Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2019

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Even though proper brushing is the foundation of good oral hygiene, nine out of ten adults have experienced problems with cavities at some point in their lives. The American Dental Association (ADA) has published that both regular and electric toothbrushes have the same level of effectiveness for teeth cleaning if you use it correctly. The problem is that many don’t use them the way they should, which creates cavity issues and bad breath.

When you think about it, can you remember the last time you brushed your teeth for two minutes? Electric ones help remove human error in dental health, because they rotate much faster than our hands, get rid off more plaque, give better coverage, and are more comfortable for individuals that have arthritis or other weaknesses. If you are thinking about using an electric model, then look no further. We have put together a list of our top choices and a guide that has everything you need to know when choosing the best electric toothbrush.

Top Choices of Best Electric Toothbrushes

  1. Rembrandt Sonic Teeth Toothbrush
  2. Philips Sonicare FlexCare+
  3. Oral-B Pro 1000
  4. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean


Rembrandt Sonic Teeth Toothbrush


  • Diamond-shaped bristles
  • Built-in timer with quad intervals
  • Three different brush modes
  • Has two replacement brush heads
  • Lasts from 15 to 20 days between charges

Even though the Rembrandt Sonic Teeth Toothbrush is not as popular as many other models, it is a high-quality product that will make sure your teeth are sparkling clean. It is a sonic model that vibrates at high speed in to properly brush away bacteria and plaque – up to seven times better than the regular models.

The item has a larger brush head that can go over a more significant area, and polish away any stain with its diamond-shaped bristles. Additionally, the color-fading bristles are going to notify you when you need to replace the head. The item operates in three modes – Gentle, Daily, and Max, with a  two-minute timer that has quad intervals. The product also includes a charging base, but it can last around fifteen to twenty days before needing a recharge.


Philips Sonicare FlexCare+


  • Built-in timer with quad intervals
  • 31,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Five brush modes
  • Angled neck
  • Lasts three weeks on a single charge

The Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ is one of the top-performing electric toothbrushes. With many features that a user will need, this sonic model vibrates at 1,000 brush strokes per minute, while the speed increases the amount of fluid located inside the mouth and removes bacteria. The electric toothbrush has five modes:

  • Refresh – used for one-minute quick teeth washing
  • Massage – best for gum stimulation
  • Sensitive – used for gentle gum cleaning
  • Gum Care – includes an extra minute of gum brushing 
  • Clean – suitable for everyday use

It also has a built-in timer that makes sure you brush your teeth for two minutes, with quad intervals that will notify you when you need to switch quadrants. It can last up to three weeks without charging, making it an ideal choice for traveling.


Oral-B Pro 1000


  • Great for sensitive teeth
  • 20,000 pulses
  • 8,800 rotations per minute
  • Pressure sensor
  • More affordable than other models
  • Lasts seven days on a single charge

Even though Oral-B Pro 1000 works as a no-frills electric toothbrush, it can still go together with some of the highest-rated models you can find on the market. This oscillating brush has 20,000 pulses and 8,800 rotations per minute with its spinning head that will make sure your teeth are clean. It is not as fast as most of the models you can find, but the lower speed will help those who have sensitive teeth.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 includes a cross action brush head that is compatible with nine other brush heads from Oral-B. Apart from that, it has a two-minute timer, a pressure sensor that will slowly stop oscillating if you press too hard, and a quad pacer that will let you know when to brush another segment of your mouth. It will also last up to a week without needing a charge.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean


  • Unique charging glass
  • 31,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Five different brush modes
  • Has two brush heads
  • Lasts for three weeks on one charge

If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line product, you don’t have to look any further. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean has everything you will need. It is very similar to the previous Philips model, with 31,000 brush strokes per minute and the built-in timer with quad intervals. However, this model has two different brush heads – AdaptiveClean for plaque removal, and DiamondClean that has a removable stain pad and diamond-shaped bristles. Apart from that, it has five brush modes – White for surface stain removal, Clean for everyday use, Gum Care for massaging gums, Sensitive for gentle cleaning, and Deep Clean that has three minutes of brushing with a different brush head motion. You can even choose one of four colors, and it comes with a unique charging glass. The battery life can last for three weeks between charges.


Electric Toothbrushes Buying Guide

Oral hygiene is very important for our general health, starting from various diseases which can be triggered by poor oral conditions to the fact that evening teeth brushing impacts the quality of our sleep. Researches have shown that this is not just an assumption, but a proven fact.

