Best Mattresses for People with Back Pain

The right mattress can enhance our sleeping experience while relieving aches around our neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips, and the wrong one can aggravate the condition and even develop new painful areas. That is why it is so important to choose a proper mattress, comfortable and supportive, the one that will reduce pain during the night and leave you well rested in the morning.

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Due to our modern ways of living and working, a lot of people today are suffering from chronic back pain. This modern age “disease” affects millions of Americans, adults and even young teenagers. It is considered that around 80% of adults have experienced some type of back pain at one point in their life, and unfortunately for a majority that pain tends to become a chronic condition. Constant feeling of discomfort affects our daily life functioning, but it also affects our sleep quality, back pain can cause sleep deprivation and make you struggle throughout the night, it can keep you awake even all night. The right choice of mattress can enhance our sleeping experience while relieving aches around our neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips, while the wrong one can aggravate the condition making it a lot worse and even developing new painful areas. That is why it is so important to choose a proper mattress, comfortable and supportive, the one that will reduce pain during the night and leave you well rested.

There are several key factors which you should consider when choosing a new mattress. For people who have experienced back pain problems or live with them, a new mattress is not just financial investment that affects their budget, but also an investment that affects their health and lifestyle. When choosing a new mattress, pay attention to its firmness, thickness, and material construction, also do not forget your favorite sleep position and personal weight, or the importance of dimensions; our mattress size chart can help you out if you have any doubts.

To narrow the search for the ideal mattress for back pain and to help you have a better sleep quality, we created particular buyers guide and top list concentrated on mattresses that offer support and body-contouring, taking a personal weight and sleep positions in consideration as well. With that said, we represent you our top list of seven mattresses that will ease your back pain problems.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature


Among Brooklyn Bedding models, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature is their top-selling model for the last three years. This hybrid mattress is available in three different levels of firmness, with pocketed coil system which enables high edge support, while comfort layers gently hug the sleeper to soothe the joints.


We suggest a soft level of firmness for those who need gentler support for their body contours, who like sleeping mainly on their side or enjoy the feeling of being “hugged” by their mattress. Medium level of firmness is suitable for people who combine sleeping on their stomach, back and side and enjoy harmonic feeling between support and contouring. Firm-level works well for those who sleep on their stomach and/or back. It provides a smooth, flat surface for sleeping and it does not allow you to sink in your mattress too much. Also, it provides additional lumbar support.

Feel of increased comfort is achieved by placing high-quality foam layers above a top of the line pocketed coil system, which gives the sleepers the best features of both foam and spring mattresses in one. Top foam layers are infused with cooling Titanium gel, to control the temperature and enhance your overall sleep experience.

Unlike others, this hybrid mattress almost does not produce noise and isolates serious amount of motion transfer, which makes it suitable mainly for couples. Hybrid beds are expensive to produce, but due to the company’s great business politics, the price of their Signature model is undoubtedly lower than the regular price point, and they have free shipping within the US.

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Helix Dawn


The Helix Dawn belongs to hybrid mattresses with great support for all body shapes and weights. It offers a substantially firm feel, and high quality for a reasonable price for people experiencing back pain symptoms.


Due to its high level of firmness, we do not recommend this type of bed to all kinds of sleepers, so if you are a side slipper, you might skip this one. On the other hand, if you are a back or stomach sleeper, Helix Dawn could be your ideal choice. When it comes to different firmness levels, Helix offers nine of them, so if you are insecure about your decision, Helix offers very detailed mattress quiz, which can help you pick just the right mattress for your body type, and personalize your experience of choosing a Helix mattress.

To enable the right amount of support for people with back pain, Helix Dawn uses a latex-foam hybrid, also known as Helix dynamic foam, on top of an individual coils support system which helps to cradle your body and controls motion transfer. Each mattress comes with Two-Touch design, which includes two layers designed to increase breath-ability and airflow. Also, shipping is free within the US.

