches or more), support core pocketed coil with base layers made of polyfoam, are good because they: 

  • Offer more comfortable conforming compared to innersprings 
  • Have longer lifespan than other 
  • Edge support is strong  
  • Offer good performance for sex 
  • Provide cool sleep 


  • Limited availability 
  • Higher price than other types
  • Noise potential 
  • May sleep hot 

Airbed – Mattresses that have comfort layer made of foam, support core which is individual, adjustable air chamber, are good because they: 

  • Conform closely 
  • Offer pressure relief 
  • Have longer lifespan than other 
  • The firmness has adjustable settings 


  • There might be problems with temperature neutrality 
  • It might make noise  
  • Higher price than other 
  • Availability is limited  

Now that we covered important factors to consider when searching for the mattress as a combination sleeper, let’s get down to business. 
Here are top choices recommended by our research team.


Nectar Mattress

Balanced mattress design is a key factor for combination sleepers. The one that can provide an average thickness profiles as well as support and body conforming. For all of you who like to switch positions during sleep, Nectar is an excellent choice. They offer a Medium Firm (6), which is great for lighter persons who prefer a firmer bed and has an average thickness of 11”.

Nectar mattresses are made of comfort layers which contain both regular memory foam and gel memory foam to provide conforming that is moderate and consistent at the same time. Because of this, people who like to sleep on their backs can enjoy balanced support, while those who prefer to sleep on their stomach or side can experience a positive difference in their spinal alignment. Also, the bed is made with a dual layer that contains a high density of polyfoam in supporting core, and over the edges, because most people like to sit there. 
The cover layer is made of lyocell and cotton. That is helpful for anyone who sleeps hot because of its cooling effect. 
The construction of the Nectar mattress will give you the luxury feeling to keep you cozy during the night. 
Their mattresses don’t require foundation so you can place it where ever you wish, be it on the floor, box spring or a platform, as long as the surface is not wet. Also, it is low maintenance. If you wish to clean it, just use cool water and mild detergent and, with a light circular motion wipe of any stain. 
Keep in mind that it’s best to rotate the mattress every now and then, instead of flipping it, to optimize the performance of the foam. 
For customers who live in 48 states, US, Nectar offers free regular delivery with 10  year warranty. In addition, they offer the longest sleeping trial of 365 nights 

Recommended for:

  • People who have average or above average weight 
  • Those who have a tendency to sleep hot   
  • Couples   
  • Those who like a bed with a thickness that is average  

Key points:

  • Medium firmness 6  
  • One year sleep trial 
  • Pressure relief  
  • Close conforming  

Low points:

  • Only one firmness option 
  • Made overseas

It’s a great option for people who are fans of memory foam mattresses and enjoy good contouring of the body at a very affordable price and good quality. 


Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle mattress is a great choice if you want a bed that can provide necessary spinal alignment with a comfy feeling of memory foam without actually sinking in like it usually is with this kind of construction.

The advantage of T&N mattress is that despite their low cost, the quality they offer is in the same range as their competitors. This mattress is made of polyfoam. It consists of a comfort layer which is 3 inches and supporting core of 7 inches. The mattress is Medium Firm 6.5, that is considered an optimal firmness for people whose weight is around 130 pounds. Specially designed to relieve pain because of its mild but consistent conforming. 

Couples will find it very satisfying due to its great motion isolation. The layers made of foam minimize the transfer of a movement to a noticeable extent causing minimal to no disruption during nighttime. 
Unlike other polyfoam mattresses, it is temperature neutral because it is made with two layers of high-density polyfoam allowing the mattress to “breathe”. In addition, the comfort layer contains cooling gel to keep your body cool all night. The construction overall is similar to latex which guarantees great durability of at least 10 years. 
The customers reported that there is no new mattress smell, so if you detect even slight odor, simply air it out. In case you have to clean it, it is not recommended to use a washing machine or tumble dry due to possible shrinking. To prevent the staining, it’s best to use mattress stain protector or a mattress pad. 
The Tuft and Needle provide customers with free regular shipping if they live in 48 states, US. They also provide a warranty of 10  years and a 100  night sleep trial. 

Recommended for:

  • People who have average or above average weight 
  • Those who have a tendency to sleep hot.   
  • Couples      
  • Those who like a bed with a thickness that is average

Key points:

  • Medium Firm 6.5 
  • Great motion isolation 
  • 100  night sleep trial  
  • High quality with low price 
  • 10  year warranty 

Low points:

  •  Foundation is necessary  
  • Not the best choice for heavier sleepers

It’s a great choice for you if you enjoy a comfort layer that can conform your body and want a quality mattress at the lowest price at the moment. 


Brooklyn Bedding Spartan

Brooklyn Bedding offers a wide range of mattresses when we’re considering thickness, firmness, price point, and overall composition. This time we will review a model called – Spartan.

