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Looking for a knee pillow for pain relief and better sleep? Check out Counting Sheep’s list of top knees pillows of the year!

There is a large number of people who prefer to sleep with multiple pillows, such as to place one beneath their head and another under or between their legs. Some who sleep with only one tend to change positions during the night, and that pillow ends up beside them or beneath their legs. This is due to persons’ natural need to align their body properly. That is why most pillow manufacturers today make special pillow types called knee pillows. They completely change your body alignment, and have several benefits, from protecting your spine or knee joints to providing healthier sleep. 

There are few different shapes of knee pillows, each with a different role. Most prominent are hourglass shaped pillows which are placed between your knees, and wedge-shaped which should be below your knees. Hourglass ones are best for side sleepers, while the wedge shaped ones are for back sleepers. They can be made from various materials, but most are memory foam pillows.

There are many advantages to owning a knee pillow and several important factors you should know if you decide to make a purchase. Read on to find more about them and what we consider to be the best models on the market.

Benefits of Using a Knee Pillow 

Using a knee pillow while sleeping has many advantages. We have listed various reasons why using a knee pillow can be good for you.

Benefits of using a knee pillow:

  • More comfortable and rewarding sleep.
  • Suitable for every sleep position
  • It will keep your spine properly aligned during the entire night
  • Improved circulation.
  • Helps to reduce back pain and neck pain
  • Great for pregnant women, as it can help them find a better sleeping position and reduce their back or knee pain.
  • For those suffering from restless legs syndrome, knee pillows can help reduce pain. There are models with knee straps available.
  • Finally, knee pillows are very affordable, as the average price is around $30

Important Factors to Consider

Knowing as much as you can about a product is essential if you want to make a purchase that you will not regret. It can also help you if you can’t make up your mind between several different models. So, if you are thinking about buying a knee pillow, these are some of the most important factors that can affect your decision.

  1. First of all, knee pillows come in a few different shapes. The hourglass shape is the most common one, and it is generally used by side sleepers as it is supposed to be placed between your knees. It helps to keep your spine properly aligned while sleeping. The wedge-shaped model can be half-moon shaped and triangular. Both are supposed to go underneath the knees and are used primarily by back sleepers. Although not designed as knee pillows, body pillows are often used as such. They are larger than the previous two, usually, the length of the persons’ body and are considerably wider as well. When the lower part is placed between the knees, it can help relieve the pressure from the spine and keep the body in a better position. 
  2. Knee pillows are considerably smaller and lighter than standard ones. Size of an average model is around ten inches wide, and its thickness is between four and six inches. Its usual weight is around one pound, but there are even lighter examples.
  3. When it comes to their material and firmness, they are similar to standard pillows. They are generally filled with either memory foam or polyfoam. Standard models are Firm or Medium Firm.
  4. Personal preferences are also important. If you are a hot sleeper you should avoid memory foam, and opt for cotton. If you often feel chilly during the night, synthetic material will keep you warmer than natural ones. 
  5. Your weight is a vital factor, as well. Thicker knee pillows are better for heavier sleepers, as opposed to lightweight types which usually sleep more comfortable with thinner models.
  6. If you are not sure whether to buy this product, many models have a trial period with a full refund. Also, many knee pillows come with a warranty, and if they have some faults, you will receive a new one. If products have a trial period and warranty, it shows that the sellers are confident with these products.

Reviews of the Best Knee Pillows

After learning more about important factors when purchasing a knee pillow, check out our list of best knee pillows available on the market. No matter if you want a model that offers increased comfort or provides relief from pressure and pain, our top recommendations will help you make the right choice.

AbcoSport Knee Pillow

AbcoSport Knee Pillow is a high-quality pillow made from 100% Visco-elastic memory foam. It is very comfortable, and contains quality materials that won’t irritate your skin. Since it is a little firmer than average, this model is great for sleepers in heavier weight groups and pregnant women. It will also help keep your body aligned, reducing any back pain you might have, and improving blood circulation. Furthermore, if you are suffering from sore muscles or pressure in your knee joints, this pillow will help alleviate those problems. By keeping your body in a correct position, it will help you sleep better and wake up refreshed. Its cover is hypoallergenic and can be removed for easy cleaning. You can either machine wash it or do it by hand. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like this product, you can return it and get a full refund. All online orders have free shipping.


  • Visco-elastic memory foam
  • Hourglass shape that is great for side sleepers
  • Perfect for those in heavyweight groups
  • Reduces back and leg pain
  • Two colors available
  • Free shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

If you are uncomfortable with firmer pillows, but suffer from hip, back or knee pain, ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow is for you. With its high-density foam core, this model is both soft and strong enough to keep your body aligned. It is also considerably lighter than other pillows with the same purpose. Thanks to these characteristics, this knee pillow will work great for sleepers in any weight group. Its cover is made from a breathable material which will prevent the pillow from getting warm. Furthermore, the cover is zippered and can be removed easily. When it comes to cleaning, standard machine-washing is all that is required. If you buy this product and don’t like it you will get a full refund, no questions asked.


  • Provides excellent comfort and support for sleepers in all weight groups
  • Offers pain relief
  • Cooling cover that is easy to clean
  • Full refund if you are not satisfied

Aeris Knee Pillow

This memory foam knee pillow looks and performs great. Its hourglass shape is designed to keep your legs, hips, and spine aligned, reducing your pain and helping you retain proper posture. In fact, the seller is so confident in this product that you will get a full refund if your sciatica or hip pain is not relieved significantly. It is intentionally made to be smaller than standard pillows so you can move it around easily while you are looking for a perfect position to sleep in. 

Aeris Knee Pillow has a textured, bamboo cover that is hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable. Additionally, it has a lemon scent that reduces any potential odor. This cover can be removed and easily machine-washed. If you make a purchase online that is over 25$ dollars you will get free shipping as well.


  • Hypoallergenic cover made from natural materials
  • Guaranteed pain relief backed by a full refund
  • Perfect for side sleepers and pregnant women
  • Very light
  • Removable cover that is easy to wash

Cushy Form Half-Moon Wedge Knee Pillow

If you are a back sleeper, this is one of the best wedge-shaped knee pillows. Its cotton cover is entirely organic and breathable. It is also filled with high-density memory foam, which adds comfort to this pillow, and offers pain relief. This pillow will keep your body in a proper position while lying on your back, and it will also improve your blood circulation. Cushy Form Half-Moon Wedge Knee Pillow is also great for those recovering from injuries or suffering from varicose veins. Its high-quality design results in superb durability, and you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with its performance.


  • Natural, organic cotton cover
  • High-density memory foam that provides great support
  • Perfect for back sleepers in any weight group
  • Pain relief


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