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Is Beauty Sleep Just a Myth?

Beauty sleep can make our skin less prone to wrinkles, eliminates dullness, gives it the healthy glow, and improves the overall appearance of our skin.

In the spirit of Mythbusters, we are going to dig into the research and find out is the so-called beauty sleep a real thing or just another silly myth. Many girls have probably heard about this top beauty “secret” at a young age from their moms or grandmothers, but lately beauty sleep theory has gained the attention of scientists who are now trying to get a scientifically proven conclusion. And when they get involved, things tend to get more serious, so even small, insignificant beauty chit-chatting gets a whole new scientific dimension.

We all know how powerful the beauty industry is these days, but what if the key ingredient, the elixir of the fresh and young beauty, is available to all of us for free? Would it all collapse? Most likely it would not, but if you are into conspiracy theories, then this could be a good one.

So, what hides behind the veil of beauty sleep? It is so simple that you would barely believe it. Beauty sleep theory is based on getting enough sleep, approximately eight hours each night. That is it. No vampire treatments, no overhyped creams with weird ingredients, no goofy sheet face masks that can scare the hell out of your man (although that can be fun), nothing. It seems that the top beauty treatment is actually affordable to all of us, so why are not we all glowing and shining as soon as we step out of bed? Well, because we underestimate the power of sleep and do not look at it as a way of nourishing ourselves.

When it comes to beauty, women usually think about makeup products first. The market is overflooded with various products which are intended to cover each millimeter of our faces in tons of layers; it’s become ridiculous. So while we are getting lost among lipstick shades and face primers, we forget about the base, about that plain canvas which our skin represents. Yes, there are facial creams, nourishing treatments and so on, but none of that can help if we do not nurture our skin correctly from the inside. Skin is the largest organ of our body, so everything that we do to ourselves will eventually show off on it, skin remembers everything, and by everything, we mean every stress, every sleepless night, worries, anxiety, etc.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on our facial appearance. Dark under-eye circles, sapless skin with a greyish undertone, wrinkles, skin aging, small imperfections, and pimples are all connected to our unhealthy sleep habits. So not only that we feel tired and drained after a night of poor sleep, but we also look like that.

During the day our skin is working and defending itself from external impacts, and sleep time is reserved for regeneration and intense repair, as skin cells tend to recover two times faster during the night. Once we reach the REM-deep sleep phase, the skin regeneration process is at its highest, so our beauty sleep is actually a phase of proper deep sleep. As a part of the repair process, while we are sleeping, our skin produces collagen which makes our skin more plump and less wrinkle-prone. While we are snoozing, our body is boosting blood flow to the skin which gives it that healthy glow and eliminates dullness of our face. When the facial skin is well-rested and regenerated, then it can work properly with additional beauty care products.

To make a conclusion, we can say that the beauty sleep myth is busted. There is an indisputable correlation between our sleep hygiene and our facial appearance, so here is an experiment: Try sleeping for at least seven hours per night and take a picture of your face every morning to notice and track the improvement. Once you become aware of the change, you will sleep more for sure, and that is not only beneficial for your appearance but your overall wellbeing as well. The next time you laugh at some beauty sleep meme, remember that it is not entirely a joke. Now let’s check out some useful tips that can enhance the effects of beauty sleep.


Tips For Enhanced Beauty Sleep Routine

Before we go to sleep, we need to prepare our skin and take the day off, so here are some useful tips to improve your routine, because sometimes we girls need those few extra steps in order to really look their best in the morning.


Bad Habits That Are Hindering Your Beauty Sleep

After some useful tips, we would like to point out a few things that are preventing you from experiencing a night of proper beauty sleep. We all do these things sometimes, but somehow we always need someone else to reminds us that they are wrong.


Beauty Sleep Benefits

We gave you our tips and tricks which you need to follow if you want to see the beautifying effects of sleep. It is essential to be aware that beauty sleep is not some miraculous treatment that will magically beautify your appearance over the night. Beauty sleep works the best in cooperation with all the above-listed things which basically all suggest that you should nurture a healthy lifestyle in every possible aspect. In the end, we would like to point out the most important benefits that you can gain from beauty sleep.


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