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan has three levels of firmness – The Soft 3.5, The Medium 5.5, The Firm 7.5. This kind variety offers combination sleepers suitable bed no matter their weight. Also, the mattress is thicker compared to average one, 13.5 inches, which heavier sleepers and the ones who sleep on back or side will appreciate very much. 
What makes this model stand out is that it contains the latest Nanobionic technology. The bed cover is made out of Nanobionic performance mattress cover that contains fiber which absorbs your body heat and turns it into invisible waves of energy to increase your circulation, oxygenation and make you feel more energized. This kind of cover is great for people who are active because it will help to ease pain and promote renewal after long hours of physical activity like workouts, runs etc. The top layer of foam includes copper which works in harmony with stated technology because it too improves blood flow. Both layers will help your body perform its best over time. 
After that, we get three layers of foam to create an optimally balanced feel of contouring and adaptability that is responsive enough to move with you. But that is not the end my friend, the support core is made of a pocketed coil system that is flexible and durable. All of these layers are combined in that way to provide maximum comfort and give your body the rest that it deserves. 

This kind of luxury construction also comes with a luxury price that could be suitable for those of you who are willing to expand their budget for the sake of these healing qualities. 

Brooklyn Bedding provides free regular shipping to customers who live in 48 states, US. They also provide an of 10  years and a 120  night sleep trial. 

Recommended for:

  • People who are average and below/above average weight 
  • People who are physically active
  • Those who sleep hot 
  • Those who like a bed with a thickness that’s average  

Key points:

  • Great for active people  
  • 120  night sleep trial 
  • 10  year warranty 
  • Sleeps cool and comfortable for most sleepers 
  • Firmness options 3.5-5.5-7.5 

Low points:

  • Higher price 
  • Heavier than average so it might be difficult to move 

You will love it if you prefer tend to sleep hot, want to have firmness and thickness options and it is necessary for you to get good conforming of your body. 


The Casper     

Do you remember the cartoon – Casper the ghost and how he was floating everywhere with ease? Well, that is how you will feel when you sleep on a Casper mattress and here is why.

The Casper mattresses contain comfort layer that is made of two layers of polyfoam and the middle layer is made of memory foam. The supporting core also contains polyfoam and the cover is made of several fabrics like rayon and polyester.  
With this kind of construction, the mattresses firmness is Medium and it provides that cozy floating feeling without sinking in deeply or sagging. This is ideal for persons who weigh around 230 lb or below. The base made of foam that is of high density will provide you with support and maintain even and flat surface.   

 They also offer great movement isolation like most all foam beds and they make no noise carrying heavy weight. These factors are very important for couples when they are searching for a suitable bed, especially when one struggles to sleep during the night due to noise or sudden movement of their partner. The average thickness is compatible with both lighter and average weight sleepers. 
What most of the people make happy is the fact that Casper mattresses can always meet your budget due to a variety of choices compared with other memory foam mattresses. Their mattresses don’t require any special maintenance. Just rotate it every three to six months to extend the life of the bed and ensure even wear. 

The Casper free regular shipping to customers who live in the US. They also provide a warranty of 10  years and a 100  night sleep trial. 

Recommended for:

  • Those who prefer beds with a thickness that is average  
  • People who are light and average weight  
  • People who suffer from back pain 
  • Couples

Key points:

  • Pressure-relieving comfort layers that are thick 
  • Medium 5 
  • Great motion isolation 
  • 100 night sleep trial 
  • 10  year warranty 

Low points:

  • Weak edge support 
  • Not very suitable for people who are above average weight 

Great choice if you want to enjoy the memory foam that can make you cool during the night and have chronic neck or back pain. 



If you like your mattress to be Medium Soft to Medium Firm you are going to love Saatva mattresses because they provide exactly that and more.

Saatva is a brand whose goal is to give you the luxury without making you feel like you went broke after the purchase. They offer an excellent innerspring bed that contains two layers of pocketed coil systems- support base made of a coil that is under coils that are wrapped individually and underneath all that you have high-density memory foam and polyfoam. That ensures a good air flow which is recommended for those who are sleeping hot because this system makes the temperature neutral. Also, they made edge support firmer, so you don’t have to worry about your back, your spine will be in natural alignment and your pressure points will be at ease due to the cushioned feel that the mattress provides. 
Besides making a luxury product, they also want to make sure that most of the materials they use are environmentally friendly. Those materials include bio-based foams, recyclable steel, and cover that is made of organic cotton. 
As we mentioned earlier, Saatva can accommodate to any taste a consumer has. They offer Medium Soft 4, Medium Firm 6, and Firm 7.5. Great for people who have average to above average weight. 
Saatva mattress should be rotated at least once a year so it can wear evenly and in case mattress gets stained the best thing to do is to use a small amount of water and soap. Run it through water it could cause more damage. So, if you maintain it well it could last more than guaranteed 10 years  
They are providing with free White Glove services that also include removing your old mattress and a warranty of 15 years and a 120  night sleep trial. 

