Your home is your sanctuary where you can relax from a long and tiring day — a place where you can build a memory with your family and where you can most feel at ease. However, your home can be a potential target if the home security system is absent. The shallowest definition of a security system primarily found on its name. The home security system is a method of uplifting security through the use of technology and interworking components and multiple devices. Further, best security systems have been existing for about decades and exploited in businesses, offices, and other infrastructures to keep the people secure. All of the home security systems work on the same and common ground which is lifting a substantial security measure and works with the standard basic principle of assuring and securing different entry points like windows, doors and other areas in your home where the computers, paintings, and various collections placed. With the presence of technology, modern home security systems became more protein when it comes to promoting a more comprehensive measure of security towards your family members. Home security systems groomed with the sensor and multiple motion detectors that can alarm you when something suspicious is around. It can help you lessen your fear towards intruders and criminals that have the potential on committing illegal actions because there are higher chances that they will recognize since police and legal authorities dispatched during these events. Furthermore, contemporary home security systems carry on numerous features that can capture your interest. Home security systems correlated with multiple sensors that can save your home and life and can guarantee you as a homeowner the consistent protection that you have been longing.


We all know that intruders and burglars are now becoming more literate and smart when it comes to technology. The installment of home security systems became more important due to the rampant and the increasing number of criminalization, theft, natural damaging phenomena and other stealing tiff. Both homeowners and renters should consider research or any given statistics when it comes to their possessions, home, and families. We can never guarantee our safety especially when you are not around, and you are well aware that you only have shallow protection towards your family and home. A homeowner may not be well diverse regarding his home becoming vulnerable but making your security checklist will assist you in distinguishing whether your home is a potential target or if there are areas that need your keen attention. Determining the weaknesses of your home that could catch the eye of the intruders and burglars is the best option as well. Further, the home security system is a useful tool to help you protect your home and family safe when you are away, sleeping, or during the time that you are stuck with tons of responsibilities from work and your responsibilities as a parent. An additional reason why you should purchase a home security system:

  •    Protect your pets – home security systems do not only offers broader protection towards your home, family, and possessions but extended protection to your pets as well. When there is a presence of a damaging event, without a home security system that will alarm the pets, they will get doomed.
  •    Increasing your home value – when you have installed a home security system in your home, it gives more value to your home especially if you are planning to sell your house. It is an advantage to you if ever because your potential buyer can sense that you did take care of your home.
  •    Faster emergency response – homes with security systems installed can have a quicker response from authorities during emergencies because they have cut out the middle man to dispatch authorities.

In purchasing a home security system, you can fully relax at home without worries knowing that your home is safe from vandalism, theft, fire, and other damaging phenomena.

How It Affects Sleep

The world is sadly a place full of criminal threats, cyber attacks, terrorist attack and even an argument in your family, workplace and business offices and it is a continuous reminder of different perils around. Technology, in some ways, offers us the best tool to combat these dangers that exist today and we are facing every day.  Furthermore, sleeping plays an essential and vital role when it comes to maintaining our mental health, physical health and improving the quality of our life. Poor sleeping can affect people’s way of thinking and individuals who are sleeping less are more prone to depression and other mental disorders. Moreover, waking up in the middle of the night is the worst feeling that you might encounter if your home and family is not adequately secured. You are always bothered that something wrong might happen and burglars might disturb your rest.

Furthermore, the invention of home security systems has made our lives safer from any means of harm while we are sleeping and at the same time reducing the chances of criminalization to occur in our area. Installing home security systems improves the quality of our life because we have more opportunities to sleep longer without being bothered. Besides, having a reliable security measure is the topmost concern of parents because you can never guarantee broader protection in this generation especially when you are sleeping or you are not around. Technology does not only mean “high-tech” since you can still have another protection. An example has a dog in your vineyard, and this idea can deter burglars from entering your home without spending much money and ensuring that you can sleep comfortably every night.

Moreover, the home security system is the best invention that everybody could benefit with and  promotes and offers more comprehensive protection that you can’t resist especially if you always doubt regarding your home and family’s security every now and then. Moreover, security cameras cover a more extensive area that is enough to dissuade criminals and intruders and discourage them in continuing their plans and having a stable and robust security measure in your home.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Home security is the primary concern of the parents and another homeowner. Double locking the doors or ensuring that the windows are properly locked and other entry point areas do not deter burglars and intruders. Having security systems in your home could make you feel safer and more protected. Unfortunately, this innovation does not only holds scores of benefits and advantages, but it may also present and clench several disadvantages towards you and your family members. Technology and different innovations can help us and can harm us as well. Understanding the distinct advantages and disadvantages of a home security system can help you distinguish whether home security system is an excellent way to your family or not.




