Guide For Buying The Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Looking for the best mattress for hot sleepers? We got you covered! In Counting Sheep’s guide you can check out our top picks and essential mattress buying considerations for hot sleepers.

A very common issue that adult sleepers experience is sleeping hot. When we sleep, our body temperature is lower than usual. The heat we lose while sleeping goes directly to the mattress, and the whole bed, together with the cover and the sheets, absorbs the heat. Some people give off less body heat than others, and there are those who give off more. The ones that give off more heat tend to sleep hotter than the average sleeper. Because of that, a mattress plays a significant role in your sleep.

Specific models absorb more heat from the body, which makes the bed extremely warm while you sleep in it. However, some models hold less body heat and have excellent air circulation, which gives the sleeper the perfect cooling feeling.

To help you improve your sleep, we have prepared a guide with our recommendations for the best mattress for warm sleepers as well as some essential sleep tips.

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers:

  1. The New Purple
  2. Allswell Luxe Hybrid
  3. The WinkBed Plus
  4. Saatva
  5. Avocado Green
  6. Brooklyn Aurora


The New Purple


  • Multiple firmness options (4.5, 5.5, 6.5)
  • 100-day sleep trial
  • 120-month warranty
  • Innovative hybrid construction
  • Good pressure relief
  • Close conforming  to the body

The newly introduced New Purple Mattress is a unique hybrid luxury model that has a wide range of features and benefits.

All of Purple’s product use the Smart Grid for the best comfort you can get. Along with the polymer Smart Grid, the comfort layers of the bed contain buckling-column gel. These materials provide sleepers excellent pressure relief, good conforming and motion isolation that any of latex and memory foam model on the market have. Because the Smart grid is very durable, the mattress has a long lifespan. The pocketed coils in the support core give robust edge support to the bed and make no noise.


This product is one of the best hybrid mattresses and the best luxury mattress model. The model is perfect for side and back sleepers of all weight groups (heavy, average, light) that sleep hot and for individuals that suffer from back or hip pain. The New Purple is available in three firmness settings – ‘Medium Soft’ (4.5), ‘Medium’ (5.5) and ‘Medium Firm’ (6.5), and in three thickness profiles –  two, three or four inches. And of course, the price depends on how you customize the mattress, which firmness and thickness you choose. But, it is important to note that the price is more suitable for buyers with a bigger budget. However, you have a 120-month warranty with a 100-day sleep trial and free shipping for the U.S.

Allswell Luxe Hybrid


  • Firm (7)
  • 120-day sleep trial
  • 120-month warranty
  • Cooling phase-change cover
  • Strong edge support

If you are looking for the best value mattress for hot sleeping, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid bed would be a great choice. You might have known this model as the Luxe Classic Firmer model. The bed rates as a 7 on the firmness scale and apart from having a great design, also has excellent temperature neutrality.

The cover of the mattress is made from quilted memory and super soft foam, which will give a nice cooling feeling to the sleeper and provide immediate pressure relief. The layer below the cover is made from Airflow Foam, a material similar to memory foam. This material has a slow response to pressure and it provides the ideal amount of sinkage and contouring. Between the comfort layer and the support layer is a transition layer made from soft polyfoam. The support layer is at the bottom of the mattress. The layer contains individually wrapped pocketed coils that are responsible for the excellent airflow and motion isolation.

The price of the Allswell Luxe Hybrid is much lower than the price of the average hybrid model. Allswell has free delivery for all of its products for any location in the U.S. There is also White Glove delivery available, with the option to have the old mattress removed from your home and the new one assembled. The product is beneficial for people with more than 230 pounds who sleep on their back and stomach, and for lighter sleepers who like their beds to be firmer.

The WinkBed Plus


  • Medium Firm (6.5)
  • 120-day sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good motion isolation
  • Good responsiveness
  • Great pain and pressure relief
  • Close conforming and pressure relief

Heavyweight individuals have a difficult time finding the proper bed to fit their needs. Soft beds tend to sink excessively, which causes pain to people with above-average weight. The WinkBed Plus was designed to provide heavier sleepers a more comfortable sleep. The bed’s hybrid design is made to help pressure relief and body support, but not at the price of comfort.


