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Due to rampant sleeping problems among many sleepers, many are now resorting to white noise machines. These devices produce sleep-inducing sounds to make the user fall asleep and remain asleep until he or she gets enough amount of rest.  

Buying Guide

A White Noise machine (sound machine) is a device commonly used as a sleeping aid as it emits sounds that mask those from the surroundings like noises or disturbances. It produces high-pitched static or white noise that contains randomized frequencies. Some machines come with environmental and natural sounds. It could mimic the sounds of a flowing river, dropping rain, dancing leaves, etc. or sounds that promote relaxation before and during sleep.

There are different varieties to choose from and more specific uses for White Noise machine. They are compact and designed to rest on floors or on bedside tables because of their flat surface.

Knowing which type of machine to pick is essential to better accommodate your needs and support your sleeping processes. When buying, ask yourself the following questions and consider these guidelines on your checklist:

Product Utilization

  • Identify who will primarily use the White Noise Machine
  • Determine whether you need a device exclusive for home use or office use

  • Know if the product is good for travel too or if it’s worth space in your luggage.
  • Be specific when picking a White Noise Machine, it should serve the purpose of why you are buying in the first place (e.g. Tinnitus remedy, snore masking, deep slumber, etc).

Size and Space Matters

  • If you need mobility, pick machines that can be easily moved or carried.
  • Determine if the machine will fit in the place you intend to install it.
  • When traveling, pick machines that weigh the lightest and use batteries.

Product Features and Accessories

  • To save less electricity and avoid overusing the machine, look for one that includes timer features and control programs to help you set consumption limit.
  • Test the sound features of the machine if it suits your liking and needs for relaxation.
  • Identify if you will need additional accessories for your White Noise machines such as remote control or other plugs.

Durability and Affordability

  • The machine should be viable for long-term use so inspect quality when buying.
  • Decide on how you would like your machine to be powered, either batteries or plugs.
  • Weigh in with the cost of the machine and gauge into the warranty coverage for it.

Picking the right white noise machine shouldn’t be difficult for you after referring to some of these guidelines. Tick off your checklist and narrow your options. It is important to know what you are getting at and not compromise your money and quality of your sleep.

Best White Noise Machine for Sleep


Best Sound Machine For General Use

White Noise machine has become one effective sleeping aid for many people. The sound waves in a broad spectrum of frequencies produced by the White Noise machine help people to sleep through the night. It masks the disturbances brought by inevitable squeaking sound either coming from your house or the ear-splitting sound of a passing vehicle. The machine improves the process of sleeping and its ability to remain asleep during the night.

Generally, the sleep sounds produced by the machine can be classified into different types of color noise. In audio engineering, a color noise refers to the power spectrum or the distribution of power into frequency components that thereby compose signal. Color noises include pink, brown, and white relevant to the machine. To understand white noise, think of the static sound of an old television or radio when nothing is playing or broadcasting. That is one example of white noise, and it is a mixture of all frequencies that a human ear can hear. Therefore, since it is a combination of all frequencies, all other sounds in the path tend to disappear.


LectroFan white noise machine provides excellent sound quality in a wide range of different white noise and fan sounds. It utilizes state of the art technology in generating dynamic, realistic sounds to drown out unwanted, upsetting, or interfering noises. This machine has two ways to reduce unwanted noises: either through a fan or white noise sounds themselves.

What makes it a standout is its 20 different sounds, encompassing 10 different white noise sounds including a variety of colors like pink and brown. It also has 10 different fan sounds with some that are soft and gentle and others are more industrial, all of which are dynamically generated, not recorded. It results to more constant authentic sounding white noise. With the different varieties of the sounds, many people find it more relaxing as it caters to every taste of the ears.

The LectroFan’s 10 white noises range from “dark noise” or the low frequency to “white noise” or high frequency with sound variations of low rumbles, rushing wind, or static – neither pleasant nor unpleasant.

Aside from the sounds it has, it masks disruptive noises that made you fall asleep with ease. It blocks out noisy neighbors, household, traffic or construction noise, lullababies to sleep, create a disturbance-free study area, and keep conversations private.