  1.    Protecting Your Home and Family From Intruders and Burglars

The main reason that a homeowner should consider installing a home security system is that this security system offers protection to you and your family members from intruders and burglars. The numbers of illegal actions being committed by individuals to have grown simultaneously and homes without security systems are more likely to be the targets of intruders and burglars.  Some are threatened with this problem while others are taking this for granted. It indicates that having little home protection is a stepping stone towards being a potential target. Furthermore, for the burglars who have been expecting that their target home is empty and surprisingly find someone inside can be caused them panic that can force them to exercise any aggressive behavior. Having a home security system can provide the family members a warning to look for a safer place to hide while the alarm of your home security dispatches the authorities.

Moreover, there are now scores of the family who consider installing home security cameras to have more comprehensive protection from sick people. Some home security system provides placards for your window which denote that a particular security company protects your home. In this case, intruders and burglars will pass over your house and look for other potential targets that do not have a substantial measure of home security measure.

  1.    Lowering Your Insurance Rate

Installing the best home security system is correlated with a variety of expenses. While there is an eloquent cost to fix or have a home security system, it can offer a financial advantage as well. When a person owns a home, the homeowner’s insurance is a significant thing. Hence, it is enough reason for you to have and install home security systems. The cost of homeowners protection depends on or based on the area coverage, location, payment options, the type of home you have, insurance company, and other factors. This insurance policy is the umbrella that covers the damages and losses that the homeowners might encounter due to several types of devastating phenomena. While other newbie insurance payers do not pay attention or bother themselves regarding the cost of their insurance, it is indispensable to know that several security companies offer large discounts or may adjust the insurance rate to homeowners who tend to have their home security system installed.

  1.    Fire Protection

We cannot deny the fact that when we are talking about the home security system, people might conclude that it only revolves in uplifting security and protection towards you and your family from intruders and burglars without realizing that home security system can also perform beyond that ideology and can also protect your home from fires as well. Nowadays, news regarding fire incidents have been increasing day-by-day due to different reasons but ending up with the same consequence – losing your home and property. In addition to that, a home security system provides an early warning whenever it detects a cloud of smoke in your home as well as a caution of the sources of the heat. Further, having the home security system installed, you can add heat detectors that can distinguish if the fire is building in the area of your home and can provide early notice even with shallow fire tiff to allay or prevent further damages that can cause a huge problem to you and your family.

  1.    24/7 Protection of Your Home

As a homeowner, your life does not only revolves in protecting and securing your home and family members. You have other commitments to comply aside from those things. You are sometimes away due to business trips, different legal transactions and other stuff that makes you away from home. In this sense, you will never get comfortable, and you can never guarantee yourself broad protection to your home and family if you only have a small security measure. With that, the most significant benefit you can have from installing home security system is that your home is being monitored and surveil all the time even if you are not around and you cannot do it yourself.  Moreover, this home security system can trace any significant scenarios or events that happened in your home when you are not around and note emergency personnel if necessary.

  1.    Serviceable For Medical Assistance

One of the benefits you can get from installing a home security system is broad protection to your home and family members. However, there are instances that the homeowner tend to live alone and it is where this advantage arises. Most of the homeowners are concerns about medical conditions that mainly they are suffering from, and there is no one they can count. A home security system correlated with emergency pulls or any medical alert pendants that can be used to call or dispatch emergency vehicle directly to your home the moment they pulled. Your home security system does not only protects you and your home but saves your life as well.

  1.    Provides Peace of Mind

One of the main reasons why homeowners should consider installing home security system is simple – it provides you a peace of mind knowing that your home security system offers more comprehensive protection towards your home, family members and protection from multiple devastating events. Furthermore, there are instances that the homeowner’s are elderly, or the homeowner still has their elderly with them. Installing home security systems can provide you with peace of mind. If the elderly are incapable of executing a required speed to run out due to ravaging scenarios, the home security system will dispatch competent authorities that are capable of assisting. Home security systems are indeed beneficial to families that frequently leave their family members alone, and it can give them peace of mind whenever they are away.