The cover of the bed is made from a combination of a soft fabric and Tencel. Tencel is a plant-based material known for its cooling properties and the ability to wick moisture. It is also quilted with polyfoam to give immediate and proper comfort. Underneath is the support layer that contains a pocketed system of individually wrapped coils. This layer contributes to the bounce of the bed and its ability to lift the sleeper from the mattress, which prevents sinkage. On top of that, the pocketed coils contribute to the bed’s excellent motion isolation. They help keep a flat surface and disperse movement equally throughout the whole bed. The WinkBed Plus mattress also has edge support with an additional layer of high-density polyfoam around the coils, as a reinforcement to the structure of the bed. The support core is made from pocketed coils and polyfoam encasement. The bed also has an additional cotton lumbar pad that provides additional support to the most critical areas.

The WinkBed Plus is a Medium Firm (6.5) luxury mattress and one of the best latex mattresses available. The bed also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 120-day sleep trial. Free shipping is available anywhere in the U.S. The model is very suitable for all types of sleepers (stomach, side, back, combination) in the average and heavyweight groups, individuals that prefer more responsive surfaces and those who suffer from back pain.



  • Multiple firmness options (4, 6, 7.5)
  • 120-day sleep trial
  • 180-month warranty
  • Strong and durable support system
  • Great responsiveness
  • Good bounciness

The environmentally-friendly company Saatva offers a wide range of eco-friendly products made from natural materials. Among their products, they have one of the best innerspring mattresses that always keeps the sleep surface cool.

Saatva mattress has a quilted cover made from entirely organic cotton. The cotton makes the entire bed very soft and breathable while providing additional pressure relief on the most important parts of the body. This cover also enables airflow that will help with cooling the body. The comfort system is made from a pocketed coil layer that is mixed with the Bonnell spring support core, creating a perfectly flat, but bouncy surface with minimal sinking. These Bonnell springs are in charge of keeping of reinforcing the edges for minimal sinkage. The support layer, located at the bottom of the mattress, has individually wrapped steel coils that give the bed better responsiveness and good motion isolation. The base layer of the model is made from high-density poly foam on which the coil support layer is placed. This layer also provides support to all of the layers above and for the sleeper.


A bouncy bed with a cool surface makes it easy for getting in and out, and moving around, without bothering your sleep partner. The model is very suitable for all types of sleepers (stomach, side, back, combination sleepers) in the average and heavyweight groups, individuals that suffer from back pain and prefer beds with thicker-than-average profiles. The mattress is very customizable with three different firmness settings – Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), and Firm (7.5) made for sleepers of all weight groups that have different preferences. For all of their products, Saatva has White Glove delivery available for any location in the U.S. White Glove delivery includes in-home bed assembly and old mattress removal. Along with that, the mattress’ warranty of 180-months is much longer than any average mattress warranty. Lastly, Saatva comes with a 120-day sleep trial.

Avocado Green


  • Multiple firmness options (5.5, 6.5)
  • 100-day sleep trial
  • 240-month warranty
  • Great motion isolation
  • Good conforming to the body
  • Zoned coils that provide strong edge support

If you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress made from organic materials that is also suitable for hot sleepers, the Avocado Green is a great choice. This latex hybrid mattress is available in the two most popular firmness options available on the market: Medium (5.5) and Medium Firm (6.5).


Like we mentioned, the entire bed is made from natural materials which will enable you to sleep fairly cool. The comfort layers contain a combination of natural organic New Zealand wool and Dunlop latex. These natural materials provide good pressure relief and conforming for your body. There are extra layers of latex that cover the pocketed coils in the support core. The pocketed coils give excellent support because of their zoned configuration. This configuration includes higher-gauge and thinner coils that cover the perimeter of the bed and lower-gauge and higher-gauge coils that cover the center. All of these coils are aimed at supporting the heavier parts of the body. The whole mattress provides quality cushioning and support, has good motion isolation, and makes minimal noise.

The bed has free shipping available anywhere in the U.S. and a 240-month warranty with a 100-day sleep trial period to try out the mattress. For an extra cost, you also have the option to have the old mattress removed from your home and the new one assembled with the White Glove Delivery.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora


  • Firm (7)
  • 100-day sleep trial
  • 120-month warranty
  • Great support
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Sleeps cool and comfortable for most

Certain mattresses have covers that improve temperature neutrality. One of those models is the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress. The unique cover of the bed absorbs body heat until it reaches a specific temperature, ensuring you sleep cool during the entire night.

