If you don’t wake up every morning refreshed and relaxed, and it always seems as your day starts getting up on the wrong side of the bed, it is time for a bedroom makeover. If you transform your bedroom into a welcoming and comfortable place for sleeping, you will not only gift yourself better sleep, but you will also ensure that each time you wake up, your day is off to a great start. Learn how to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

Making a Plan

Before rushing out to the furniture store, organize your thoughts and put some of your ideas for a bedroom makeover on paper. Determine your budget and strictly stick to it. Consider the colors, fabrics and furniture would like to buy and why. If you spend a great night’s sleep at a hotel, try to identify why was sleeping there so great. Try to incorporate that atmosphere into your own bedroom. Think about how your ideal bedroom looks like and what feeling it should evoke. Lastly, describe how you want your bed to feel.

Choose Proper Lighting

Natural lighting: Although your bedroom should be used only for sleeping, it should be completely dark. During the day, you must ensure your sleeping space is bright and cheerful. To do this, you need large windows that let the sunshine in, but you should also get room-darkening blinds or drapes that will give your room a peaceful darkness for sleep when you need it.

Electronics: Light coming from electronic devices such as TVs, phones, alarm clocks and similar can disturb your sleep during the night, so make sure you turn them off or at least strategically place them so they don’t bother you.

Lighting: Choose light bulb wattage for your bedroom that offers gentle or ambient light. You don’t need a bright light as you do in your office. Lower wattages, around 45 to 50 watts, are perfect creating the perfect sleeping atmosphere. They are also great for reading in bed. If you need brighter light in your bedroom, opt for dimmer switches that help you control brightness as you need it.

Get the Right Bed

Your bed is the most important parts of your bedroom and it must be comfortable and designed to meet your needs. Without a quality mattress, you can never sleep quality at night, so consider replacing your mattress as a part of bedroom makeover if it’s older than seven years, too small for you and your partner, and if you wake up in pain and discomfort. The fact you had slept better somewhere else rather than your own bed indicates you need a mattress replacement.

If you decided to get a new mattress, remember that quality counts and you must opt only for the beds and pillows that will really meet your needs. The mattress you choose must keep your spine properly aligned and provide you comfort. If you sleep with your partner, you must get the right size – a queen- or king-size mattress.

Eliminate Noise

In order to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, you need to eliminate or reduce all irritating noises. Noise coming from phones and gadgets can disturb your sleep so make sure you silence them before going to bed. If you have troubles sleeping due to some noise, white noise may help you – try turning on a fan, air purifier or even a small fountain. These white noises will help block other irritating sounds and help you fall asleep faster. Playing silent and calming music may also help.

If you sleep with a partner that snores, and decongestants and similar staff don’t help, you will have to visit a sleep specialist.

Set the Right Temperature

A bedroom that is too warm or too cold will disrupt sleep. Research shows that ideal temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to set the temperature properly is to add a programmable thermostat to your bedroom.

Have in mind that when it comes to bedroom makeovers, less is more. Not only that multiple pillows, duvets and other accessories will make your bedroom look tasteless, but it will also disturb your sleep. Get only the accessories you really need. If you want to buy a bunch of pillows, make sure you remove them every night before going to bed.

Choose Your Colors

The colors you choose will set the tone and the mood of your bedroom. Stay away from bold and bright color because they have a stimulating effect on our mind. Instead of that, you should look for colors that help you relax. Neutral colors and pastels are the best choices.  If your room is small and you want to make it bigger, choose lighter colors. If you want your room to appear smaller and intimate, choose darker colors. Splashes of color are only allowed with décor and bedding.

Get the Best Materials

The materials you choose can significantly affect the quality of your sleep at night. When it comes to sheets and pillowcases, test different materials and opt for the one that is most comfortable and appealing to you. The materials should be soft and cold to touch. If you plan to add a rug to the bedroom, add one that will really feel good to your feet.

Décor Details

You don’t need a lot of details to create a perfect bedroom that is comfortable and welcoming. Clutter can cause stress and discomfort, so make sure you avoid it by keeping your accessories to a minimum. You need to add details that will create a calming environment. Adding a meaningful photography and fresh plant will be enough to make your bedroom a happier and healthier place to sleep.