Should You Buy an Adjustable Bed?

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For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions adjustable beds is a hospital. It is not surprising as they are usually found in healthcare settings. People are used to seeing them only in these surroundings. However, it is in the past, as these beds are starting to find a way into our homes. 

The popularity of adjustable beds is increasing rapidly because of all the benefits that they have. They are not meant only for hospitals anymore. Now, their selection is much wider than before, and prices have come down. New designs of these products are nothing like hospital beds; they are designed especially for home purposes. They also have a bunch of different features that you can enjoy. 

Although their design varies, all of them have the same purpose – to allow us to raise upper or lower part of our bodies. This positioning has many benefits and can help us with various health difficulties. They can transform the way we sleep and relax. 

Adjustable beds differ from one another in various ways. One of the important differences among them is the degree of angle that they are built to adjust to. Most of them can adapt to between 60 and 90 degrees.  

Some people choose these beds because of health benefits that they have, while others do it because of the comfort of customization. Many perfectly healthy individuals choose them just because of their convenience. Imagine what it would be like to watch TV or read a book while you are lying on an adjustable bed. It would be much more comfortable and convenient than with regular beds. 

Common Features 

Keep in mind that adjustable beds don’t have the same features. Some of them have more than others, and it usually depends on their price. If you want more additional features, you need to be prepared to spend more money. These are some of the common features that you can find in an adjustable bed: 

  • Programmable Buttons – no matter if you use wireless or wired remotes, some models have programmable settings. If you like a certain position or angle, you can save the configuration, and the next time you are in bed, you can just press the button. 
  • Wireless Remote – some beds have both wired and wireless remotes; all you need to do to use them is to get additional batteries. 
  • Safety Feature – in case the power goes out, some adjustable beds can be locked in position. However, those with safety features have backup batteries that allow lowering the bed to the regular position. 
  • Massage – This one is one of the most popular features that people look for. Adjustable beds with massage features vibrate and assist in alleviating stress and tension. 
  • Wake Features – some models come with wake functions, and they are perfect if you are not a fan of noisy alarms. They can wake you up with gentle vibrations at the time that you chose. 

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds 

Adjustable beds can help you with numerous health problems. Some of them include: 

  • Back Pain – If you adjust your bed at the head and foot, it will alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve, and help ease back pain. It will match the contouring of your body as close as possible. These beds can also help with neck pain. 
  • Asthma and Snoring – your symptoms of asthma and snoring can be decreased by raising your head with an adjustable bed while you sleep. Sleeping with a raised head can improve your airflow and reduce obstruction from the nasal passages, thus allowing you to breathe properly.  
  • Digestion – we all know that our bodies digest food while we sleep. However, lying flat can have an adverse impact on our ability to digest food. You will get the healthiest digestion experience if you lift your head a bit. 
  • Circulation – If you want to improve the quality of sleep, it is crucial to keep your circulatory system in the proper condition. Some sleep positions can improve your body’s blood circulation to the heart. Adjustable beds are especially beneficial to those with certain circulation issues as they can enhance oxygen and blood flow. 
  • Leg Swelling – many people have swollen legs. Some of them are affected by illness, while others stand on their feet the entire day. Pregnant women also have swelling problems. If you lay flat, it can lead to additional inflammation and swelling. You can reduce this issue if your legs are raised during the night.  


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