The cover is made from a stretchy combination of Rayon, Polyester, and phase change material. This combination is in charge of temperature regulation, making it cool to the touch. The thin cover also helps with the breathability of the mattress. Below is a comfort layer made of medium TitanFlex foam. This type of foam is Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary foam that feels like latex but is more breathable and durable. This soft comfort layer gives pressure relief, with a quick response to pressure that will not make you feel stuck in the bed. The compression layer, located under, is made from medium-firm TitanFlex foam. Before the support layer, there is a transitional layer in charge of limiting motion transfer. The support layer has eight inch individually wrapped pocketed coils. The coils additionally help with temperature regulation and create a cooling feeling on the sleeping surface.


The Brooklyn Aurora is a more suitable option for shoppers with bigger budgets with its high price. However, the price is lower than the average price of a hybrid model. The model also has a 120-month warranty with a 100-day sleep trial period. There is also free shipping available in the U.S. The model is very suitable for all types of sleepers (stomach, side, back, combination) in all weight groups (heavy, average, light), individuals that have poor circulation and couples.

Mattresses Guide for Hot Sleepers

You may think that sleeping hot is not a big issue. However,  roughly 1 in 10 adults have this problem. Too much warmth at night causes poor sleep quality, which reflects on your activities. Poor sleep affects your cognitive performance, leads to tiredness during the day and lack of focus, which disturbs your daily life and routine. To avoid that, people who sleep hot need a cool sleep surface to regulate their temperature. Certain types of mattresses hold very little body heat allowing you to sleep cool. However, some models trap heat, causing you to sleep hot. You may think that some types of mattresses sleep either warm or cool, but there are many factors that influence the temperature neutrality. Among the most critical factors are the firmness settings, comfort layers and the support core of the model. Additionally, the height and weight of the sleeper also influence the temperature neutrality, as well as your bedroom environment.

In this part of the article, we will discuss the most common causes of sleeping hot. We will take a look at the best and worst mattresses for individuals that sleep hot. Lastly, we will recommend some strategies and products that you help deal with this problem.

Factors that Impact Your Sleep

Two essential factors that impact sleeping temperature are the firmness of a mattress and the weight of the sleeper.

The firmness level of a mattress can directly impact your sleep. Firmness is how firm, or soft, the bed feels to a sleeper. Many brands offer products with multiple firmness levels to choose from, while others offer just one level. A firmness level is measured on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the least firm level and 10 being the firmest level. Most of the mattresses available on the market today are between a 3 (Soft) and an 8 (Firm). Mattresses that have a firmness level below 5 (Medium) tend to sink under your body and give you a cradle-shaped feeling. The Medium and softer firmness models have advantages like motion isolation and pressure relief. However, because of the deep conforming, these models can also restrict the air circulation of the whole mattress and create a heat trap for your body. The models that have a firmness level between 6 (Medium Firm) and 8 (Firm) do not conform deeply to your body, but they do sleep much cooler than the softer models.

The weight of the person also impacts the temperature neutrality of a mattress. Individuals with more weight tend to give off more heat from their bodies and sleep warmer. There are two reasons for this – the first one is that heavier people use more energy to move in bed, and by doing so, they elevate their body temperature. The second reason is that heavier individuals sink more into the mattress than lighter people do, basically ending up in a heat trap.

The truth is that anybody who sleeps hot will feel comfortable if they are sleeping on a mattress that is rated 6 or higher on the firmness scale, especially sleepers with more than 200 pounds of weight.

Materials Used in Mattresses that Sleep Hot or Cool

The ideal mattress for people that sleep hot needs to be made from the right components that will keep the sleeping surface cool during the night. There are many components located in the comfort and support layers that can affect the temperature neutrality of the bed.

Coils and springs: The model that contain coils and springs are the traditional mattress types that are still available on the market today. The innerspring types are considered as the most cooling sleeping option because they absorb only a small amount of body heat. The support cores of the innersprings are made from evenly spaced steel springs and coils. They are in charge of providing equal weight distribution and support. The best models are the ones that have individually wrapped coils, or all of them connected.

Latex: Latex mattresses have at least one latex layer in the comfort layer of the bed. As a material, latex has many qualities. It is a very durable material with good motion isolation. Layers with latex usually have holes and different forms of aeration that provide good air circulation and give the mattress breathability. The material doesn’t create heat or respond to temperature changes. Since it doesn’t absorb heat, the mattress will have the temperature of the room the bed is located. It’s important to note that although latex is an excellent material for those who sleep hot, synthetic latex is not good for hot sleepers as natural latex.