Recommended for:

  • People who are average or above average weight  
  • Those who sleep hot.   
  • Couples   
  • Those who like bed which are thicker compared to average  

Key points:

  • Strong edge support 
  • 120-night sleep trial 
  • 15-year warranty 
  • Pressure relief and close comforting 
  • Firmness options 4-6-7.5  

Low points:

  • Mattress is heavy  
  • Motion isolation is not at its finest  

 It’s a great choice if you like that hybrid / innerspring feel options when it comes to firmness and quality materials with affordable price. You will find comfort no matter the position you sleep on. 


New Purple

What makes new model different from the original Purple is a new hybrid model which contains the combination of pocketed coils that give a supportive feel and the original construction. We dare say that this is a revolutionary upgrade for Purple because combination sleepers off any weight can feel very comfortable especially people who weigh above average. In the areas like shoulders and hips where you need to dig further in the mattress, it provides enough comfort with the support for the mid-section of your body.

New Purple offers three thickness options that correspond with firmness level. You can choose from Medium Soft 4.5 Medium 5.5 and Medium Firm 6.5. The construction system contains the latest technology called Smart Grid with polymer grid that is very durable and column gel. All of these materials work together in harmony to ease pressure and pain points and similarly to latex it provides maximal motion isolation, except that polymer grid, lasts much longer. The edge support has been enhanced with polyfoam giving the stability during sleep. 
Also, for people who tend to sleep hot, this mattress will be a great option due to temperature neutrality that it offers and because of the gel grid, you will feel support and pain relief at the same time. 
The difference between old ones and a new one is also how much gel you get in inches and because this one offers four inches of gel, you will feel weightless during sleep, which will be very suitable for heavier sleepers. When it comes to sink in feel, the results are almost average and you don’t have to worry about the new mattress smell because they use materials that are 100 percent non toxic.  

 Even though the New Purple mattress is very durable due to a pocketed coil system with a polymer, it is recommended to use a mattress protector to prolong lifespan. 
The cost might vary depending on a thickness of the mattress and all three new options are above the average, which is a great option for people who are willing to expand their budgets for the sake of comfort. But they compensate the higher price with the offer of free shipping within 48 states in the US and a 100  night sleep trial with a 10  year warranty.  

Recommended for:

  • People who are average or above or below average weight  
  • Those who sleep hot  
  • Those who are struggling with back pain  
  • Those who like beds that are thicker compared to average  

Key points:

  • Multiple firmness options 4.5-5.5-6.5 
  • Great pressure relief and close conforming 
  • 100-night sleep trial 
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Revolutionary ‘Smart Grid’ technology  

Low points:

  • Higher price point compared to original 
  • A bit heavy so it might be difficult to move 

If you haven’t found the right innerspring or memory foam mattress but are in search of a quality bed that will last a long time, this might be a good choice for you. Also, people who are struggling with sensitive pressure points will like this, because it will give you cushioning in the areas you need, like shoulders and hips. This could work for couples who are sensitive to their partner’s movement because of the maximum motion isolation. 

Before You Make Any Purchase Decision – Check Out These Tips 

Make sure you establish your budget – It is always wiser to create a budget before you go mattress hunting because salespersons job is to persuade you to buy a more expensive mattress. If you go unprepared, they might confuse you with a lot of questions that you didn’t even consider and then you will suddenly think you need something, while in fact, that is just their influence talking through you.  
Don’t get me wrong, they don’t mean you harm, in fact, they might offer you a mattress that is great for your needs, but you should keep in mind that at the end of the day, all they want is to make a sale that is their job. 
Do your homework before you go – Most mattresses from $1000 to more and a bed for one person can cost less than $100 and go up to $5000 or more. So, do your research and compare the prices of different mattresses at home. This will give you enough time to consider your needs and your price range. When you plan your budget make sure you add numbers to your budget because some brands don’t offer free delivery or if they do, they might charge extra if you live in a remote area or shipping if it’s made overseas. 

Understand the terms and conditions of sleep trial and warranty  
(yes, that includes fine print)

In most cases, mattress brands have a sleep trial policy. That means you can purchase the product you wish and you have a specific amount of time to return it (usually around 90 nights sometimes more). Sounds great I know, but there is a catch.  
They won’t tell this, you but sometimes they have 30 nights break in that is mandatory, that means if you return it before that time, you won’t get the full refund. It is always written in the fine prints, so make sure you read them carefully, especially when it comes to warranty. 

 Typically, you get a warranty that is non prorated which means if you notice some damage or defect on your mattress, you can get it repaired with minimum or no cost at all. So, make sure you ask about the length of your non prorated warranty because once it expires you will have to pay a percentage of the retail price of the mattress if you want to repair it and the percentage is getting higher and higher each year.  
Read the warranty thoroughly, from beginning to the end, to make sure you understand the length of the coverage since most brands do promise long length warranty but the coverage only lasts a couple of years.  

Be prepared and go get yourself a cozy mattress that won’t make your wallet cry! 


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