  1.    Protection To Your Valuables

Throughout our existence in this material world, we conduct to collect and purchase oodles things or items that have meaning and sentimental value for us. From managing and obtaining different things, it represents who we are, the accomplishments we have done in our lives, and what are the things we are passionate. However, when burglars enter your home, they will look for items that have a more significant retail amount. If homeowners have installed the home security system, it is enough to deter burglars and serves additional functions. A home security system will give the signal to the authorities that a particular home is being burglarized which increases the chances that the burglars will be caught and prevent them from stealing your valuables.




  1.     False Alarms

When home security systems can provide a reliable security measure and a peace of mind, it can also annoy you for some instances as well. It is very common that false alarms might occur in your home security systems. In this case, the police or fire department authorities may have dispatched to your home, and you have a lesser opportunity to explain your side regarding the false information or mistake of your home security system. Hence, there are some police department who will charge you if they frequently called without reasons. Moreover, to prevent this scenario, you should ensure that your home security system is still functioning well and deliberate your concerns to your security company to determine their errors and to make some adjustments.

  1.    Expenses

Homeowners consider installing a home security system to have a peaceful mind and broader protection. It offers multiple features that could help you in your daily encounters. You can upgrade your home security system in order have a robust security means. Your home will be safe by all means of theft, unexpected environmental calamities, and personal protection purposes. However, installing home security systems requires a variety of expenses, but some homeowners are not bothered regarding its possible cost. Home security systems are quite costly in the first place, and there are security companies who charge a monthly fee for monitoring purposes and services as well. This particular charge is another problem that a homeowner might face if they are on a budget since it can wreck their finances.

  1.    Privacy

Since it is self-evident that home security systems offer strong security protection in a broader sense like keeping your family and home secure, deep level of protection and preventing ourselves from all means of harm. But, we should not neglect the idea that our privacy will invade. Further, if a     homeowner decided to upgrade his home security system with a surveillance camera, it allows it to record everything because it is its job in the first place. Some homeowners are undecided whether to install a home security system or not due to this risk.

  1.    Maintenance

It is a fact that if you are going to spend money to have your home security system. Meaning, you have you spend thousands–from the day you purchase your home security system and payment for installment. Though there are home security systems that are open for DIY installation, you still need to pay charges. Furthermore, after installing the security system in your home, you can immediately experience it right away. However, some security system companies offer optional professional monitoring while most of the security companies require you to have a professional monitoring system which is equivalent to lifetime expenses.

  1.    Burglar Might Cut Your Phone Line

Burglars nowadays are becoming more erudite when it comes to targeting specific property. They will use strategic plans to conduct their programs without nobody noticing. If your home security system connected to your security company through phone line alone, there is a considerable chance that burglars will cut your phone line and this corresponds to more extensive problems.     The burglar will enter you home after cutting your phone line for you not to notice your deeds since all monitoring system is close out. With this, homeowners should have a cellular radio installed with your security company that will allow communication to your security company even the phone line is cut.

Safety Precautions

Decorating your home is more fun rather than installing home security systems. In decorating your home, you can use your passion for designing, landscaping, quality time with your family and many more. But burglars are as fast as twenty-one seconds; hence, home security should be your number one priority. One potential way to deter burglar is by installing home security systems, which have effects towards burglary whether it is successful or not.

Further, installing a home security system is not just investment itself, but monitoring services are also crucial as well. Aside from just protecting your valuables, home and family, the system is linked with professional monitoring services for you. They will send you notifications and messages regarding the status of your home and dispatched police authorities during emergencies. It can offer you and your home a complete security package that will safeguard or protect your family the way you want it to be.