With the machines inside equipment, it makes it safe, energy efficient, and long-lasting alternative to fans or white noise machines with motors. LectroFan does not contain moving parts inside it. Above all else, it has over 50 volume levels in 1dB increments which makes it ideal for the level of volume you wanted to habituate

Pros Cons
It has 20 different fans and white noise sounds including pink and brown noise. The power cord is a bit short.
It has high quality, dynamically generated sounds that have no looping or breaks. Needs to be plugged in as there is no battery option.
It has high quality, dynamically generated sounds that have no looping or breaks. Only one timer setting of 60 minutes.
Excellent speaker and volume range that is fully adjustable. The machine may not work for those with sensitive ears or those who dislike motor hum of real fans.
Volume is louder than other sound machines. May not be sufficient for noises at close range like snoring.

The sound produced by a White Noise machine is also compared to the sound of a waterfall, with water falling at different speeds and hitting different surfaces. The sound spectrum, however, tells us that all colors besides white noise are also similar to white noise but just with more energy to drown out all other sounds. When using a white noise machine, you could even be listening to a pink noise as well which would sound more like a heavy rainstorm.

Using the product should be able to afford you the calm and focus you need to help deviate your mind from any form of distraction upon sleeping. Sleeping is very important as this is where our brain takes in more oxygen and ready you for the next physical activities of your day.

Best White Noise Machine For Babies

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Best Baby Sound Machine

White noise machine is excellent to help babies drift off to sleep. Scientifically, in the ears of babies, white noise is a familiar sound to them.  It is because white noise mimics the womb sound that soothes and comfort them while they are inside their mother’s womb. 

Furthermore, the consistent sound made by the machine soothes baby’s sleep. If they have slept tightly already, while using white noise, it can lengthen the baby’s nap.

If you have a newborn, since babies do not have sleep training yet after seeing the outside world, the white noise machine can help them get enough sleep they still needed, at the same time, they are building their sleeping schedule.  Aside from these, there are other advantages that a mother could get when using a white noise machine for their babies. It includes the reduces the risks of SIDS, calms babies from crying, and shush babies.


The Baby Shusher has a white noise in the form of shushing sound.  This baby sound machine has a rhythmic and repetitive shush which mesmerizes infants and toddlers.  The shushing sound mimics the atmosphere that the baby was accustomed to in the womb, with the blood flowing through its mother’s body and the muffled sounds from the outside world.  

The Baby Shusher has one sound profile that masks outside noises so well to give babies smooth sleep while hearing a realistic womb sound produced by the machine. The machine was proven the best performer as it resulted in the test that the shushing sound produced by the device has a perfect frequency for masking high-pitched noises like a vacuum.

Pros Cons
Rhythmic and realistic shush of the machine reminds baby of being

inside mom with 15 – 30 minutes of continuous shushing sound.

The sound ends too abruptly when the time reaches the end.
Wrist straps for parents t1o assist parents while putting their

babies to sleep

No continuous play option.
Versatile, portable, and durable because it is small and compact

making it suitable for traveling.

Only one timer setting of 60 minutes.
3.2 ounce in weight The sound ends too abruptly when the time reaches the end.

Babies struggle to sleep deeply through the night because they have not yet mastered the ways of deep slumber. There are common factors why they are kept awake such as hunger, wet pads or diapers, room temperature, and environment. The babies constantly need feeding, changing diapers, cozying, and protecting. Otherwise, parents will have to induce a sense of drowsiness for them. It could either be through scheduled sleeping or sleep training with the use of machines that alert the sound of lullaby that signals them to sleep. This is where White Noise Machines for babies becomes handy.

Best White Noise Machine Tinnitus

Sound Oasis S-100 

Best Tinnitus Sound Therapy Machine


Tinnitus refers to the condition wherein one or both ears of a person perceives sound even when no external sound is not present. There is a perception of pesky noise or ringing in the ears, and it affects about 1 in 5 people, making it a common problem. There is said to be no proven cure for tinnitus but understanding the symptoms of or factors leading to it could help in easing the problem. Some people would go for meditation while others seek devices like White Noise machines or hearing aids.

For others, to better manage and block the sound at night, White Noise Machine’s function applies. White Noise is known to operate in a combination of frequencies that blocks out any inconsistent sound coming in the way. The problem is not the noises in the environment but rather the sudden change in the frequency or strength of the sound that makes it distracting. For people with tinnitus, they could get better aid from the use of White Noise machine to relax their sound perceptions at night and be able to have a restful sleep. In one report, a white noise generator has been found to significantly reduce unwanted sound, and get rid of it altogether in some cases.


