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Babies struggle to sleep deeply through the night because they have not yet mastered the ways of deep slumber. There are common factors why they are kept awake such as hunger, wet pads or diapers, room temperature, and environment. The babies constantly need feeding, changing diapers, cozying, and protecting. Otherwise, parents will have to induce a sense of drowsiness for them. It could either be through scheduled sleeping or sleep training with the use of machines that alert the sound of lullaby that signals them to sleep.  This is where White Noise Machines for babies becomes handy.

It is important to gather more information before using any White Noise Machine to induce sleep among babies, and here’s what you need to know to understand it better.


Why Consider Using Sound Machines for Your Baby?   

The white noise that the sleep machine emits serves to mask the other sound or noises that may naturally occur from the environment. Whether disruptive or not, this could hinder anyone from having a good sleep. The specific sound coming from a sleeping machine could be used to help reinforce the background regardless of environmental noises.

White noise is like a home to a baby because the womb has a deafening loud sound.  And when they are born, it is uncomfortably quiet. The baby white noise mimics the sound supportive of a newborn’s needs. Studies have suggested that a baby whose age is less than one year should have loud white noise when they sleep because it is an effective and inexpensive sleep aid, as well as agreeable to implement.    

Parents should always consider the sleeping hours needed by babies. The improper sleep or the lack thereof among infants causes them to be fussy, disagreeable, hyperactive, and behaviorally fluctuate. Furthermore, there are set of guidelines and recommendations for sleeping hours relevant to babies age group:

It should alarm parents if their child is not able to get the recommended sleep that they need as stipulated in the above-enumerated total of sleeping hours. That is why; using a sleep machine could help parents suffice the sleeping needs of their babies. When using the white noise, however, special considerations and specifications of the product must be considered. It includes the volume of the white sound and the duration of its use. Babies shouldn’t be subjected to white noise for far too long a period or in a manner too loud. There are underlying pros and cons for its usage and knowing it will be helpful indeed.


How Do White Noise Affects Your Babies

……When using a sleep noise for babies, these are the following benefits that you could anticipate for your baby. These are the proven and tested advantages that white noise could offer but not limited to the following:

  1.    Reduction of stress to babies

Babies get easily stressed when they are in an uncomfortable environment. They get irritated of the people surrounding them, and they get tired and weary. It is for this reason that white noise becomes handy in the creation of safe spaces for babies. It will block out the simulations that cause them to be weary by the minute.

  1.    Shush the baby

While letting a baby cry is healthy to an extent, persistent crying is harmful. The white noise machine produces a shushing sound for the baby that calms him or her down. Parents are correct in using this sound because the music is similar to the whooshing sound made by blood flowing through the arteries around the uterus.

Using white noise shush sound to calm babies needs to be louder than baby’s cry so that it could penetrate above his call.  However, sustaining a shushing sound is challenging. So, the use of a white noise machine can be an outsource sound to help you support the music if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable.

  1.    Assist babies to sleep tightly

If you could observe, your baby will get awake after 20 minutes of nap.  It is because babies have sleep arousals that are usually about 20-45 minutes.  The moment a baby hits his sleeping arousal at the 20-minute mark, the baby gets a hard time to fall back into a deeper sleep, thus, leaving the nap over.  With the use of white noise, it can help babies maneuver their sleep arousal to get longer. At the same time, it can block the sound they hear, any disruptive noise that can interfere with their naps and night sleep.

  1.    Lowers the risk of SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is an unexplained death among babies usually during a night of sleep. The chances of losing a baby from SIDS is high as it becomes common. Some studies suggest how the use of a white noise machine is a smart move to reduce the risk of  SIDS. There are two contending reasons for this: the fan circulates the air, and it generates white noise. SIDS occurs when the sleep state of a baby becomes an active sleep.