Gel-infused foam: Gel foam is more suitable for hot sleepers than memory foam because gel absorbs a specific amount of body heat before changing its temperature. Although gel is very good at absorbing heat, owner experiences are mostly mixed. Some reviews confirm the heat-absorbing abilities, but others say that they keep the same amount of heat as standard foams. It is because of the gel concentration put in the mattress. Models with more gel tend to sleep cooler. Some models also have beads or other trace gel components that have little effect on the bed’s body heat retention abilities. In addition, there are also specialty foams that can be infused with certain materials. The cooling capabilities of these mattresses depend on the amount of concentration of specialty materials like copper or graphite.

Memory Foam: Memory foam is a bit problematic for individuals who sleep hot. Traditional memory foam models can not properly disperse heat, because they have a high concentration of viscous and elastic properties. Around 10% of people who own memory foam mattresses claim that the material has negative effects on their sleep. This problem happens because memory foam responds to temperature oscillations with conforming. Conforming to the body when the temperature changes lead to the creation of a heat trap. This issue is most common for models that have support cores made from high-density polyfoam.  However, not all memory foam materials are the same. Although open-cell memory foam is considered to be the hottest mattress material, it sleeps cooler due to the improved air circulation. There are also models that have different technology that provides cooling abilities.

Polyfoam: Polyfoam is a synthetically made material that is cooler than any type of memory foam. That is because polyfoam has an open-cell structure with relatively low density. However, it does have a tendency of sleeping cooler than other materials like latex. The polyfoam mattresses usually have a support core made from high-density polyfoam that contributes to the above-average warmth. Convoluted polyfoam within the comfort layer is known for sleeping cooler because of the air channels formed between the grooves in individual layers. There are also types of advanced polyfoams designed specifically to have better regulation of temperature. However, user reviews are mixed, and advanced polyfoam is considered not to be suitable for people who usually sleep hot.

Airbeds: Airbed mattresses have a support core made from air chambers. These air chambers are adjustable and can influence the firmness of the bed. In the comfort layer, the airbed contains either memory foam or polyfoam. However, the cooling properties depend on the thickness of the comfort layer, and not on the material. Comfort layers that are 3″ to 4″ thick are not a good option because they sleep significantly hotter, unlike models with thinner comfort layers.

The Effects of the Mattress Cover on Cooling

Apart from the materials used in the support and comfort layers, the cover of the mattress also has an impact on the temperature regulation and heat retention. We will take a look at the four most common materials used in covers and how they regulate bed temperature.

The first covers we will take a look at are quilted covers. They are usually thick and as a result air circulation is not good. Non-quilted covers are thinner than quilted covers and have better breathability. Additionally, they sleep cooler than other covers as they have fewer materials which means fewer obstacles that get in the way of air circulation of the bed.

Phase change materials (PCM) were made specifically to retain heat from the body until a specific temperature, and when the body reaches it, the cover stops absorbing heat. Because of this, phase-change covers can keep a moderate and steady cool temperature, no matter how much heat is emitted from the sleeper. However, they might not be cool as non-quilted covers, even though many clients claim that these materials are very effective in keeping the heat down while you sleep.

Certain brands advertise their models with covers made from cooling fabrics. Among these cooling fabrics are Celliant® fibers, Lycra® Spandex, and Lyocell. Celliant® fibers are thermo-reactive fibers made with thermoreactive minerals which improve circulation in the body while regulating body temperature during the night. They turn the sleeper’s body heat into infrared light that increases the oxygenation of the body.  With these covers, you will be able to sleep very cool. However, satisfied clients that have tried this cooling fabric have claimed they slept warm, so be sure to try it out. Lycra® Spandex is a highly elastic material commonly used in bras, underwear, and athletic clothing because of its great moisture wicking abilities. It is suitable for individuals that sweat and sleep hot. Performance polyester is similar to Lycra, and it is also used in sports clothing because of its moisture wicking properties. Lyocell is a very thin and lightweight rayon made from cellulose. Cellulose is a natural material made from wood pulp, and it provides a very suitable and cool sleep surface.

Additional Accessories for Sleeping Cool

Apart from researching and choosing the right mattress, individuals who sleep hot can explore additional strategies that will help improve their sleep quality, such as picking the right sheets, the right pillow and using a mattress topper.

A mattress topper is an individual and independent layer of cushioning that you put on the top of a mattress to have additional support, comfort, and softness, or to make the model less firm or less soft. The coolest toppers for hot sleepers are those made from feathers or wool. Memory foam toppers provide the best support, close conforming and excellent spinal alignment, although they sleep hot. Toppers made from fabric/fibers or latex are also very conforming with great support, but unlike memory foam models, they absorb body heat quite well.