Furthermore, there are some specific tips recommended to the costumes to safeguard their security by following precautions:

  •  Make it sure that you always lock your door since burglars are nowhere to be recognized. Never help the burglars amble your home using your entries and ensure that your exterior doors are sturdy and will not break easily. You can have the old school type of doors since it is way safer compare to modern sliding doors.
  • Your windows are another entry point that can help burglars get into your home. It is the most common and entry points of burglars since it will easily break. Sadly, modern manufacturers of windows are providing the shallow standard of windows that are not effective–and sometimes downright filmy. Always ensure that you always lock your windows and add some hard stuff to distract burglars.
  • Burglars hate to be in the spotlight because their identity is easily recognized. In this sense, always light up your area or landscape to deter a burglar. You can put some outdoor lights that can light up the whole area and also put some lights in the back area to be fully secured.
  •   Homeowners tend to store some significant and expensive things in the garage like cars, hardware equipment, bicycle and many more. Garage area is becoming the more prominent entry point for the burglar because they get plenty of good stuff here without accessing your home. Make it sure that you have strong security locks in your garage and make it a habit always to check if it is already locked.
  • In installing the home security system, make it sure that you can pay all the charges from the day you purchase your home security, the installment proper and professional monitoring costs because it is quite costly and could affect your finances.
  • Make transactions with trusted people and company. It is s fact that there are people who take advantage of you especially if it is your first time to purchase. Always ensure its legitimacy and of course the authenticity of the product you are buying.
  • Upgrade your home security system to be more secure and to build broader protection. Hence, you can watch live footage of your home, especially if also purchase security cameras. You can also monitor, family, using your android phones, and iOS.
  •  In deciding where to place your home security system, consider the children that you are with who tend to damage everything out of their control. You can set it in the areas wherein the children are incapable of reaching it to prevent further damages.
  • You can upgrade your home security system with home automation for you to have control of the lights, locks, smoke sensor, fire sensors, security cameras and other devices under your home security system.
  • Make it sure that you always check if your security system is still functioning and if it is not, you can immediately make a call to the professionals for its maintenance.

These recommended tips are likely to prevent your home, family, and area from different illegal and damaging scenarios from occurring. At the same time, this will serve as a guide to the homeowners and renters on the safe use and precautions of the home security system to allay cons from occurring and prevent any events that could bring further damages. Thus, installing your home security system will assist you to ease your worries and doubts about something that might happen and can give you peace of mind.

Review of the Top Brands

Property owners of homeowners become the top victim of burglars every day and a victim of devastating and fatal fires and flooding, hence, losing valuable belongings and valuables, and even a loss of lives. Security is freedom from potential harm done by other people, social groups objects, devastating phenomena, and unwanted environmental damage. A home security system is a system that is designed to identify and detect intruders, suspicious people and unauthorized entry towards your property and home.  Further, the security system is used in commercial, industrial, residential and military aspect as a protection against burglars, securing valuables, property damages and personal protection from intruders.

The home security system is both security hardware in the context of place property as well as security purposes for personal protection. The former is consist of doors, windows, locks, alarm systems, motion sensors, security camera, lighting and environmental sensors that are seen and installed in property or infrastructure. The personal safety includes ensuring that the doors and windows are properly locked, activating alarm systems, lighting up the landscape areas, having extra keys and making sure that your material things won’t easily break. Contemporary home security system offers multiple sensors that can detect emergencies like smoke and heat sensors, flooding and fire sensors and security system stand in promoting environmental protection. Moreover, some home security systems are cheaper than other products but offer the same level of security. Charges are constant due to professional monitoring and monthly fees. The home security system could be wired or wireless depending on your taste and budget. The wireless home security system is flexible because you can place it near your entry points where intruders usually get in. There is also DIY installation of a home security system, but professional installation is also available that requires another charge. Some security companies need a long-term contract, and some don’t but these security companies offer a product trial for about weeks or month, and some are practicing this money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product or you want something else.

In choosing and selecting your home security systems, it is necessary to consider its functions, prices, and valuable features. Furthermore, after tackling everything about what you need to know and understand the use and services of home security systems, it is now the time to choose or select what home security system to install. The home security system you are going to fit should be helpful to address your worries about intruders and criminals, and your chosen security system should be suitable to your taste. With this, here is a list of recommended top brands for home security systems and their proportionate features and priceless functions and a review of the top product of home security camera that can help you in choosing your best home security system.

These selections should assist you in choosing or selecting the right security camera for you and your family members. Our best home security systems!


