The utmost thing we love doing in our life is sleeping in our favorite beds–nothing more special compares to the comfortable feeling that our bed and blankets can offer while we are sleeping and experiencing sweet dreams. Furthermore, sleeping plays a vital role in safeguarding our mental health, physical health and sustaining the quality of our lives. On the other hand, blankets are a piece of cloth that enrobe the body and extend a solid measure of being comfortable while we are sleeping or resting and it is quite contradicting that some are using blankets even during summer. Blankets are associated with rest, warmth, and comfort that we should feel while we are using them. It is made of cloth and comes with different designs, patterns, decorations, and colors depending on your taste that can produce extra warmth to your body. The best summer blankets nowadays could be made of velvet, cotton, silk, a combination of polyester and cotton, chenille, and fur. It is essential to know about what is your blanket made of in order to distinguish its major usage. Furthermore, it is a fact that there are some individuals who love using blankets even in hot weather. Some cannot manage to sleep without their blankets on, and some see this as a prerequisite when the weather gets chilly.


Purpose of the Product

When summer is quite near, people will get busy buying and choosing the blankets that can give them comfortableness and warmth especially to those who cannot manage to sleep without there blankets on. Most of the people are thinking that blankets are only used to allay the coldness that you will feel but it is not season specific so you can always have your blankets on as long as you are comfortable. Furthermore, the purpose of the summer blanket is basically to give warmth to your body when the weather gets cooler and prevent your body from releasing for sweats. In addition, it also offers discretion or alternative hugs when there is no one you can count on. If you are planning to purchase summer blankets, here are some things that you need to consider:

Availability of the sizes: We cannot deny the fact that a family consists of a number of children with different body sizes. In choosing your summer blankets, consider the body sizes of your family and your body size as well in order for you to purchase the right one.

Authenticity: In purchasing summer blankets, don’t forget to consider if the blankets you are purchasing are authentic. Some summer blankets that you can buy with cheaper prices and untrusted persons could be made of any chemicals that can harm you and your family. In selecting summer blankets always be wise and don’t forget to consider its quality.

Availability of designs: Looking upon the quality of summer blanket is the up must priority of the buyers buy, you should also consider if the designs and patterns are appealing for you not to regret in the end.

These are just some of the purpose of summer blankets and the things you need to consider if you are planning to get one. This could assist you when you are still confused about how to select the best summer blankets for you and your family.


How It Affects Sleep

It is given that the purpose of having a summer blanket is to give comfort to people even during summer and add up to the warmth that they feel. Furthermore, most or many of the adults and teenagers nowadays are suffering from insomnia and fatigue that makes them unable to sleep easily, hence, making them more prone to various mental, physical, and body health concerns. Purchasing summer blanket will improve your sleep quality because it gives comfort to your body and a feeling of relaxation that makes sleep easily, stays as sleep, sleep longer and waking up with a good mood. It also offers an alternative hug that enrobes in your body that makes you more relax while you are sleeping, napping or resting and allow you to enjoy your dreams even more. If you are one of the people who is suffering from insomnia and fatigue, purchasing summer blankets could help you combat that concern without spending a big amount of money and its more beneficial since it is non-medical.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Most people are concern about how to sleep at night comfortably and to protect yourself when the weather gets frosty. Further, we cannot deny the fact that some people are into using a blanket whether the weather gets cold or gets hotter. Some people cannot sleep easily without their blankets on, and they always feel uncomfortable during sleeping and resting time. Moreover, the usage of summer blankets has become popular nowadays. In addition, contemporary markets offer a variety of blankets that can guarantee and can offer you a solid means of being comfortable every night and a wide collection of multiple options with reasonable prices. However, despite having broad benefits in using the best summer blankets, it has its drawbacks as well. If you still doubt if using summer blankets is useful or not, here are the advantages and disadvantages of using summer blankets that can help enlighten your minds.