Firstly, routine plays an integral part in our general health. If we dedicate some time to oral hygiene, it means we are devoting our time and effort into healthy living in general. Secondly, toothaches caused by poor dental hygiene will impact the way we sleep. Inadequate care of sensitive teeth can lead to headaches, which will, again, prevent us from falling asleep. Gum disease as a consequence of poor oral hygiene can raise blood sugar, which then has a devastating effect on other organs. Also, some people suffer from teeth grinding, which is another aspect to be treated adequately.

All of the above said shows how important dental hygiene is and that we need to choose carefully the products we use in our daily dental care. Besides a regular toothbrush, we can now choose from a variety of electric ones.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Toothbrush?

Things to consider when purchasing an electric toothbrush are power supply, teeth sensitivity, cost, warranty, and return policies. The variety of electric models on the market can be puzzling, but there are some customization options to ease the choice.

The technology advances quickly in our ages, and so do the appliances. Some people are not that inclined to modern development, and they can opt for a basic model without excessive applications. They are suitable for primary teeth care, and they cost less. Those who have advanced knowledge in technology can even choose the toothbrushes which integrate with their phones, but they have to be prepared to pay significantly more.

Electric Toothbrush Set

What to expect to find in a basic electric toothbrush set? Firstly, a built-in timer. A timer is an essential reminder of how long you need to brush your teeth. The recommended duration is two minutes. Some advanced models have a quad-pacer which will vibrate every thirty seconds to remind you to go to the next group of teeth. Then, a good toothbrush should have multiple speeds, so you can choose brushing options that will help with teeth whitening or plaque removal.

An important feature is pressure control. If you brush your teeth too hard, you risk damaging the teeth and gums. So the pressure indicator is there to vibrate as a warning that you are brushing your teeth too hard or even to stop the toothbrush from working.

Finally, some advanced models even have phone apps set to cover the progress of your brushing and analyze if you are doing it right, and give suggestions or show a 3D model of your mouth.

Teeth Sensitivity

Taking into consideration the features of the mentioned toothbrushes, the brushing manner is the next factor to consider when choosing a particular model for your needs.

People with sensitive teeth prone to pain can opt for oscillating toothbrushes that move slower than the sonic ones. Sonic models can irritate sensitive teeth, so you need to choose carefully. Apart from the speed, an essential factor is the softness of the brush head bristles. Soft bristles are recommended for all types of teeth, but for people with sensitive teeth, they are a must.

You should also consider the brushing pressure. Brushing sensor will indicate whether the pressure is right or excessive, so it is wise to choose a model equipped with such a sensor. These sensors may vibrate, light up, or even stop the appliance in case you are applying too much pressure. This is where advanced models come handy, as phone apps can even track the brushing progress, suggesting you what kind of action makes your teeth more sensitive.

Battery Powered vs. Charger

As for the technical issues to decide on, there is a dilemma whether to buy a toothbrush powered by batteries or electricity.

That mostly depends on the practical point. If you choose the battery operated model, you need to check how long the battery will last, and make sure you buy the batteries. The advantage of these toothbrushes is that they are portable. If you opt for models with an electric charger, you need to ensure there is an available power source. Even though they do not need to be plugged while working, you should check how long one cycle will last. Usually, it is one to three weeks.

Price and Warranty

The cost is often an issue when deciding on any purchase, including the purchase of electric toothbrushes. As in other cases, the price reflects the capabilities of the product. More features means spending more money. So, you need to assess carefully what your needs are and how much you can pay. The price may be less than $100 if you opt for a basic model. The ones with timers and additional replacement brush heads will cost more, but the ones that will clean equally well but without such option will cost from $50 to $100. If you are a demanding person and want more features, such as more brushing modes, Bluetooth options, additional accessories, extra brush heads or chargers, then you should be prepared to pay $250 and more. The wear out period is more or less the same for all models, regardless of the price, and it is usually 3 to 5 years.

This is where the issue of warranty comes in. A 2-year warranty is usual for such appliances, but it only covers the manufacturing defects, not the ones caused by improper use, so you should inspect the item thoroughly before initiating it and read the manual carefully.

Another crucial issue is the return policy. Usually, you can return the product within 30 days from the purchase, but manufacturers have different conditions which dictate the return policy, so you need to look at what they are and whether you find them acceptable. Some manufacturers will give you a money-back guarantee option, and you should keep the receipt.


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