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PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress (10″ or 12″)


The PlushBeds Collection model Botanical Bliss is a latex mattress that offers comfortable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly experience. From their wide range, we have selected two thickest models, 10″ and 12″, as they are the best solution to ease the aches that back pain sufferers are experiencing. Chiropractor specialists often recommend this mattress as it does great work with relieving pains, soothing pressure points and promoting deep sleep. They have excellent motion transfer isolation and produce almost no noise when bearing weight.


It is important to know that organic latex is antimicrobial, mildew and mold proof, which is convenient for people dealing with allergies. It has no toxins, no irritants or smells. Check out why is Botanical Bliss on our list of 5 High-Rated Latex Mattresses in 2018.

Between layers of organic Dunlop latex from Arpico and knitted cotton cover, there is a layer made out of organic wool from New Zealand flocks. Around 10 lbs. of organic wool can be found in each mattress, which allows your body to regulate temperature during the night and it also reduces humidity, keeping the mildew and dust mites away.

Like other latex mattresses, all Botanical Bliss ones have a long lifespan, so you know you are making a long-term investment with these mattresses. Shipping is free within the US, and in-home assembly service is available upon request for an extra charge.

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Layla Mattress


The Layla Mattress is not your average mattress; this mattress is actually flippable, 2 in 1, made out of memory foam of different firmness on both sides, one is Medium Soft (4), and the other one is more Firm (7). Both memory foam layers are infused with copper which is probably not the component that you imagine when thinking about the ideally comfortable bed, but, this secret ingredient is antimicrobial, heat conductive and structurally supportive, meaning that it gives firmer support in low points, so your body stays aligned. Both of its sides are contouring, cradling, pressure relieving, and they give you proper memory foam sleep experience, so if you are looking for a more bounce or firmness, Layla is not your ideal solution.


Between the two top memory foam layers infused with copper, there is a base foam support layer, which is the core of Layla Mattress, it provides minimal bounce and motion transfer control. Further than that, between memory foam layers is one more layer of Air-Flow-Foam, which has a role of allowing airflow through the mattress and cooling it down. If you are intrigued by its features, check out why is Layla Mattress on our list of The 8 Best Mattresses in 2018.

A simple yet brilliant feature is its capability to be flipped over and to use its both sides, depending on your personal preference, it is very lightweight so it can easily be flipped over. One side is softer and cradling, while the other is more supportive and firm, you get two different mattress experiences for the price of one, now that is a bargain. Shipping is free for the lower 48 countries, for AK and HI is 125$ per mattress.

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Bear Mattress


The Bear Mattress is comfortable, memory foam mattress, with a medium level of firmness, so it gives the universal feel of comfort and solid core support. Its built out of materials that help your body recover faster, designed preferably for people who tend to live more active. This mattress requires a solid foundation, so we suggest placing it on flat surfaces because coil box spring type would not provide the right amount of even support for a foam mattress.


The Bear is infused with graphite gel which keeps it cool, unlike other foam mattresses that heat up quickly. As a cover they used Celliant yarn that is highly breathable and also helps with temperature regulation, keeping your body cool during the night. It has been clinically proven that Celliant technology improves athletic performance, health and sleep quality.

On a scale of 1 to 10, firmness of this mattress can be considered as 6.5, contouring layers of foam relieve the pressure and provide you better sleep and faster recovery. It does not matter which sleep position is your preferable because this mattress adapts and hugs your body enabling optimal spinal alignment. Shipping is free, but some costs may be added when shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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DreamCloud Mattress


DreamCloud belongs to hybrid mattresses of medium firmness, around 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, and its built out of eight layers, including four memory foam layers and one extra latex layer above the coil system. This mattress provides robust support, so it is great for sleepers with average weight (130 to 230 pounds) who enjoy the balance between support and body contouring comfort.

The structure is reinforced with coil support system encased in dense polyfoam which supports the edges and minimizes sinkage around them. Couples will enjoy a great level of motion transfer isolation as well as its quietness because DreamCloud produces almost no noise. Memory foam is gel infused to help heat distribution. As a special touch, the topper is made out of cashmere blend for extra softness and luxury feel, so you can enjoy floating atop of 15″ mattress a little bit more.