Clench Comfortableness

It is already inflicted in the minds of people that blankets are used to lessen or allay the coldness that the human feels during winter or fall to cover up them and protect their body. However, blankets are also useful during summer especially to those individuals who are already used in using blankets even during summer time. Furthermore, humans are looking after for a comfortable night when they are sleeping and resting. Using summer blankets offers you a comfortable night even during summer. The contemporary blankets hold a variety of feature that you cannot resist. It gives mere warmth to your body during summer, hence, it will not wake you up every midnight or anytime because of the constant sweating. Moreover, when using summer blankets, it guarantees you that you will constantly feel comfortable the moment you take a rest, sleep or nap especially if you cannot sleep without your blankets on.


Aesthetic Designs

Summer blankets have become popular for the past decades because of the benefits it offers to the people and the comfortableness they will discern. Furthermore, summer blankets have been ameliorating from time-to-time due to a high level of competition of different blanket producers in this generation and the level of demand. In connection to this, numerous blanket producers’ offers a variety of summer blankets that holds aesthetic designs, alluring patterns, beauteous decorations, and appealing colors that could catch the eye of the buyers. Furthermore, if you are particular of the appeal of your room, using summer blankets can help add up to its beautification. Contemporary market is no longer offering a mere and shallow design towards its produced blankets, yet, they make it more appealing for the customers to be more satisfied. Moreover, summer blankets do not only give the people the feeling of comfortableness during bedtime, but it can also accessorize and fillet your rooms which are pleasant to your eyes.


Enhance Your Sleep Quality

If you are suffering from habitual sleeplessness, you can sleep easily but wake up after a couple of hours, or sleeping for about eight hours but you still think and feel unrested, you might suffer from insomnia. However, having poor sleep quality does not mean that you are already suffering from insomnia. Fatigue could be a reason why you cannot sleep at night and result in a poor quality of sleep. Furthermore, people are well diverse that having enough sleep is very important to sustain and maintain your body health and physical health and it is also very necessary to ensure that the sleep you have or get is indeed gentle and refreshing. Many are experiencing sleeping for enough time but waking up feeling drained and exhaust. Moreover, using blankets during summer can enhance your sleep quality because of the gentle feeling that the summer blankets contributes. Also, the usage of summer blankets offers a firm and balmy pressure that can make you sleep faster; hence, you can sleep longer than your usual sleeping hours, can improve your sleep quality, and can wake you up feeling more rested.


Offers Alternative Hug

Using summer blankets during summer offers a wide measure of comfortableness when you are sleeping and resting every night or every time you are free. But nothing compares on how comfortable you will feel the moment you are hugging huge teddy bears or being hugged by someone you are into. In addition, using of summer blankets offers an alternative hug that can boost and aid dopamine and serotonin and can improve your mood the moment you wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night. Teenagers and adults nowadays enjoy the feeling of peacefulness, being comforted and relax that they get and experience from the gentle pressure of summer blanket. Moreover, having and using summer blankets, you can get a broader hug anytime and anywhere the moment you feel you need one.


Calms the Body Down

Many people are concern about suffering from insomnia and fatigue every night while others are suffering and having a hard time towards calming their body down. Some are staying alert at night feeling that their brain and body are still thrumming. Using summer blanket will calm your body down because it gives gentle and relaxing feeling the moment you cover up your body and it lowers your nervous system activities and lower anxiety. Moreover, due to the usage of summer blanket, your body calms down and create psychological changes that enhance your sleep quality and maintain your physical health and body health. Also, people will always find a hard time in calming their body especially if they have a high level of anxiety; summer blanket is a non-medicinal solution that can improve you without paying or exerting a big or higher amount of money.


