Best Cribs for Kids in 2019

A crib is a baby’s first bed, and parents are in charge of making the right choice. If you are a parent, you should choose one of the best cribs for kids you can find. Counting Sheep’s buying guide is based on extensive analysis and research, and verified customer reviews. Take a look at our guide if you need help choosing the right crib.

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From the day when they arrive on this world, babies spend the majority of their first two to three years in a crib, and approximately oversleep half of their day. A crib is baby’s first bed, and since at that age they are not aware of what is right or wrong for them, parents are in charge of making all the choices. However, parents can often be indecisive, especially if they are shopping for their first child. Sometimes they overthink and have all those questions on their mind, such as, which crib is the safest, what is the best crib to buy, etc. Well, it is pretty simple because babies at that age do not ask for much. You know how they say, small children – small problems. We are going to help you and point out on which things you should pay attention to, and make a few suggestions for the safest cribs on the market.

Since 2011 all cribs must meet the newest safety standards prescribed by CSPC, so when it comes to crib shopping, you may want to skip thrift shopping or family borrows. Here are some tips on what features you should focus on:

Counting Sheep’s 4 Best Cribs

  1.   Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 Convertible Crib
  2.   Storkcraft Pacific Convertible Crib
  3.   Carter’s by Davinci Colby Convertible Crib
  4.   Babyletto Hudson Crib


Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 Convertible Crib


Our first choice, the Davinci Kalani Convertible Crib, has a simple yet classic design, it resembles old fashioned wooden cribs, and it seems trustworthy. This model is not only pretty affordable in comparison to the other cribs, but extremely functional as well, and will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Not only it offers four mattress positions, but four bed options too, which means that this crib will truly follow your child’s growth and adjust to it.


This versatile crib is built out of 100% sustainable pine wood from New Zealand, and it can be converted into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed, but the conversion kits are sold separately. It is available in seven different colors, all finished with non-toxic painting process, phthalate and lead safe. Like many other convertible cribs, the Kalani takes up a bit more space once it is assembled (54.4 x 35 x 41.9 inches), but it has some extra space underneath it which can be used as a drawer or storage. If you decide to assemble it yourself, do it in a room where you plan to keep it because once it’s constructed, it will probably not fit through standard doorways.

While the majority of cribs offer two or three height settings, the Kalani comes with four different height options, which will make it easy for parents to reach into the crib regardless of their height. As the baby’s safety is the primary concern when it comes to cribs, one of the things that parents should pay attention to are the slats. Wide gaps between the slats can be potentially harmful to baby’s toes, or other body parts that can get stuck in, that is why the slats on this crib are 2 ½ inches apart, which is within the prescribed maximum of 2 ⅜  inches. The sides of this crib are fixed, in compliance with safety standards prescribed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

All in all, if you are looking for a crib that your child will not outgrow in a few months, then this highly versatile crib is the perfect choice for a reasonable price.

Storkcraft Pacific Convertible Crib


One of the most affordable cribs with solid and quality construction is the Storkcraft Pacific Crib which is also 4 in 1 with conversion kits for each phase sold separately. Its clean lines and simple design correspond to contemporary style and will fit perfectly into any nursery room decor.


This inexpensive crib comes with three positions for adjusting the mattress support base, and a low profile for easy access to the baby. It converts into a toddler bed (toddler guardrails sold apart), daybed and full-size bed (metal bed frames sold separately) so that this crib can grow with your child. Even with the costs of all the additional parts for the conversion, this crib stays one of the most affordable models on the market. The crib is made from pine wood and composites, and it comes in various non-toxic finishes. Its dimensions are 53.75 x 29.25 x 33.5 inches, and the company created a 3D video tutorial for crib assembling, you can check it out for free on the BILT app.

Maximal child height for the crib stage is 35 inches, while the maximal weight for daybed and toddler bed stages is 50 pounds. The crib itself weighs 44 pounds, and it’s certified by JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and meets all the CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Sleek and modern design is backed up with high-quality construction, so we highly recommend this convertible crib.

Carter’s by Davinci Colby Convertible Crib


Another top model from the Davinci company is their Colby Convertible Crib, which does not stay behind the other convertible cribs. The mattress platform has four height options, and the crib can get converted into a toddler bed, daybed, or full-size bed. Although most of the conversion kits are sold separately, this model is not among the expensive ones, and even with the additional kits, it would not break your bank. Underneath the crib is a spacious built-in drawer which is a convenient solution and provides necessary storage space.


It is designed to be simple yet elegant so that it can easily blend in with the rest of the furniture and color scheme in the baby’s room. The color range is limited to white and grey, and you can go for either a monochromatic finish or for the combination of those two colors (grey crib with white slates). All finishes are executed with multiple non-toxic painting processes, and they are phthalate and lead safe. Many paints sold nowadays contain chemicals that are harmful to children and adults. When kids are teething, they tend to try biting everything around them, so if the child goes for the slats, there is no real danger for its health. The construction is made out of the combination of TSCA compliant recycled wood fireboard and sustainably harvested pine wood from New Zealand.

When assembled, the dimensions of this crib are 55.83 x 30 x 36 inches, and its weight is 60 lbs, and the slat strength is 135 lbs. It is recommended to stop using it as a crib once your child starts to climb or reaches 35 inches. For a toddler bed, the maximum recommended weight is 50 lbs, and for a full-size bed, it is 500 lbs.

The CPSC and ASTM international safety standards are fulfilled, and the company has delivered one more piece of furniture that has a balance between high-quality and the price.


Babyletto Hudson Crib


After presenting you some really great and affordable cribs, our next choice is going to be on the pricier side. Babyletto Hudson Crib has modern retro appearance and charm, and it comes in various colors and two tones. Unlike the majority of the models on the market, this one comes with included conversion hardware. However, although the Hudson crib comes with four mattress positions, it does not have four stages of conversion. This model is a 3 in 1 crib, and it can be transformed only into toddler bed and daybed, but the company offers the possibility for an additional, optional transformation into a junior bed with a conversion kit which is sold apart.


To enhance its modern silhouette the company used rounded spindles and mingled pastel and deep shades. Due to the fact that the spindles are set on all four sides of the crib, you can always have an eye on your child, because there is nothing to hinder your view of the baby. The mechanism with four mattress height stages is excellent for parents who are short stature, but it is not the best idea to leave your toddler alone on the highest mattress setting because they can climb, fall over and hurt themselves. When it comes to safety issues, the paint they used for the finish is safe and phthalate free, this crib is JPMA certified and meets all the CPSC and ASTM standards.

As this crib is meant to grow with your child, it is important that is durable and well made, that is why the company uses New Zealand pine wood as it is much more robust than the average pine. Constructing this crib is very simple, and there are only a few tools that will do all the work. Keep in mind that the bottom of the legs can scratch wooden floors because they are unprotected. A proper time to convert the Hudson crib into a toddler bed is when your child reaches 35 inches or starts climbing, the toddler bed can stand up to 50 lbs, and the assembled dimensions are 53.62 x 29.62 x 34.87 inches.

When you have in mind that this crib comes with conversion hardware, it can be a great one-time investment that will save your time and money, because the vast majority of the more affordable cribs do not include these kits and sometimes they can cost a lot. That is why this crib belongs among the best convertible cribs on the market.

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