The Best Smart Mattress – Counting Sheep’s Buying Guide and Top List

Looking for a smart mattress that will satisfy all your sleeping needs and give feedback on your snoozing? Check out our best smart mattress buyer’s guide and top list.

The world has been taken over by smart technology. There are smart TVs, phones, fridges and more, so here comes the smart mattress. A smart mattress is a new form of technology where the mattress is linked to an app and can be controlled in one way or another. This means that the parameters you consider when choosing a mattress have changed, as this type of tech can ultimately influence some of your preferences. With a smart model, it’s possible to pick your firmness, temperature, and even track your sleep patterns. You can also choose different temperatures for different parts of the bed, which will help solve some of those couple disputes. Some of these mattresses come with a bed frame that is also technologically advanced, so you can choose the angle you sleep at or the height of the entire bed easily. Usually, smart mattresses aren’t cheap, because of all the possibilities that they offer.

Some of the brands that stand out are ReST Bed, Eight Sleep, and Sleep Number. The ReST Bed makes mattresses that respond to the sleeper’s needs during the night and adjusts to their sleeping positions. It is achieved by automatically changing firmness in real time. Also, the ReST Bed can give feedback on your sleep cycle, which means it provides data on how many times you woke up, how much you moved, etc. Sleep Number has a similar offer, although it focuses more on the responsive air technology which helps you to feel comfortable in all positions during the night. Eight Sleep offers foam mattresses covered by a smart cover that monitors and stores information that you can use to adjust your sleeping habits.

In this article, we will review the best smart mattresses currently sold on the market. To create these reviews, we relied on existing verified online reviews, and combine them with key features of the models and their price point.

All the models listed below are sourced from the three above mentioned companies, as they are considered leaders in the field of manufacturing smart mattresses.

Eight Sleep Jupiter

As we mentioned before, smart mattresses can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find one at an affordable price. The Eight Sleep Jupiter falls into the lower price category. Its price goes around $950, for a Queen size,  which is almost as a non-smart all foam mattress. If you decide to order this mattress, you will receive a model which firmness falls about in the middle. It is about as thick as an average non-smart mattress. The loft of this model consists of two foam layers and is excellent if you have a lot of pressure points.


The cover of the mattress is technologically advanced. It’s made of polyester and can be taken off and washed. The smart cover measures the temperature of the sleeper, the rate of the sleeper’s heart, movement as well as other data that can help you find track your sleep cycle and improve the quality of your sleep. There is an app that comes with the mattress that can monitor your sleep patterns and you can also sync it with other technology in your bedroom.

Eight Sleep has a warranty of ten years on the mattress, warranty of one year on the cover, and a hundred-night trial. The shipping is free, and white-glove service delivery is available for an extra fee.

The Jupiter is excellent for every sleep position, and it covers all weight groups. As the temperature can be adjusted, it is perfect for those who need a little extra help with temperature control. Lastly, if you prefer a smart mattress with average thickness, this model may be a perfect choice.

Sleep Number c2

One of the smart mattresses that fall in the ‘’lower budget’’ category is the Sleep No. c2. It is available for just under $1000, for a Queen size, and it is an airbed. People who sleep on their stomach and those who have a few extra pounds really like this mattress as it is less thick than an average airbed.


The model is made from two inches of polyfoam and two chambers filled with air. These chambers can be adjusted according to the preference of the sleeper. The firmness of the mattress is adjustable, and it can be softer on one side and firmer on the other.  Sleep data is collected and stored so that you can easily track your movement during sleep, how many times you woke up, and similar data that can be used to improve sleep.

A trial for this mattress is one hundred nights, and a warranty lasts twenty-five years. An option of home delivery is available as well as the service of assembling the mattress at your home. The coverage is in the U.S. only.

As mentioned, stomach and back sleepers prefer this mattress more than side sleepers. Also, low weight group sleepers are not as contempt with this mattress as others. Couples love this mattress due to its adjustable side firmness.

Eight Sleep Mars+

Eight Sleep Mars is made from memory foam mixture, and it has an average price for a smart mattress. For a Queen size, the price is around $1300. The layers of the bed are made from memory foam and polyfoam, with a core that supports the coils in the pockets. The materials are very dense, meaning this model has quality edge support. When it comes to firmness, it is medium firm.


The cover is removable and it collects sleep data while you snooze. It monitors your breathing, heart rate, and movement. One of the main selling points of this mattress is that you can sync it with the house wifi and use it to control the room temperature, the lights, or even sync it with Alexa.

The Mars+ has a sleep trial of one hundred days. The warranty for the mattress is ten years, and one year for the cover. Free shipping is available all over the U.S.

The Mars + mattress is best for those who need temperature control and prefer middle firmness models. It is best for people with average weight or those who are a bit heavier.

