Polyester Pillows: Pros and Cons

The good sides are that they are widely available, their price is low, the filling is hypoallergenic, all models are machine washable and don’t absorb odors. The bad sides are that polyester pillows can get lumpy and typically have a shorter lifespan. They are loud and prone to bedbugs. One of the latest controversies is that these pillows are toxic, and the same controversy surrounds foam pillows.

Polyester is known for being a man-made material, made to feel like, and look like cotton. Plastic and man-made fibers have grown in popularity, over the last decade, as these materials are cheaper than natural resources. Synthetic fibers are more economical than organic fibers, which is why polyester is used to make pillows.

There are good sides and bad sides of these pillows. The good side is that they are widely available, in all shapes and sizes. Their price is low, and they be bought easily in all stores that have pillows in their inventory. The filling is hypoallergenic, which is a big plus if you suffer from any respiratory problems. Another pro is that these pillows are usually machine washable and don’t absorb smells as much as some of the natural alternatives.

On the other hand, polyester pillows can get lumpy and typically have a shorter lifespan. They are considered loud and they are prone to bedbugs. One of the latest controversies is that these pillows are toxic, and the same controversy surrounds foam pillows. There are no scientific data to support this theory, but it doesn’t stop the media from writing about it.

In this article, we are going to explore polyester pillows.

The Loft

The inside of a polyester pillow is made from shredded clumps of fiber fill. This fill is usually light, weighing from one to three pounds. Even though the fill is polyester, the cover is usually made out of cotton or a cotton polyester mix.

The Sizes

Polyester pillows are available in different shapes and sizes.

  • Body: If you prefer to cuddle or hug a pillow while you sleep, the body pillow is the size you are looking for. It is long and narrow making it perfect to put your arm and legs around it.
  • Euro: Euro pillows are most common in Europe, hence the name. They are square and depending on your preference, can have different sizes. The most common size is the one used for throw pillows and backrests.
  • King: As you can guess, the king size is the biggest size, and it is preferred by people who toss and turn a lot during the night. Pillows of this size are five or more inches longer than the Queen size and ten inches longer than the Standard size.
  • Queen: A Queen size pillow is bigger than the Standard model, suitable for those who find the Standard to be too dense. Usually, they are great for people who move a lot during the night.
  • Super Standard: This size is another excellent alternative for people who consider the standard size too small.
  • Standard: The Standard is the most common pillow on the market. Usually, it is the cheapest and most sold size. Being the smallest, it is more compact than the others.

What Does a Polyester Pillow Have Going for it?

The good things about polyester pillows are:

  • Price: As the average polyester pillow costs about 10 bucks, it is perfect for those who want to stay on a budget.
  • Weight: It is not hard to maneuver a polyester pillow, as it weighs below four pounds, making it a great option for those who like to cuddle with one.
  • Softness: One of the main features that polyester mimics is the softness of cotton.
  • Smell: Polyester is a material that doesn’t absorb that much odor, making it a great alternative to some other types of pillows.
  • Maintenance: The best way to clean polyester pillows is to throw them in the washing machine. They rarely need to be dry cleaned.
  • Doesn’t get hot: Not retaining heat is a great advantage for those who tend to sleep hot.

Let’s see some of the bad sides of owning a polyester pillow:

  • Durability: The lifespan of a polyester pillow is typically short because they quickly start to lose consistency.
  • Lumpiness: These pillows often lose their shape and become lumpy which can cause pain in the neck and shoulders.
  • Allergetic: Even though polyester is a material that repels allergies, it tends to attract dust mites.
  • Sound: One of the main complaints is that these pillows are noisy.
  • Pressure points: As these pillows lose their shape quickly, they are not as supportive as some of the other alternatives.  

The Conclusion about Polyester Pillows

It is safe to say that polyester is suited for those who sleep on their side, back and stomach. If you like to snuggle with a pillow, you should consider getting a polyester model as these pillows are very soft. The lack of odor is the third advantage, as unlike some down or latex pillows that absorb smells, polyester models are not prone to bad odors.

However, if you are prone to dust allergies, or have respiratory issues, you might want to avoid polyester. If you have pressure point issues or are prone to pain in the neck, shoulder or head area, you should keep in mind that polyester pillows often get deformed or flat after usage. Over time, this can lead to more pain problems. Lastly, noise is one of the main complaints about this pillow, as it makes a rustling sound when you move, making it easy to wake up at night.

Criteria of Polyester

One of the best things about polyester pillows is that they are very affordable, with an average price of around $16. Some of these pillows can be found for as low as $2 which makes them an absolute steal. Another excellent feature of these pillows is that they are very lightweight.

Polyester is a low-density material and pillows made from it can be moved with ease during the night. These models are also very easy to maintain as they can be washed in a washing machine, and they are almost odor-free, as polyester does not absorb smells. These pillows usually have middle firmness and are available in all sizes. You can find them in any store that sells pillows. It is almost impossible to visit any home accessory store and not find these pillows.

One of the main complaints about polyester models is the noise, as the sound is made when pressure is applied to the pillow/ It is not as loud as models made with different materials, such as buckwheat, but they still produce noise. Also, they are not quite durable as they tend to wear out or flatten out after a couple of years, which makes them a short-term investment. They lose their quality because of the lumpiness that leads to pain in the shoulders, neck, and head. Being in pain while you sleep or when you wake up can lead to sleep disorders such as insomnia

Polyester Pillows Basics

Polyester pillows are cheaply made and that’s why their prices are affordable. They are also widely sold and can be found in all sorts of retailers or e-commerce stores. Some of the bigger chains that have these pillows are Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Ikea, Macy’s and Walmart. They are also available online, on Amazon and Overstock.

The price range of a polyester pillow usually goes from $2 to $30. This makes the average price of these pillows around $16, which is more than affordable. Some polyester pillows can cost more than $29.99 which is still more affordable than average feather pillows, which cost between $24.99 and $49.99, or average latex pillows, with prices between $39,99 and $59,99.

Usually, polyester can be washed in a washing machine, and this makes polyester pillows easy to maintain. You should set your machine at a higher temperature if you want to prevent dust mites.

Where Can I Find Polyester Pillows?

If you are looking for a polyester pillow, many home decor stores have them. The cheapest ones can be found in Walmart or Ikea, with the price ranging between $2 and $16. Polyester pillows are also available in other stores such as MyPillow, Sealy, and Serta, but they are more expensive going up to $34,99.

Sealy and Serta usually offer polyester pillows with a cotton cover, while Ikea offers polyester models with cotton and lyocell blend cover. In Walmart, these models have a pillowcase made of polyester.

When it comes to available sizes, a standard option is available in all stores that we are reviewing, except Serta. Queen size of these pillows is available in every store, and the King size is available anywhere except MyPillow. If you are thinking about buying the Euro size pillow, you should visit Walmart, and if you want a Body pillow, you should go to Ikea or Walmart.

If you want to buy a soft polyester pillow, you should visit Ikea or Walmart. Medium firmness is available at Serta, Sealy and MyPillow, whereas firm models are available in Serta, Sealy, and Ikea.

When it comes to loft preferences, pillows with the lower loft is available at Ikea, Walmart, and MyPillow, the medium thickness is available in Ikea, Walmart, and Sealy, and you can buy pillows with high loft at Seasy and MyPillow.

All of the stores mentioned above offer a test trial period. Ikea has the longest sleep trial period of 365 days. Walmart offers a 90-day trial period, MyPillow a 60-day trial, and Serta and Sealy offer a 30-day sleep trial period.

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