Buyers are secured from defects in workmanship and materials for a lifelong period, and the price lower than the regular makes a great deal for value seekers, all in all, this mattress stands high on our ladder. Shipping is free even for contiguous US areas, the in-home assembly is available upon request and additional charge.

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Winkbeds Plus


For people who fit in the group of above average weight sleepers (more than 230 pounds), thinner and softer mattresses cannot provide the right amount of support, they are easily deformed, uncomfortable, and you might sink in a little bit too much. You need a proper, thick mattress that is firm enough to handle the pressure and provide support. The WinkBeds Plus is one of a few mattresses designed and tailor-made especially for people who have a bigger weight.


The mattress is 14.5″ tall, and 33% thicker than most of the other mattresses sold online. Thick comfort system consists of layers of gel polyfoam that contours the body, latex foam which adds bounce, and triple-zone pocketed coil system that targets and supports hips and lower back, beneath it is another layer of dense foam. The level of sinkage around the edges is low, and they are well-performed thanks to condensed coil support core encased in dense polyfoam. Coils and foam are combined to create a perfect amount of support and comfort at the same time while keeping the muscles relaxed. Back sleepers will benefit from its firmness and high support level, while stomach sleepers will enjoy without sinking in deeply. We do not recommend this bed for lightweight sleepers because it could be too firm and uncomfortable for them.

Tencel lyocell cover is another key feature of this mattress, being more breathable than the other synthetic fabrics, it enhances air circulation and temperature neutrality, and it is also eco-friendly, coming from Eucalyptus trees.

The WinkBeds Plus comes with a price much lower than in other in-store brands, so you might give it a chance. Shipping is free within the US.

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What Causes Back Pain?

Human spine has three main functions, to provide structural support necessary for upright posture, to protect the spinal cord, internal organs, nerve endings, and to facilitate movements. Unhealthy spine usually cannot perform one or all from these three functions, and that is when back pain occurs as a consequence. When you are sleeping on a mattress that does not provide proper spinal support, it can increase or even cause back pain. There are five spine regions that you should keep in mind when planning on buying a new mattress:

Under the term “back pain” different types and intensities of pain can fall in. From minor and occasional aches to severe conditions that sometimes require surgeries. There is no commonly accepted program that will help people to control this condition, and each case must be treated individually. Back pain and sleep deprivation often go hand-in-hand, aches can be exhausting and very frustrating, keeping you wide awake throughout the night. Particularly common is the lower back pain (lumbago), but the pain can be felt anywhere from the neck to the hips, along with the spine.

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of back pain, acute and chronic.

Most mutual causes of both acute and chronic back pain include:

Osteoarthritis – also known as degenerative arthritis, appears when the cartilage wears away, and bones start rubbing onto each other, causing pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Rheumatoid arthritis – is an inflammatory disorder that affects the lining of the joints, and in some cases, it can affect skin, lungs, eyes, and heart.

Psoriatic arthritis – is a combination of two conditions, most people first get psoriasis and then after they get diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. There is no cure, so the primary goal is to control the symptoms as they can oscillate in intensity.

Gout – intense and sudden strokes of pain that can affect knees, ankles, and feet.

Skeletal irregularities – deformations of spine and back that cause pain, there are three types based on spine curvatures: Lordosis (lower spine curvature), Scoliosis (sideway curvature, S or C-shaped), Kyphosis (upper spine curvature). Back-sleeping is probably the most convenient comfortable position for people with some form of skeletal irregularities, but even in that position, these people can experience sleep disruption because of painful symptoms caused by their condition.

Osteoporosis – is skeletal degeneracy that makes bones porous and fragile, it affects mostly hips, spine and wrists. Increased bone weakness is the main cause of broken bones among the elderly population, and bones become so fragile that even minimal stress or some spontaneous action can easily break them.

Besides above listed medical conditions, there are some other risk factors that can cause acute and chronic back pain:

What can we do to prevent back pain? It is difficult to guarantee that the back pain would not occur at some point in our life, but practicing these tips should keep it away or postpone.