Sleep Number p5

For a middle ranged price of $1900, for a Queen, you can get the Sleep Number p5. This high-quality Airbed is made of polyfoam layers, which is great for pressure relief and pain-free sleep. The firmness can be customized which makes the model great for couples, and it is excellent for sleepers of all weight groups.


As per the other mattresses that the Sleep Number offers, SleepIQ is embedded in the model and collects sleep data every night, such as the speed of your breathing, heart rate, motion and similar. Remote control can be used to adjust the loft and the firmness of the mattress. You can use SleepIQ via Bluetooth or wireless internet.

The manufacturers offer white glove service delivery for an extra fee, meaning the will take away your old mattress and assemble the new one instead of you. This bed comes with a sleep trial of one hundred days and a warranty of twenty-five years.

We have noticed that this mattress works best for back and side sleepers, as well as couples. The model is generally preferred by people of all weight groups and those who sleep best on medium mattresses.

Eight Sleep Venus+

The Venus+ is a very luxurious bed. It is eleven inches thick, with latex layers and polyfoam that contours to the body and relieves all the right pressure points to decrease stress and alleviate back pain. It has very firm edges and a three-inch thick base that reinforces the bed. The material that makes the mattress is designed to stay cool, but the cover has temperature control as well. The firmness is medium soft, and it is not ideal for heavier sleepers.


Like all the previously mentioned smart mattresses, there is an option to gather sleeping info via a tracker that is built in the cover. It offers temperature control and customization and even comes with an alarm that can wake you up in the morning. You can sync the cover to home tech, which means light and temperature control of your bedroom is only one click away.

The Venus + comes with a one hundred day sleep trial and a dual warranty. The mattress has a warranty of ten years, and the cover has a 1-year warranty. The shipping is free in the U.S.

The best experience was noted by back sleepers and people who sleep on the side. It is mostly preferred by lightweight sleepers or people in the average weight group.

Sleep Number i7

The i7 is the only smart mattress that is filled with gel memory foam, which makes it great for side sleepers. The comforting system is five inches wide, and the firmness goes from soft to medium, so if you were looking for a soft smart mattress, here it is. Couples may prefer this mattress, as the firmness of each side of the bed can be adjusted. One of the downsides of this product is that is more costly than others, with an average price of $2300 for a Queen size.


The bed also comes with an app that can track and analyze your sleep data, such as movement, heartbeats, and breathing. Every night, an overall score is calculated, and the app estimates if your sleep time was spent more or less comfortable.

This app can be accessed online or via Bluetooth. A remote is delivered with the mattress to adjust the firmness.

The model comes with a 100 days trial period and a warranty of 25 years. Free shipping covers the states of the U.S. with a possibility of White Glove Delivery for an additional fee.

Side sleepers and people who sleep on their back, find this mattress to be very comfortable, as long as they are in the light to an average group of weight. If you have back pain, this mattress can help to reduce it.

ReST Bed

The IT industry is full of innovations,  which leads to fast changes in the industry of smart mattresses. The Rest is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced products in this field. One of the reasons for this is the adjustment of firmness. Based on a sleeper’s preference the setting of firmness can be automatic, which means that the firmness changes based on the sleeper’s habits. The second setting is manual and the third is called ‘Position Detection’ which changes during the night based on the position of the person sleeping on the mattress. Sensors measure movement during the night, and this allows the application to adjust the firmness to a perfect degree. It can sync with any wireless device.


One of the most impressive features is that the firmness can be adjusted in the head, shoulder, and leg area. The shoulder part may need to be a little softer than the stomach part of the mattress, so the air chambers adjust this during the night. This takes care of the general issue that people have with air mattresses, and that is pressure and pain. Since air beds can’t transfer firmness to all parts of the body adequately, many sleepers end waking up in the morning with aches and pain. The ReST is more on the softer side, making it best for those in the light to average weight groups.

The ReST bed can sync with any home tech very easily. The biggest downside is its price – $4000 for a Queen. The model comes with a sleep trial of 90 days and a warranty of 10 years.

Reviews have shown that this mattress is excellent for couples and people who prefer firmer models. Also, back and side sleepers enjoy the possibility of firmness adjustment.

What is a ‘’smart mattress’’?

Anything updated with technology and/or an app gets a prefix ‘’smart’’. Smart mattresses are improved by tech so that we can improve our sleep. The apps can collect information about our sleep stages, if we tend to sleep hot, track our heart rate and breathing and similar. Some of these mattresses can even adjust the temperature, loft height, firmness, and also connect to your wifi. Sometimes they are remote-controlled or have an application that controls all the features.

