The Best Summer Blankets

Looking for a blanket to keep you cool during the summer? You have to the right place! Check our list of best summer blankets of the year.

A blanket can have multiple purposes, depending on what someone prefers. Some can be used as a decoration for chairs and couches, others to protect your bed. Most people use them as a cover that will warm them overnight. During the summer, for people who like being covered while they sleep, a special blanket is required. As a standard blanket would cause overheating and sweating, summer blankets are designed to prevent this. Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about summer blankets.

Difference Between Standard and Summer Blanket 

Summer blankets are usually more breathable than standard ones and provide more airflow thanks to a looser weave. They can also often absorb sweat, which makes your sleep more comfortable. To prevent heat build-up, these materials used are lighter than the ones used for standard blankets.

Factors to Consider

There is a large number of properties that can affect the quality and look of a summer blanket. They can also be used for different purposes. So, it is best to start by deciding what kind of a blanket you want and what do you plan to use it for.

  1. Durability. Many things can affect the durability of a blanket, starting from material and weave to how it is maintained. For instance, some materials naturally last longer than others and need little to no maintenance. Others, usually elegant ones, like silk and down, need special treatment in order to last longer.
  2. Materials. Various materials can be used to make a summer blanket. Some will add to its quality, others its durability. Most of them will affect the price in some way. Materials can be divided into two groups: natural and synthetic. Both have their benefits and downsides, and it is up to you to decide which is the right choice. Natural materials like cotton, wool or down are usually softer and really comfortable but can be too warm. They are also pricier. Synthetic ones, like polyester, are made to replicate the feel of natural ones. The best thing about them is that most of them are hypoallergenic and cheaper than natural materials. Some blankets can be a blend of both of these. They combine the best from both worlds while completely eliminating the downsides.
  3. Weave. The way any material is woven is essential to how it will perform. A weave can make the material softer, smoother, or more breathable. It can even impact how the final product will look, as some of the more complex weaves can create visible patterns. When it comes to summer blankets, the most important factor is that the material is loosely woven together, so that air can flow through it and disperse heat.
  4. Colors. There are many different colors and patterns of summer blankets available on the market. So, it should be easy choosing the one that best fits your style.
  5. Cleaning. When it comes to cleaning your summer blanket, you need to be careful. As most are made to absorb sweat and other moisture, they need to be cleaned often.
  6. Return policy. Usually, more expensive and high-quality products come with return policies.

Reviews of the Best Summer Blankets

Super Cozy Bamboo Blanket

This blanket is perfect for use during the summer as it is naturally cool thanks to being made from 100% bamboo viscose. The material is thin and extremely soft and smooth. Its natural fibers make it cool to the touch so those unpleasant hot nights will be a thing of the past. Additionally, the material can absorb sweat, so if it gets too warm, you will still be comfortable. Super Cozy Bamboo Blanket is woven with tiny holes in it, providing airflow and dispersing heat. It is also odor resistant, so you can use it for quite a while before having to wash it.

When it comes to looks, this summer blanket has a beautiful textured finish that will add to the style wherever you put it. Moreover, there are four different colors you can choose from, so it should fit well in any room. Beside two sizes that will suit either a Queen or a Twin bed, there is an option of buying this blanket as a throw.


  • Made from natural bamboo viscose
  • Very comfortable and cool
  • Several color options
  • Two sizes for a bed and a throw option

eLuxury 100% Cotton Luxury Metro Blanket

This zig-zag pattern blanket will perfectly fit any piece of furniture and enhance the decor in every room in your home. During the summer, the breathable cotton will keep you cool while absorbing your sweat, and when it gets colder, it will provide warmth without trapping the heat. Whether you decide to use it during the summer or winter, one thing is sure; you sleep soundly and feel comfortable during the entire night. When it comes to cleaning, eLuxury 100% Cotton Luxury Metro Blanket is easy to maintain, as it is machine-washable.


  • Made from 100% high-quality cotton
  • Great for all seasons
  • Multiple sizes
  • Wide range of colors with an interesting pattern
  • 30-day trial

Sofia’s Linen Pure Flax Blanket

Sofia’s Linen Pure Flax Blanket is meant to be used primarily as a throw, but it is also great as a cover. This blanket is made of fibers derived from flax plant that adds breathability and it is very durable. The only downside is that it is a little coarse. Although, it is excellent when used as an additional layer during colder nights. On the other hand, when used as a throw, it has no flaws as it is beautiful and soft, and looks perfect on any chair or a couch. Its size is somewhere between a standard throw blanket, and the one that is used for a twin bed. This means it can adapt to any use you have bought it for. With its ability to absorb moisture and regulate temperature, it is great throughout the year. With several different colors and a plaid pattern, it will enhance the look of any room and suit any style.


  • It will keep you warm and comfortable
  • Naturally breathable
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Free shipping with a 14-day return policy

DreamTek Summer Down Comforter

DreamTek Summer Down Comforter is a perfect choice both for warm summer evenings and cold winter months. This is possible thanks to its interior fill which is separated into smaller compartments with sewn-through stitching, which results in less loft and insulation, but it will still be warm when you need it. Furthermore, this comforter has a 395 TC cotton shell that wicks away moisture. This product is soft, comfortable, durable and made from high-quality materials. Another great feature of this down comforter is its innovative Smart Snap System, which offers you the option to attach two of these models together to make a thicker cover. You can even combine different sizes so you can adjust the thickness, which is very useful, especially when sleeping with a partner. 


  • High-quality material
  • Smart Snap System lets you adjust the thickness
  • Machine-washable
  • Hypoallergenic

Sferra Kingston Blanket

For those looking for a high-end luxury summer blanket, Sferra Kingston Blanket is a perfect choice both in looks and performance. With its thermal waffle weave that features breathability, you will sleep cool. It will also absorb moisture and enhance your sleep experience even more. It is made from 100% cotton and it is very comfortable and smooth to the touch. Your bedroom’s look will also be improved, thanks to the elegant pattern and various colors to choose from. There is also a 30-day trial period available if you purchase this product.


  • Pre-shrunk to keep its size
  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Several color options with a beautiful waffle weave 

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