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Last Updated: Wed, May 23, 2018

If you are tired of back pain in the morning, and tossing and turning, it may be about time to get a new mattress. Waiting for the new mattress to be delivered at your doorstep is very fun and exciting, at least until you realize that you still have to get rid of the old one. If you have had it for years, it has already served the purpose that it was made for. An old mattress can take up a lot of space in your house, and if you want to avoid unnecessary cluttering, you should learn how to dispose of a mattress in a proper way. 

The first thing that comes to mind is to leave it on the side of the road and wait until it is taken to the dump. However, this is a wrong solution, especially if you consider the fact that the landfills are already full of old mattresses. Each year, more than 20 million mattresses end up in landfills. Not only they are large and heavy, but they also can create dangerous conditions for workers. You should be aware that their shapes can create flammable air pockets. If you don’t want to put the well-being of landfill workers at risk, you should come up with a different way of disposal. 


In case your mattress doesn’t show signs of wear and tear, and it is less than five years old, you should consider donating it. If it is not suitable to you, it may be of use to someone else. You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to donating. For example, you can ask your friends and relatives if they need a mattress, or you can donate it to charity or the Salvation Army. Many organizations look forward to accepting mattress donations. However, if the lifespan of your mattress has expired, and it shows signs of wear, you shouldn’t donate it. Its weight can double in just a decade due to the collection of dead skin, body sweat, and dust mites, and in this case, you should think of a different way of disposal. 


Recycling is an eco-friendly way of disposal, and it is a great option as most materials inside the mattress are considered recyclable. Some of them include foam, wood, metal springs, and cotton. If you choose this option, you will not only get rid of the old mattress, but you will also help protect the environment. In case your mattress is not suitable for donation, and it is very old, you should contact one of the recycling centers in your area and dispose of it in a proper way. 

Throwing Away 

If the previous two options are unsuitable, you should consider throwing your old mattress away. People usually choose this solution if there is no recycling center in their area. However, getting rid of it is not as easy as leaving it at the side of the road. Most municipal trash collectors won’t accept it because of the weight, as well as the variety of materials that it is made with. If this is the case, you should get in touch with a local sanitation department or contact a dumpster rental company.  

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