The Sound Oasis S-100 Noise White Machine is developed for those with tinnitus.  It helps to beat the discomfort from tinnitus discomfort while blocking out irritating noises at the same time.  This is the ultimate latest generation technology noise machine that provides ten different tones of white noise although it is a patent-pending technology.  Its white noise sound options range from lower to higher-pitched sounds for perfect tone selection.

The machine comes in small size, but the quality of sound is superb. It is suitable for blocking out distractions. It has unique features which include a jack where you can plug in any device such as MP3, laptop, desktop, smartphones, and others. This is ideal for choosing what pitch you want to play to block out the noise from tinnitus and other disturbances.

The Sound Oasis S-100 effectively masks unwanted noise and creates serenity to the person making his or her sleep far comfortable.

Pros Cons
4- position auto-off timer:  30, 60, 90 minutes in a continuous play Does not play nature sounds natively
An easy-to-use rotary volume control dial
Big 3-inch speaker with high-quality sound
Energy sufficient in which it runs day and night but consumes only 1% of the electricity.
Can be connected to a sound player like smartphones, tablets, MP3 and other else.

White Noise machines or devices for people with tinnitus condition may come at the different shape. Some devices are looking like hearing aids worn behind the ears. This way, the brain eventually gets used to the constant cascade of noises that it tones down reactions. It’s time to discover what devices are available for you in the market to better manage tinnitus.

Best White Noise Machine for Snoring

Sound + Sleep

Best Sound Machine for Excessive Snoring


There is no shame in using a White Noise Machine to mask the sound of your partner’s snore or that of whoever you share a room with. After all, White Noise machine is there to serve as a consistent audio backdrop to eliminate annoying noises. A noisy environment is not conducive for sleeping, and so is loud snoring.

A person snores when the air can’t move freely from the nose to the throat during sleep. It can be destructive to the health of the person snoring as it is likely to disrupt the quality of sleep which leaves the person fatigued and irate, which could also develop further health complications when it is persistent. Snoring may have something to do with the floppy nasal and throat tissues. These tissues tend to hand or flop loosely thereby creating a vibrating sound. In other cases, it could also be the tongue that’s getting in the way of leveled breathing.

The Sound + Sleep Sound Machine is a high fidelity white noise machine that is loaded with a recording option. Users can listen to white, pink, and brown noise with a wide selection of natural and environmental sounds. It has 10 sound profiles and 30 unique add-on listening experiences.  It weighs two pounds and measures less than five inches tall.

The Sound + Sleep Sound Machine offers a good deal of versatility. It can detect other noises in your environment, whether it’s the neighbor’s howling dog, a snoring roommate or housemate, and unwanted screech. Once it detects these disturbances, the machine adjusts to cover them.

This device also has what it calls “richness” feature; it is unique as it allows the user to add more details on each of the 10 Soundscapes. For instance, when you choose to play the sound of the “ocean,” you will mainly hear breaking waves. However, if you press to control the richness of the sound, it will add up the sound of birds’ and seals that add flavor to the music that you are listening. On top of that, the machine is also able to adapt to the sound. As the surrounding noise increases, so will the volume increases too, to accommodate masking it.

The machine also has a noise-reduction timer which can be programmed in 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120- minute increments. This gradually enhances the white noise sleeping experience. At the same time, it also allows for private listening with a headphone as it has a headphone jack available.

Pros Cons
It has a vast variety of sound options. You can choose among white, pink, and brown noise with 9 base environmental sounds. It is the most expensive white noise machine.
It has “richness” feature which can be added to create more variety. It only works with a standard plug.
It has long 30 minutes recordings, so there are no noticeable loops.
  1. It has a large size which needs some space on the nightstand.  
It has an excellent speaker and recording quality which provides realistic sounds.
There is an available headphone jack for private listening.


Much as it is destructive to the health of the person who is snoring, it is just as disruptive to the person who is continuously woken up due to the snore. Snores can be loud and annoying therefore affecting the quality of sleep of one’s partner in the room. Quality sleep is very much necessary for the better functioning of the brain and body. If the snoring couldn’t be helped immediately.

White Noise machines are a useful remedy for the distraction brought about the snore. It will help mask the noise coming from the snore as well as other unavoidable noises. There are affordable White Noise machines and devices out there that are neither noninvasive and complicated. Check out some of the products from the thousands available to potentially save both quality sleep and relationship.