Reasonable Prices

In today’s’ generation, we cannot deny the fact that the contemporary market and blanket producers are battling and competing towards gaining a higher percentage of profit and income. With this, blanket producers are offering lower and reasonable prices to the consumers in order to boost and increase their consumer products because there is a higher chance that there will be a low percentage that the consumers will purchase your product if there are other products that offer cheaper prices but also holds the same features and benefits. Furthermore, using and buying cheaper summer blankets does not necessarily mean it offers lower features as well. Cheaper blankets hold priceless features that could satisfy you and not being bothered about its price since it is not a costly product.




Heavy Washing

It is a fact that summer blanket offers a variety of benefits towards its users and can enhance your sleep quality, gives warmth to your body the moment that the weather gets chilly, helps you combat your insomnia and fatigue every night, and lower your anxiety percentage, summer blanket also needs to be washed every now and then as well. Some people are sleeping for about three to five hours while most of the people are sleeping for about six up to 8 hours. With this, your body contributes bacteria to the blanket. Hence, summer blankets necessitate continuous and constant washing to banish dead skin sell, dust mite particle, sweat, and different bacteria. However, some are lazy enough and tend to neglect that their blankets need to be clean all the time. Furthermore, using summer blankets corresponds to heavy washing since some summer blankets are made of cloth and cotton that absorb water that causes heaviness. Besides, summer blankets are used every night, and with this, it gets dirty easily that requires keen attention and constant cleaning and washing for you not to get any kind of disease from your own summer blanket.


Can Contribute Diseases

Some people are indeed looking for a blanket that can actually give them comfort every time they are sleeping, taking a rest and napping. It really feels good that you are comforted by alternative hugs by your blanket that makes you comfortable even more. Having and using of summer blanket indeed improves your sleep quality because you can easily fall as sleep. However, your own blanket can contribute any mean of diseases towards you as well. It is given that continuous washing of your blanket is important since you are using your blanket for about twelve hours or beyond and you bestow continuous sweat, dead skin sell and pets might go along with your blankets that confer bacteria at the same time. Moreover, if you are lazy enough when it comes to maintaining its cleanliness you are actually prone to getting mere diseases from your own blanket unwantedly.


Fire Imminence

In this modern world, contemporary markets offer lower and cheaper prices towards their products due to a higher level of competition and some consumers tend to purchase a number of summer blankets for their home and personal usage. Furthermore, it is a fact, and given that summer blankets are made of cotton, fur, silk, etc. that are prone to fire and easily get burn. With this, despite being secured when it comes to enhancing your sleep quality it holds a negative feature as well. When an unexpected scenario like fire occurs, your summer blankets will surely contribute to those phenomena since it is made of materials that easily adapt fires. Fire is a phenomenon that happens during unexpected moments, instead of using your blankets to ease the fire, call the persons immediately and professionally responsible and capable of those certain happenings.


Not Safe for the Infant Babies

The newbie parents are always wanting the best for their baby especially during sleeping or resting hours. They are always worried if their baby feels cold or chilly. Parents will always consider the idea of covering their baby’s body with a blanket. However, using of blanket specifically summer blanket to your baby is not a good idea since summer blanket produced more warmth to the body. Furthermore, if your baby is below twelve months, summer blankets should be kept out of the crib. Hence, it increases a risk that can cause a sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suffocation, and smothering. Moreover, it is extensive normal that newbie parents will always worry that without blankets, their baby’s will get chilly. However, the infant babies can get the exact level of warmth from the bed or crib and with the baby’s dress as well.


