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Before you go to sleep, there are some things that you need to know. Some activities need to be avoided when in the bedroom as they can have very dangerous consequences. Find out more about things that you shouldn’t do in bed if you want to remain safe and avoid potential dangers.  

  • Don’t smoke in bed – It is one of the most important things to avoid. If you smoke in bed, you may fall asleep with a cigarette in your hand, and cause bedroom fire. Someone could get severely burned or worse in this case if you don’t wake up on time. If you feel sleepy, stay away from cigarettes until the morning. Don’t put your and your partner’s well-being in jeopardy just because you are in need of a smoke. 
  • Don’t use candles in your bedroom – If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, of course, candles are allowed. They can turn the entire room into a romantic getaway. There is nothing wrong with trying to surprise your partner with this pleasant gest. However, don’t leave the candles unattended if they are lighted. If you and your partner are hungry or want to take a bath, make sure to blow out all candles before leaving the bedroom. The same applies if you are close to falling asleep. Sleeping with lighted candles is something that you should never do as you can set your bedroom or even the entire house on fire. No matter how romantic they may be, don’t forget that candles represent a potential severe danger.  
  • Be careful where you place your space heater – Many people use space heaters when they are cold and want to bring up the temperature in the room a bit. It is an especially popular solution during cold winter months. When the temperature is below zero outside, you surely have the need for a warm and cozy space. Using a space heater will keep you cozy and comfortable. However, never place them near flammable items, such as mattresses. Also, you shouldn’t leave them turned on if you don’t plan to be in the same room while they are working. When you buy a space heater, make sure to read all warnings and instructions from manufacturers before using it. 
  • Your baby belongs in a crib – If you are a new parent, you probably have a hard time letting go of the newborn. Most parents can recognize themselves in this, especially mothers. However, no matter how difficult it may be to spend some time apart, your baby should rest in a crib. Never let it sleep in an adult bed, as newborns can suffocate or be strangled if they get trapped between a mattress and a bed frame. It is just not worth the risk, especially when you can just put a crib a few feet from your bed. Also, if you are very sleepy, and playing with your baby on the bed, put your newborn in a crib to sleep. Don’t risk falling asleep and rolling over your newborn as you will never be able to forgive yourself in case of injuries.  
  • Dispose of plastic wrapping immediately – if you buy a new bed or a mattress, it will probably arrive wrapped in plastic for its protection from potential damage during the transport. Make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible. Sometimes, adults get overwhelmed and happy because of the new sleeping surface, and they forget the dangers of plastic wrapping laying around on the floor. If you are a parent, your child can get entangled and suffocate. The same can happen if you have a pet, especially a dog that tends to chew everything it can put the paws on. If your pet swallows plastic wrapping, the chance of potential suffocation is high. Be careful and never forget to dispose of plastic wrapping properly, and in a timely manner. 


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