Best White Noise Machine for Office

Marpac DOHM DS

Best Sound Machine for Office Work


The office can be a toxic and stressful environment too, especially if you work in a cubicle where you could hear all types of chatters and noises. The conversations and the noises you hear around your office floor may not be very supportive of your deal to concentrate on your tasks and work. In some cases, even in a confined room for office, conversations that are supposed to be private may still be heard outside of the limited space thereby breaching the confidentiality of the discussions.

In these cases, sound machines such as White Noise machine is a helpful tool. Not to mention, it can be an added benefit to concentration, relaxation, and privacy. Those who need to mask distracting noises of office surrounding may make use of white noise machines that has a headphone jack so you could have the therapeutic sound all by yourself in your cubicle. 

Marpac DOHM DS is a consistent best seller in many online stores owing to its excellent reviews. The device has a professional appearance that does not pass up at the expense of your office’s aesthetics. It is suitable for office use since it blocks out a more abundant source of noise (ex. Crowd, Office cubicles) compared to other devices. It produces a full, rich, and wide-ranged white noise sound.  

A small fan is built inside an acoustic chamber of the machine. Also, it allows you to adjust the volume between two speeds set. You can customize the volume and tone by changing the speed sound openings of the device for your satisfaction. In doing so, you can control how the sound hole openings will cap volumes. If the low-speed setting is used, the device will not require a lot of power to run while providing a soothing white noise tone. The fan will continue to run as the sound echoes out of the device.

Pros Cons
Very professional appearance The machine’s motor sound may seem annoying and too loud for the first time usage of the products
It creates authentic fan sounds with an internal fan It can only be operated through electrical cord because there is no battery option available
It creates a constant noise that does not change, loop or break It does not have nature sounds
It has a simple switch design No auto-off timer
The user can fine-tune it to create a satisfying sound you like


Meanwhile, making sure that the conversations are kept more private inside the room may also benefit from the sound that the machine produces. As it goes, White Noise machines operate at a combination of frequencies making other noises to be heard from the dominance of the sound it produces. There are many more products to choose from, check out some of the items that you could use or possibly share in the office.

Best White Noise Machine for Travel

Big Red Roster

Best Sound Machine for People On The Go

For people traveling out of town, it may not always be comfortable to sleep on a new, unfamiliar bed and room. The location may also add to the unpredictability of disturbances as foreign sounds and noises may bewilder you late at night. Sleeplessness doesn’t have to be the case when you are far away from home.

White Noise machines are useful tools for deep continuous sleep that can also be handy when traveling outside of town. Save yourself from the unwanted beats of your music-loving neighbors or a late-night television watcher next to your motel. A White Noise machine allows you to mask unwanted noises from the new neighborhood or the loud footsteps coming from the hotel hallway.

The Big Red Rooster white noise machine is highly recommended for those who travel as it uses three AA batteries to power it. It is portable, making it a convenient device to bring on trips or vacations. You can keep it all night or set it on a timer for about 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The machine offers six high-quality natural sounds which include rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, and summer night. Also, the device is tiny and compact. It only weighs less than 10 ounces and measures less than three inches high.

The machine has six sounds to choose from including the rain, ocean, brook, thunder, and thunderclap, as well as summer night sounds. The rain sound and the ocean sound are rather soothing in the ears as it is much gentle compared to the other sounds. The brook sound, on the other hand, produces a nice short loop, making you listen to the same pattern. The thunder sound is mainly light rain with occasional thunder. And just like the brook, the sound it produces has reasonable loops of a few different thunderclaps. Meanwhile, the summer night sounds have this faint white noise in the background.

The device has well-labeled buttons that is helpful for anyone to operate it efficiently. Overall, the flimsy plastic design of the machine makes it compact and lightweight at the same time. Its simple built does not compromise the speaker quality or the noise of the device.

Pros Cons
Easy to use because of its big buttons It is only limited to 6 sounds
It has a couple of the nature sounds which are pleasant to listen Some of the nature sounds are on a short loop which might be disruptive for some people
It can be powered by a USB plug or with three AA batteries The maximum volume might not be enough to mask the external noise
It is convenient and comfortable even when traveling with kids.


There are varieties of White noise machines that are light and compact, so it’s good for travel options. Restful sleep is always worth that space in your luggage, so check out some of the recommendations for best White Noise Machine travel companion.