SimpliSafe Home Security


  •    With no long terms contracts
  •    Either DIY or professional installation
  •    Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  •    Money-back guarantee for about 60 days
  •    Requires professional monitoring filler to expense

If you are looking for the best DIY home security system, SimpliSafe is just around the corner. This security system offers you a stronger standard of security equipment along with additional upgraded features like sensors detecting floods, smoke, and carbon monoxide gas. The company stands the homeowner’s towards the flexible mode of payment and payment options without long-term contracts. It has three entry sensors: For indoor, outdoor, and backdoor or anywhere. SimpliSafe motion detection is well-fine to humans–you will no longer worry about your pets outside and setting of the false alarm. Since the keyboard of this home security system is wireless, you can place it near your doors or windows without worrying about the outlet as a source of power. Even if the keyboard gets damaged, it will still alert you in any of their monitoring sensors.

Furthermore, you can install SimpliSafe mobile app where you can check and monitor the condition of your system anytime and allows you to watch video footage if you have installed security cameras. To attain more comprehensive protection, you need to consider the professional monitoring charges which are quite costly. Professional monitoring is available for about 24 hours without long-term contracts. Moreover, SimpliSafe Home Security has a board that indicates that a security company protects your home. Besides, SimpliSafe Home Security is an advantage if you want to have a DIY installment for a lesser cost, but professional payment is also available but with expensive prices.


  • Offers lower monthly rates
  • With 60-day free product trial
  • Easier for DIY installations
  • An award-winning when it comes to professional monitoring
  • Has no long-term contracts
  • The alarms are still working without supervision
  • A wireless equipment
  • With cellular alerts
  • Can be upgraded with environmental sensors and protection
  • Video security (indoor)


  • It has no home automation
  • Higher equipment expenses
  • Has proprietary material
  • Vivint Smart Home Security


  •    Installment of this home security system will be done by professional only
  •    With no long-term contracts
  •    Optional 24/7 professional monitoring when it comes to remote access
  •    It is compatible with Google Home and working with Amazon Alexa
  •    With the 30-day return policy
  •    Doorbell camera
  •    High definition of indoor video recording
  •    With video surveillance (outdoor)
  •    Has remote control that locks the door
  •    Activated home automation

If you are looking for the intense security for your home, the Vivint Smart Home Security is on top. This security system contains motion sensors, video doorbells, smart locks, security cameras that is way important, sensors for fire and flood, carbon monoxide detectors and a lot more. Vivint Smart Home Security is on top since it is integrated with a remarkable range of smart home devices, making it more suitable for smart homeowners. This system comes with Kwikset smart locks, environmental sensors wherein you can connect it to your Nest smart thermostat, and it is linked with brilliant Hue Philips light to produce flash on and off during emergencies. This home security system is compatible with Google Home and working with Amazon Alexa.

Furthermore, this security system has Vivint smartphone app wherein you can get notified whenever suspicious scenarios are happening; your kids are arriving from school, presence of suspicious individuals and this Vivint smartphone app serves as the central command for your home security system allowing you to monitor everything particularly the aspect of your home that may be at risk like suspicious person is behind your windows or doors. Moreover, this home security system is the top-line when it comes to raising security and protection without any hassle. When you are planning to install Vivint Smart Home Security, company personnel will interview you regarding your concerns and their terms and conditions before setting up a plan. If you have decided to install Vivint Smart Home Security, professional will do the installation for you and show you how this security system functions.


  •    Lustrous modern equipment
  •    With home automation
  •    With remote access for the mobile app
  •     Wireless security system
  •    It is available as soon as possible and same day installation
  •    With an awesome lifetime warranty
  •    Cellular and landline connections
  •    Offers environmental disaster protection
  •    Two-ways voice
  •    With doorbell camera


  •    The trial period may be short
  •    Requires long-term contracts
  •    With average monthly charges
  •    Necessitates pro installation

Frontpoint Home Security


  • Best for DIY installation
  • It is wireless and cellular
  • Upgrade environmental protection
  • Includes video doorbells
  • Panic pendants for medical assistance
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • 1 to 3-year contracts
  • Requires 24/7 professional monitoring charge
  • 30-day free trial
  • With door and window sensors
  • Garage sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Glass sensor
  • Smoke sensors
  • Flooding and fire sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • With standardize wireless control panels

