Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Mattresses

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If you are like the majority of people, you probably don’t think about your mattress that much unless there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Mattresses are not as boring as they may seem at first glance. The hunk of foam and springs in your bedroom may actually be keeping some interesting secrets from you. Change the way you look at your mattress with these odd and fun facts.

The Most Popular Mattress Type is Least-Liked

Around % of mattress sales in the US are innerspring mattresses. However, although they are sold the most, they are the least liked. A recent survey showed that innerspring beds have the lowest satisfaction ratings.

Only 60% of innerspring mattress owners are completely satisfied with their choice of bed. When it comes to memory foam and latex bedding, more than 80% of consumers are satisfied. Surprisingly, although water beds are not particularly comfortable nor they provide adequate support, 75% of waterbed owners are happy with their choice. The mentioned satisfaction rates have remained relatively stable for the last ten years. However, nowadays, specialty mattresses like memory foam and latex are becoming increasingly popular.

You are Sleeping with Creepy Critters

Don’t fool yourself and think you are sleeping alone. If your mattress is more than seven years old, you are sharing it with millions of dust mites. As this isn’t enough, you also sleep in their excrement.

Apart from mattresses, dust mites live almost anywhere where there are fabrics and carpets. However, their number is increased in more humid environments and places where there are people and pets. These creepy little critters are not particularly dangerous, but they can cause allergies and asthma. To prevent them from sharing your bed with you, it is recommended to get a mattress encasement or another type of bed protector.  Keep in mind that apart from your mattress, dust mites also live in pillows. It is recommended to replace your pillows at least every year and a half. If you have problems with allergies, you should replace your pillows every six months.

Your Mattress Can Be Recycled

If you are thinking about replacing your mattress, you probably haven’t considered what to do with it once you get a new bed. Instead of sending it to a landfill where it will slowly degrade for centuries, consider recycling it. As you know, recycling is a growing industry, and many states and organizations have recently started pushing the development of mattress recycling. Since many mattresses are thrown away every year, recycling them would significantly help reduce waste. For now, California, Rhode Island and Connecticut have laws that require from you to recycle your old mattress. We hope more countries will pass these laws in the future.

So, how are mattresses exactly recycled? Innerspring types can be repurposed, while beds that contain wood and fibers can be used as a fuel source. Foam and latex types can be recycled for use in padding and similar applications.

If your mattress is still in decent shape, you should consider reselling or donating it. Everything is a better option than simply throwing it away.

A Mattress is a Go-To Spot for Thieves

You have definitely heard the saying of hiding money under the mattress. Well, so have home burglars and thieves! Statistics show that home thieves will always look for hidden money and other valuable possessions under your bed.

So, if you have been keeping money under your bed, you should consider storing them in some less suspicious and safer places such as a bank. Burying money outside or in potted plants is also not a good idea. Also, sleeping on piles of cash is not good for your back.

Mattresses Were Supported By Ropes

Nowadays, our mattresses rest on box springs, platforms and other types of foundations. However, in the past, our beds were actually supported by ropes stretched across wood frames. Once you have learned this, you probably understand the meaning of the phrase “sleep tight” better. The phrase originated from a period when people regularly had to tighten the ropes of their bed. If not, their mattress would start sagging.

Mattresses Must Be Flame-Proof

In 2007, a federal law was passed that all mattresses must meet flammability guidelines in order to be sold in the United States. Simply put, all beds must be flameproof or able to withstand an open flame for 30 seconds.

The law was enacted because mattress fires were a common occurrence in the US. The main culprits for these fires were cigarettes and candles. The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimated that this mattresses meeting these requirements save more than 280 lives and 1300 injuries every year.

Apart from achieving flameproofing, mattress manufacturers also tend to use safer chemicals, fabric barriers as well as some greener bed manufacturing methods.

Mattress Dominoes is a Legitimate World Record Category

Have you ever heard about mattress dominoes? Mattress dominoes is an actual record maintained by Guinness. It involves lining mattresses and people up as you would do with dominoes and tipping one over.

The current record is 1001 mattresses and people. The record was set by volunteers in Shanghai in 2012. The American record was 850 human mattress dominoes set by La Quinta volunteers in New Orleans.


You Sweat and Shed All Over Your Bed at Night

Your mattress, apart from being filled with dust mites, is also packed with your shed skin cells and sweat. An average adult sheds more than a million of skin cells a day. Since we spend around a third of our day in bed, most of it will end up in our mattresses. We also sweat while sleeping, so our bed is filled with body fluids as well.

If you are a hot sleeper who sweats a lot, you should consider sleeping a memory foam or latex mattress that can cool your body down. Also, make sure your room is not too hot. The healthiest is to sleep in a moderately cold bedroom. To keep your mattress clean and safe protected from dust mites, sweat and shed skin, it is best to use a protective mattress cover. Bedding should also be regularly washed to keep your bed in a clean and healthy condition.

An Unmade Bed May Be Healthier

You had always been told to make your bed in the morning. Although making your bed is desirable to make your room look a little better, a study from Kingston University found out that leaving your bed unmade is a bit healthier. The study suggests that when you make your bed and cover it, you are actually trapping sweat and moisture. This is actually an ideal environment for dust mites to reproduce. To kill the critters, leave your mattress exposed in the morning for a few hours to dry out. Also, expose sheets to sunlight and fresh air half an hour before making the bed.


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