It is not easy to make a mattress that is technologically advanced, so smart beds are typically expensive and hard to find. Some can be cheaper than others, but the average price is around $1900. For this amount of money, you can get three regular mattresses.

Functions of a smart mattress

The functions of a smart mattress can be any of the following, or all:

  1. Sleep data collection: As the cover of a smart mattress has state of the art technology, there is no need to stick sensors to your skin to collect sleeping data. The mattress can detect the following things:
  • When did you go to sleep?
  • When did you fall asleep?
  • How long did it take you to fall asleep?
  • When did you get up?
  • When did you get out of the bed?
  • How long was your REM phase?
  • Did you wake up during the night?
  • Did you move a lot while sleeping?
  1. Physical observations: Just like in the paragraph above, a smart mattress can access physical information while you sleep such as:
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Body temperature
  • Surface temperature
  • The temperature of the environment
  1. Rating: When all of these sleep data is collected, some smart mattresses give out an overall snooze score. You can even set alarms to observe the quality of your sleep through this grade.
  2. Customization of the model: Some smart mattresses have air-filled pockets that can adjust some of the features of a bed. These features include:
  • Density: Air chambers can soften or harden the mattress itself, which is excellent for those who toss and turn during the night.
  • Temperature adjustments: This feature is common in smart mattresses: some models have the option to customize the temperature in different parts of the bed, which is fantastic for couples. Although, keep in mind there are complaints the temperature changes may take up to half an hour to take effect.
  • Room adjustments: Most of the smart mattresses can sync with other home devices which gives you an option to control your bedroom through an app on your phone. This way you can control the lights, temperatures, appliances, TV-s, etc.
  1. Additional features that occur in smart mattresses include:
  • Wake-up alarms
  • Music and white noise.
  • Meditation programs
  • Apps that monitor your daily consumption of coffee, sleep, physical activity, etc.

What is the Best Mattress for You?

If you want to get a perfect smart mattress, you should compare the most popular models and see which one would be an excellent fit for you.

Eight Sleep

This company offers three smart mattresses. Each of these models has a polyester cover with a built-in sleep tracker connected to an app.

  • The Jupiter + model has three layers. The first layer is made out of memory foam, the second layer has contouring memory foam, and the third layer is made out of polyfoam.
  • The Mars + is a hybrid model. The comfort layer of this model has two memory foam layers and a transitional polyfoam middle layer. The support core of the mattress has pocketed coils, and the base contains polyfoam of high density.
  • The Venus + is also a hybrid, and its comfort layers have transitional polyfoam and latex. The base of the mattress is made with high-density foam, and the support core has pocketed coils.


The company called Responsive Sleep Technology offers an excellent smart airbed called ReST. The ReST Bed offers three different customizations:

  • Automatic: The firmness is continually adjusted to help the sleeper feel more comfortable during the night
  • Manual: sleepers themselves can adjust the firmness of the mattress for all five body zones whenever they want
  • Auto Position: sleepers can customize the firmness settings of this model for different sleep positions, and the ReST Bed will respond as soon as the sleeper changes the position while sleeping

The cover of this mattress contains Lycra, and it has two thousand built-in sensors that monitor the pressure on sensitive areas of the sleeper’s body and track sleep activities and patterns. Sleepers can access their sleep data using almost any wireless device, thanks to the ReSTdash app. The comfort layer of this model consists of two gel memory foam layers. The support core of the ReST Bed has a high-resilience polyfoam top layer and foam-encased air chambers that target five body zones including legs, hips, lower back, head, and shoulders.

Sleep Number

One of the best companies in the smart mattress industry is the Sleep Number. This company offers eight models of mattresses, and each of them can be connected to the SleepIQ App. These models are separated into the following categories:

  • Classic models: this category includes c2 and c4 mattresses. The c2 is eight inches thick and has two polyfoam layers. The c4 is nine inches thick and has a thicker layer of polyfoam. Both models have reasonable prices.
  • Performance models: this category includes two airbeds – the p5 and the p6 model. The p5 model is 10” thick, the p6 model is 11” thick, and both models have a layer of polyfoam.
  • Innovation models: this category includes four airbeds – the i7, i8, ILE, and the i10. The ILE and the i10 are special as they can be temperature controlled. The i7 is 11” thick and has a gel foam layer. The i8 model is 12” thick and has a polyfoam layer.

All of these models have a remote control, and they have a different density. You can also customize these mattresses, depending on your budget. You can buy a base called a FlexFit (FF):

  • The FF 1 offers head adjustment, it has a night light, and it is priced $1200. The mattress is not included in this price
  • The FF 2 offers the adjustment of the head and the feet part of the mattress, has a night light, and it costs $1900.
  • The FF3 has the same features as the FF 2 model, with an added system for heating the feet area. This base costs $2000.


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