Light exercises, stretches or pilates on a regular basis are useful not just for your back and spine, but also for your overall health and body shape. Exercises are especially recommended for overweight people because that excess weight that they are carrying causes back pain problems. Adults should exercise at least 150 minutes per week, for special back exercises, we suggest consulting your GP or a specialist.

Think before you lift anything. Lifting objects incorrectly is a widespread cause of back pain. Do not bend your back while lifting, avoid twists or leaning, and be aware of your limits.

If possible, try avoiding sitting for too long at work or at home, if not, try sitting correctly and taking care of your posture. The chair has to be adjusted so that it can provide support to your lower back. Laptops enabled us to work from home, but they are among usual causes of back pain and neck problems. To prevent that, try making more small breaks and walk a bit, it releases the stress of your muscles, frequent short breaks are better than a few long ones.

How Sleep Position and Body Weight can Influence on Your Choice of Mattress

A good mattress for back pain sufferers should reduce their pains by providing even surface that will enable sleepers to have the right spine alignment, no matter what sleep position are they in. But, every sleep posture influences spine alignment in particular ways, and when we add personal weight as another key factor, we get two individual components that might be crucial for a proper choice of mattress.

When it comes to sleep position, there are three categories:

Disparate sleep postures are narrowly connected to personal physical weight. Usually, softer mattresses suit people who are lighter than 130 pounds, while more firm ones work better for people who weight above 230 pounds. The firmness of a mattress is determined using a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 stands for the minimal firm, and 10 stands for the firmest. The immense amount of mattresses produced and sold nowadays are between a 3 and an 8, but the most usual firmness level is a 6 – 6.5 (Medium Firm).

Best Mattress Types for Sleepers with Back Pain Problems

After we have elaborated how sleep position and body weight can affect your choice of mattress, now it is time to represent you to 5 different types of mattresses that are out there on the market. We are going to introduce you to various features of foam, innerspring, latex, airbed and hybrid mattress.

Shopping Tips for Back Pain Mattress Buyers

Mattress shopping can be a challenge even if you do not have back pain issues, but with them, things get more complicated with so many different factors that need to be considered. Mattress market is big enough to offer various options, making it harder to settle and make a choice, so we have prepared a few tips and tricks which should be useful for mattress shopping.

With such an amount of choices, it is easy to get lost among different types, sizes, features, and to wander away off your budget or actual needs. Make sure to stick to mattresses in your budget range. Although they are great for back pain sleepers, latex and airbed models can probably cost you 2000$ or more, so keep in mind that that is a long-term investment that will help with your back aches and overall wellbeing. Saving money for something like that can really pay off. Hybrid and memory foam mattresses are cheaper options, but if you are really on a budget, check out brands that work online only. In most cases, they have a lower price point than brands that invest in their physical presence in the real world. A vast majority of them offers free shipping within the US and a free sleep trial period, long enough to make you feel secure about your choice without visiting the store. If you are interested in purchasing your mattress online, make sure to check out our guide for Online Mattress Shopping.

When choosing firmness of the mattress, consider your body weight as a prior factor. For those of you who weigh under 130 lbs. and especially if you tend to sleep on your side, mattresses that have softer or medium (5 max) level of firmness make a great choice. Not so firm surfaces will help with pressure soothing while conforming your body. On the other hand, people who weigh above the average of 230 lbs. prefer firmer and thicker mattresses, because they provide the right amount of support for them without sinkage.

Another important factor that we have already discussed above is your favorite sleep position. Side sleepers choose softer mattresses because they conform their body and help with spine alignment. Stomach and back sleepers should choose mattresses among the medium level of firmness because too soft or too firm ones do not work well for their body and spine alignment.

If you are a couple searching for a new mattress, you have doubled your expectations. Firmness is probably the most important aspect about which you two are not going to agree. Although at first flippable mattresses may sound like a perfect solution, offering two different levels of firmness, you cannot actually sleep on its both sides at the same time. Instead, search for a mattress with dual firmness options on both sides of the bed, that should be the very best option. Pay attention to features such as motion transfer isolation, noise level, and different dimensions, these ones are important for couples.