Alternatives for White Noise Machines

Some sleepers prefer not to invest in a white noise machine because of personal or financial reasons. There are of course other effective methods of blocking those external noises that hinder a good sleep. While White Noise machines emit sounds that conceal any possible sound disturbances or change in tones, there are smart home devices or accessories to choose from to protect one from ear-splitting noises at night.

White Noise Mobile Apps – Android/iPhone

Not everyone has the luxury to provide a space for everything in their suitcase or some other reasons, but that shouldn’t put comfort and promising sleep in a compromised position. The good thing is, in the digital age, White Noise Apps are also made available so you could play them at the tip of your fingers. 

White Noise apps for mobile devices, depending on your OS, may include free tracks of several natural sounds and white noises that could also play in multiple devices. Some Apps could give you a good collection of audio and white noise. If you want to have a further guarantee, some apps may also offer you in-app purchases so you could go for Pro version with more extensive collections of sounds to choose from. There are also apps that provide parental control for the use of the sounds. From friendly lullabies and white noise for babies sleep to that of relaxing melodies, choices are never limited to explore for your promise of rest.  

Conventional Fans

Aside from the fact that it could lessen the heat inside the bedroom, and its primary purpose to improve air circulation and create a more relaxed space during warmer times, the whizzing blades of conventional fans could produce ambient white noise that can be a substitute for the other disturbing and disruptive sounds.  

Facts About White Noise and Sound Machines

White noise is typically a particular type of sound that is used for masking the background sounds.  It is described as a noise that has an amplitude which is constant throughout the audible frequency range.  It drowns the sounds that prevent a person from falling asleep or waking up during the momentum of sleeping.  

The purpose of the white noise machine includes blocking annoying sounds, relaxation, and concentration.

With the help of white noise machine, it helps you have a better sleep by blocking out disturbing sounds.  It could be very beneficial for light sleepers who are easily awakened by external sounds and for people who have trouble falling asleep because of the noisy surroundings.

Also, it could help babies relax and you, yourself, could have inner relaxation. Many people find the sound of oceans, rivers, forests, waterfalls, and rain calming, relaxing, refreshing, pleasing, and peaceful in the feeling.  So taking a bit of listening to this sound with eyes closed could help you relax even if you are not in the actual setting.

Lastly, it can help you concentrate even just for a while.  The white noise stops you from being distracted. Other studies testified that it could improve concentration.   

How does White Noise Work?

The sound we hear from just about anything has distinct components; the frequency or the number of vibrations the sound wave produces per second which is measured in hertz or Hz and amplitude which is measures the size of the sound waves.  If the frequency is halved or doubled, it is considered octave.

The noise we hear is categorized by colors which represent different audio signals and textures.  These colors include pink, blue, and brown. These noises refer to sound waves that have an increase or decrease in volume but still dependent on the changes in the frequency.

On the other hand, white noise has maintained the volume regardless of the changes in frequency.  It means, it is not dependent on the frequency. It randomly combines every possible frequency that is audible to the human ear.  That is why the result associated with white noise is commonly the “shhh” sound which parents or storytellers do.


To better understand how the categorizations of noise color work, most especially how the frequency affects the volume of the sound, the table below details a comprehensive answer.


Noise Color How the Frequency Affects the Volume of the Sound Possible Examples Reflected in the noise machine
Violet The volume increases by 6 dB per octave. Whistling Kettle
Blue The volume increases by 3 dB per octave. Hissing or High Wind
Brown or Red The volume decreases by 6 dB per octave. Waves or Low Winds
Pink The volume decreases by 3 dB per octave. Thunder
Grey The volume decreases between 100 and 1,000 Hz, and increases between 5,000 and 10,000 Hz Static with volume that remains constant
White The volume remains constant even if the frequency increases or decreases.    High-pitched static
Black No volume or whatsoever Silence

Safe Use Guide

Even if it is mentioned earlier that using noise machine can be addictive, it does not mean the user will be dependent upon the withdrawal of the noise machine. Thus, in using the white noise machine, rest assured that it offers health risk-free to the users.   

If you have tried already building a good sleeping habit by cutting back on caffeine and having a regular bedtime routine, it does not make your sleep still enough. Talk to your healthcare provider if necessary. Your health care provider may rule out sleep apnea which can have the same symptoms of fractured sleep, or difficulty falling asleep as insomnia.  

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