Many people focus too much on choosing the right mattress that they forget about the importance of foundation. Foundation is equally important as a mattress. No matter how comfortable your mattress is, if it lacks the proper foundation, it can sink and become uncomfortable over time. However, being uncomfortable during the night due to sinkage is not your only problem. The worst thing about it is the lack of support.  

If your mattress doesn’t provide the proper support to your body, you may wake up in pain and aches. Having a quality foundation is crucial if you want your mattress to maintain its structural integrity, and if you want to prolong its lifespan.  

In case you don’t know what foundation is here is an explanation – it is a sturdy flat structure, usually constructed of wood, and it contains either metal rods or springs that support the entire mattress. Foundations provide the proper support for all types, including innerspring, memory foam, and latex models. 

Your foundation should be the same size as the mattress. It will support it and allow you to be comfortable at night. It can also reduce wear and tear of your mattress and absorb shock. Additionally, it raises the height of your sleeping surface, thus allowing you to get in and out of bed with ease.  

Keep in mind that placing a new mattress on an old foundation is not a good idea; it is a much better option to get a new one instead. No matter how great your new mattress is, if you have the wrong foundation, it will negate all of its benefits. Luckily, many retailers are out there, and you have a wide variety of foundations to choose from. 

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