In the history of security system business, Frontpoint Home Security holds the best customer service character and reputations. In deciding whether to install a home security system or not, considering its history is very important. The Frontline Home Security is known for being responsive, helpful when it comes to homeowners concerns and you will never get that pressured. This security system is a 24-hour wireless system and with battery backups that makes you capable of working with the absence of electrical power. Just like SimpliSafe, the Frontline base station is correlated with the usage of WIFI and other cellular technology and stab a lifetime warranty and a 30-day free trial. Besides, this home security system assay a variety of motion sensors for your doors, windows, glass breaks, and other entry points. You can also add more environmental sensors for smoke, flood, fire and even carbon monoxide sensors and you can add a panic pendant for medical assistance for your loved ones. This home security system also offers artificial intelligence to assist your daily habits and suggested schedules and alleviating the chances of false alarms. It is also a smart, friendly device, hence, you can customize your system into smart locks, motion-triggered lights, and other entry point controllers. Moreover, Frontpoint Home Security bash a DIY installation for lesser expenses with 24/7 professional monitoring and primarily DIY monitoring not excluded.


  •    You can install it all by yourself
  •    Z-wave compatibility
  •    Practice money-back guarantee
  •    Offers smash protection
  •    With security alerts
  •    Stand inclusive monitoring
  •    Great support
  •    24/7 live professional monitoring
  •    30-day money-back guarantee
  •    A wireless equipment
  •    With lower home automation prices


  •    With long-term contracts
  •    Touch screen panel does not come standardize
  •    Still using Simon XT keypad

ADT Home Security


  • A long-term deal for about 36 months
  • Professional installment
  • Remote access with monthly charges
  • Working with Amazon Alexa
  • $500 theft protection
  • Can be landline or cellular
  • Motion sensors are friendly with pets
  • Video surveillance

When talking about technological improvements, wealthy plan options, and equipment selections ADP is the most notable one. ADP is still a trendy name when it comes to the home security system. Its existence has been around for about century and still improving. Further, modern security systems are either wired or wireless which is beneficial. ADT Home Security offers both wired and wireless and multiple cellular and landline connections. These security systems allow you to custom-select your home security systems based on their functionality, motion sensor, panic buttons, entry point sensors, security cameras, and environmental sensors. If you have ADT Pulse subscription, you can manage and control everything on your phone. You can also remotely control your home devices like locks, garage doors, lights and many more. ADP is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Kwikset smart locks. This security system accord homeowner’s to view live footage with the usage of the app and various custom alerts for any of your devices. What is good with ADP Home Security is that they are known for $500 theft protection. Meaning, if you still have your ADP installed and your home has been damaged the company will pay you, unfortunately, ADP will definitely require you to agree and sign with a long-term contract for about three years, and you can never displace your system, and technically this is not a good idea for the homeowners.


  •    Lower monthly rate
  •    It could be wireless or wired depending on your choice
  •    Best for indoor cameras
  •    With home automation
  •    It carries cellular and landline connections
  •    ADT has been practicing the 6-month money-back guarantee
  •    ADT devices can work away and at home


  •    Requires a long-term contract
  •    Varies the customer service
  •    The company’s technician usually visits your home

Adobe Smart Security Kit


  •    Only for DIY installation
  •    Free remote access
  •    Professional monitoring is available
  •    Without long-term contracts
  •    With the 14-day return policy

Adobe Smart Security Kit is one of the most affordable home security systems in the field of business. This home security system may be budget friendly but offers scores of benefits towards security and protection. This security system contains a base station, door and window sensor, motion sensors, and key fob. You can also acquire different Adobe accessories like cameras, sirens, entry point sensors, and environmental sensors if you want to amplify your security system. It is stated above that this security camera is way affordable due to their unique self-monitoring remote which is entirely free. With this security system, you can monitor your home using your smartphone, iOS, Android phone. The Adobe Smart Security is working with Phillips Hue and Lifx smart lights, Zigbee and Z-Wave, Nest, and Yale and Kwikset smart locks.

Furthermore, the 24/7 professional monitoring and more extended storage are limited, but you can upgrade to the Secure plan for the costly charge. Adobe stands for offering free shipping and a 14-day return policy if technical errors are observed. Moreover, Adobe Smart Security is more prominent when it comes to size compared to other presented home security system. It could be an issue especially to aesthetic-minded homeowner’s.


  •    No long-term contract
  •    Simple to set-up
  •    Easy to use
  •    With free remote notifications
  •    App access
  •    Optional professional monitoring
  •    CUE home automation engine


  •    Low-resolution camera
  •    Patchy sensor connectivity
  •    Blurry images
  •    Flimsy hardware


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