Choosing the right pillow is also vital. Wrong pads can lead to poor spinal alignment and cause pain and pressure in the sensitive areas of your body. Pillows are made from natural or synthetic materials. Natural materials that are commonly used are cotton, buckwheat, silk, wool, down or feathers, and common synthetic materials include polyester, memory foam and down alternative.

The thickness of a pillow, also known as loft plays a significant role in your sleep. The right one can help ease aches and pains in sensitive areas, while the inappropriate thickness can have an adverse effect on your body. You will need to consider your weight, the position you sleep in and the firmness of the bed to figure out the proper thickness of the pillow.

Sheets are also a vital part of the bed, and the choices are endless. They can be made from natural fibers or synthetic materials. Natural fibers used in sheets are linen, cotton, hemp, silk, and wool, and they are softer with better breathability than other bed covers. They keep the sleep surface cool, especially linen and long-staple cotton that are known to be incredibly cool. Wool is excellent at wicking moisture away, and its temperature depends on the temperature of the environment you are in so that it can be either cooler or warmer. Sheets made from wool are an excellent choice for year-round temperature regulation.

Synthetic materials typically used in sheets are polyester and rayon, and they are not as breathable as natural fibers. With these, you will sleep warmer than with naturally produced sheets. However, some synthetics materials, like polyester microfibers have excellent moisture wicking that also lowers the temperature of your body. Apart from natural and synthetic materials, certain sheet fabrics can be made from a blend of these two, such as bamboo viscose. It is made from cellulose and bamboo fabric and may contain chemical ingredients. Fabrics like this can sleep very cool, although in the majority of cases natural-fiber sheets are better because they sleep somewhat cooler.

Sleep Trial and Warranty Considerations

When you purchase a mattress, you get a warranty that may or may not include a trial period. Different brands give different sleep trials and warranty coverages. These are essential factors for buying a new bed.

Sleep trial is a period (typically 90 to 120 days) during which you can test out the new mattress in your home. Most products have to be used at least 30 days to be properly broken in, and that’s what sleep trials are for. During this period, you can test out your new mattress to see if it meets your needs and preferences and if you are not satisfied, you can either return it for a full or partial refund or change it for a different model.

Mattresses also have warranties that classify a model as a defect if it has a certain amount of sagging and indentations. If you sleep hot, you should do your research and determine what the warranty includes. The warranties are divided into entirely non-prorated, or just non-prorated and prorated. Entirely non-prorated means that you don’t have to pay extra to repair or replace the defective model and non-prorated and prorated warranties mean that you have to pay a certain percentage of the price to repair or replace the product.

The average lifespan of a mattress is six years, but many can last eight or nine before they need to be replaced. Also, some mattresses start to sag and get indentations after a few years. 10 years of non-prorated warranty coverage is an ideal option.


It is crucial to find solutions that will help you and your partner, if you have one, to minimize the sleep problems that you have. The ideal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 72 degrees, but of course, it can vary from person to person. To stop sleeping hot, you need to find a mattress that will maintain this temperature.

Additionally, you need to consider a few things. Heavyweight sleepers usually sleep hotter than those below 230 pounds. Medium Firm and Firm mattresses sleep cooler than those with lower firmness settings because they do not conform closely to the body and there are no heat traps. As for materials, latex models sleep cool, especially if they have holes that improve air circulation. However, synthetic and blended latex is warmer than regular latex. Memory foam infused with gel, copper, graphite, or any other specialty material may not sleep cooler, despite the advertisements. Higher concentrations of these materials create cooler sleep surfaces. Polyfoam models sleep cooler than memory foam models because of the less dense layers. Convoluted and open-cell polyfoams have the best cooling ability. Innerspring models sleep cooler because of the improved air circulation they offer with their support cores with springs, and the same goes for hybrids and their support cores with coils. The temperature regulation of the airbeds depends on the comfort layer and its thickness. The optimal choice is less than 3 inches because models with more inches sleep much warmer. The thinner the layer the better the airflow.

Covers are also critical for temperature regulation. Thinner non-quilted covers are better for hot sleepers than thicker quilted covers. Covers made from cooling fabrics or phase-change material are better at regulating the temperature of the mattress. Sheets and pillows are also vital. Sheets made with natural fibers sleep cooler and have excellent breathability whereas synthetic sheets often retain heat, and the same applies for pillows. Pillows made from feathers, buckwheat, latex, down or natural fibers sleep much cooler than those made from polyester or memory foam.

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