Vast amount of mattresses comes with a warranty period of at least 10 years, some even offer a lifelong warranty, which means a lot when making such an investment. Warranty terms vary upon two main factors, and the first one is non-prorated coverage duration. Throughout this phase, customers do not have to pay repair or replacement of a flawed mattress, while in prorated phase they have to pay a specific amount of the regular price to get their model repaired or replaced. So, do not forget to read the fine print, always, because some 15-20 years warranties only offer 2-3 years of non-prorated coverage, after that prorated charges can start pilling up.

The second factor is indentation depth. Indentations tend to develop over the course of time usually at the area where you sleep, and in most cases in the center of the bed. This can affect mattresses support level and your back pain problems as well. Some warranties would accept indentations deep from 1/2″ to 3/4″, but some others may cover only indentations deeper than  1 1/2″. One inch (1″) or deeper indentations are usually the most problematic ones for back pain sleepers, so make sure to check warranties and seek the ones that would wanna accept one-inch (1″) indentations.

Almost every manufacturer offers sleep trial period, giving their customers enough time to test out their product. And for back pain sufferers, those are some great news, as you get plenty of time to make sure that your mattress really works for you by relieving your aches and providing you with better sleep quality.

Further Options for Sleepers Struggling with Back Pain

Beside mattress choice, people who have back pain should consider some other factors that can enhance their sleep, the right selection of following components can round off a perfect sleep environment.

Choosing the proper pillow can be as intricate as choosing a mattress, a pillow is the next crucial thing that you should care about because it can also help with soothing aches, especially in areas around neck, shoulders and upper back. Pay particular attention to its loft or thickness, because the right quantity of loft will alleviate pressure in your neck and lumbar regions. When determining what is the right loft for you, you should have in mind the size of your head, shoulder width, personal weight, and keep in mind the firmness level of your mattress. There are three universal categories of loft:

The composition of the pillow is another aspect that should be considered, different materials provide disparate support and a comfortable feel. Some cheaper models are usually made out of polyester or similar materials which cannot provide the right amount of support. On the other side, materials such as memory foam, latex, buckwheat, are more expensive, but they conform intimately to sleepers head and release the pressure. So, just like with mattresses, look at pillow shopping as an investment in something that you can only benefit from. Most of the mattress manufacturers offer proper pillow pair on an additional charge, making your decision somewhat easier.

Additional pillows are a beneficial supplement to the one already beneath your head if you are experiencing chronic back pain. Side sleepers usually add one extra pillow among their knees and another one beneath the ribs for a maximum comfort feel. Back sleepers can achieve feel of relief by putting an additional pillow under their knees.

Toppers are popular options these days, making even old couches feel more comfortable. Designed as a separate layer that goes above the regular mattress, toppers are created to regulate the level of firmness on sleep surface; usually, they reduce the level of firmness, but there are as well some that can provide a more firm base. A wide specter of materials can be used for toppers, most common ones are memory foam, latex, convoluted polyfoam, feathers, and wool.

Toppers also vary in thickness, density, and firmness, when making a choice do not forget your personal features such as body weight and usual sleep posture.

A topper can be a great solution for couples who cannot agree on the firmness of their mattress due to different preferences, or for people who no longer are satisfied with their current mattress but cannot return it or exchange it for a new one. Toppers may be an inexpensive solution for all your mattress problems, if you are on a budget or renting a place with unsuitable bed mattress. They are easy to transfer as well, and most of them cost less than 150$, but the price can be higher, depending on brand and material composition.

People with back pain and couples will especially enjoy possibilities that adjustable bed can provide for them. They are designed to be customized and to fulfill your needs, and the majority of the models is able to be risen and lowered on both bedsides to enable different sleeping positions. Angled surfaces work well for sleepers back pain by relieving it, and many models have built-in silent massager which produces small vibrations that will please your back and alleviate aches. They come with remote controls, and some can be controlled with a tablet or smartphone as well. These beds are on a more expensive side, some can be found for roughly a 1000$, but majority of the models sales for at least 2000$, and the price goes on up to 3500$ and higher.

If you are a person experiencing back pain and wanting to help yourself feel more comfortable in your own skin, we hope that this guide and our top list were helpful.

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