Reminders in  Using the White Noise Machine for the First Time

Upon finally deciding to use a white noise machine and have bought one for your baby, the proper and rightful use of the device should be followed to withdraw the baby from any unlikely circumstance.  Thus, the following are the suggested procedure upon using it:

  1.    Turn on the white noise machine to start.  Ideally, when using it for the first time, it should work at the lowest volume. Do not exceed the maximum decibel level. The hospital nurseries usually suggest a limit of 50 A-weighted dB for infants.
  2. Place the white noise machine near the crib.  Do not put it inside the crib because any item inside can be hazardous for babies.  Remember that it is seriously a bad idea to put the machine next to a child. It is advised to distance the device 7 feet or 200 cm away from the baby’s crib.
  3.    Make sure to play a variety of sounds because babies react to different music they hear.  If possible, lower rhythmic should be used with no loops. Failure to do so can have an opposite intended effect to babies because it might arouse them to full wakefulness or being restless.

The point of using the white noise machine is to give babies a chance to put themselves into a tight sleep and sleep-train them after all. If you have used it other than its recommended usage and purpose, it may not be practical to the needs of the baby. Thus, it could be neither helpful in the long run for deep slumber.


Know more about the Advantages and Disadvantages of using these products

The doctors have made a significant consensus on how a low-pitched type of white noise can provide the most sleep-boosting benefits for babies and sleep-deprived parents. The use of white noise may induce sleep to your baby, but it is essential to take a look at both pros and cons before you decide to make this as a tool for your baby’s sleep.



Safety and Precautions

White noise is quite safe for a baby as long as it not overdone but precautionarily used. It is necessary not to play your sound machine too loud for the baby. As the cons of the product suggest, do not use it in a prolonged period and without any breaks.

Furthermore, these are the tips for safe use of white noise sleep machines:

–   Place the device away from your baby, as mentioned in the proper usage of the sleeping device towards babies while sleeping.

–    Never put the machine in the cot or even attach it to the cot rail.

–    Play a sound on the lowest volume with a short duration of time, if possible.

–    Turn off the device once your baby has fallen asleep.

–   To make sure that your baby will not get dependent on the white noise machine, weaning off can be possible by turning the volume down a little every night until you will not use the sound at all while the baby is sleeping.

–   Select the right white noise for your baby.

The given tips are likely to prevent babies from any adverse circumstance which may occur while using the white noise machine.  At the same time, it serves as a guide for parents to moderately use the machine and prevent the cons from happening. Thus, once you have built the condition for sleep towards for the baby, it is easier for him or her to maintain a sound sleep in the long run or after several usages of the white noise machine.


Best White Noise Machines for Babies Product Reviews

After tackling everything you need to know essential to the use of a white noise machine, it is now time to select one carefully. The devices you should choose should be a helpful aid to your baby’s sleeping pattern and conditions. With this in mind, here is a list of recommended white noise machine and its corresponding features and valuable functions.

These selections should help you pick the right one for you and your baby.

Our Best Pick!

White Noise Machine Brand Valuable Function Features
Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother Best for realistic sound
  • 15 – 30 minutes of continuous shushing sound.
  • Adjustable volume
  • Wrist straps for parents to assist parents while putting their babies to sleep
  • 2 AA batteries
Tiny Love Meadow Days Sound ‘n Sleep Projector Soother Best Lullaby Sound Machine
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charger
  • Auto timer for 15, 30, 60 minutes
  • Can play baby’s favorite songs
  • 35 uninterrupted calming sounds with 22 different melodies and collection of nature sound
Ewan the Dream Sheep Gray – Sound Machine and Baby Sleep Soother Best for Womb Noises
  • Plays actual heartbeat and womb sound combinations that mimic the noises babies hear inside the mother’s womb
  • Three pink noise sound combinations, suitable for older babies and toddlers including rain, vacuum cleaner, and harp music, all combined with the heartbeat.
Skip Hop Owl Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother Best for Volume Control
  • 4 lullabies sound
  • Four nature sounds
  • Star and moon ceiling projection with dimmer control perfect as a nursery nightlight
  • Four mode auto-off timer
Cloud B Sleep Sheep Baby Sound Soother Best Plush Soother
  • 8 soothing sounds and melodies: Mother’s Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf, Whale Songs, Twinkle Twinkle, Rockabye Baby
  • Classical lullaby tranquil melody adjustable volume
  • Two sleep timer options with auto shut off 23 and 45 minutes
  • Can be washed and dried when the sound box is removed



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