Safety Precautions

Blankets are used to sheath your body during bedtime or anytime you want since it gives warmth to your body. Some people are confused regarding the difference between the usual blanket and summer blanket. Some would say that there are no differences at all. However, the two differ from each other depending on their purpose and what they are made of. Technically, you cannot use your summer blanket during cold seasons because it cannot give the level of warmth that you actually need. Furthermore, there are some people that are actually into using blanket during summer and summer blanket is more coequal to a certain throw blanket that you actually use and keep on your couch. Their objective and purpose are basically to add a layer of warmth to your body just like when you are wearing a jacket. In addition, it also gives you warmth when the weather gets nippy. Moreover, if you are one of the people who are into using blankets during the summer, there are some precautions that you need to follow. Here are some strong and solid recommendations for you upon using and selecting the best summer blanket with the following precautions:

Breathable: Some are selecting their summer blanket base on its appeal, design, and patterns without considering the summer blanket’s quality. Looking for the gaiety summer blanket, it should be made of breathable textile. Having or using unbreathable summer blankets will block or trap the unnecessary heat in the summer blanket and might overheat you. Furthermore, the aim of the summer blanket is not to isolate you from outside but to add some level of warmth to your body without experiencing continuous sweating. In selecting summer blanket, make it sure that is breathable fabric to create an exact balance.


Have been tested: In this generation, it is given that there are summer blankets that are claimed to be authentic and this can catch the eyes of the customer because technically, it offers cheaper prices. In addition, in selecting or choosing your summer blanket for yourself or family, make it sure that you are purchasing your product from trusted stores or company and ensure that their blankets have been proven and tested by other customers.  Don’t be blinded by the cheap prices, but always consider its quality and what it is made of.

Lightweight: Summer indeed corresponds to chilly weather and using heavy blankets should be avoided since it can suffocate you. Furthermore, is selecting the best summer blankets, you should consider its texture and what it is made of. Choose the summer blanket that is made of thick fabric and summer blankets that are made of bamboo, cotton, or polyester. Moreover, thicker fabric summer blankets are suitable for the summer season, but you can always add another layer of summer blanket to add more warmth only if you want to.

Replace your old blankets: Some people are suffering from a financial problem that makes them particular towards spending money and ensuring that their need is their number one priority. However, if you are that kind of person who always uses blankets every day, you should consider changing your blankets and replace it immediately if it is already quite old. Purchasing new blankets during summer is not costly because the market offers cheaper prices and replace your summer blankets even if you think it still looks functioning.

Transact with trusted person: We cannot deny the fact that there is a rampant existence of people who will take advantage you especially if you are a first-time buyer of summer blankets. They will offer you blankets that hold cheap prices and products that look authentic. In choosing you summer blanket, make it sure that you are purchasing with the assistance of trusted and proven individuals and always check the quality of the fabric and what it is made of to distinguish if it cannot harm to your health and family.

These safety precaution tips are likely to prevent you from harming yourself and ensuring that you are using the appropriate summer blankets. At the same time, these serve as a squire to those who are currently using summer blankets on what they have to do and consider and to those who are planning to purchase one and experience the comfortableness it brings.


Review of the Top Brands

Blankets offer an alternative hug every time you want to be comforted, and you have no one to count on. Blankets are basically a piece of cloth that is usually made of fur, silk, cotton, linen or bamboo that enrobe your body to add up another measure of warmth. On the other hand, when you think of summer, you automatically imagine the long vacation, the waves that are crashing calling your name, the beautiful sunset in the beach and the adventure you will experience. In addition, summer is a chilly temperature that everybody could experience and the hottest among four seasons before autumn and after spring. It seems like a contradiction that you are using blanket during the summer season, and when spring and summer are fast approaching, many people are busy choosing and selecting summer blankets that can cool them up despite the hot weather. Further, you can always have your blankets to cool you up during summer because no matter how hot it gets, it will still not matter.

Furthermore, in selecting summer blankets, you can have multiple and scores of choices depending on your taste. The contemporary market offers a variety of summer blankets associated with modern aesthetic designs, appealing patterns, charming decorations, fetching smooth and soft fabric, priceless features and alluring blueprint. It also comes with different sizes that are suitable for your bed. Various colors that can add up to the beautification of your room and with reasonable prices. Moreover, with all of the priceless features that the summer blanket holds, nothing more compares to the kind of comfort it offers every time you are sleeping, napping, resting or you are simply using it. Purchasing summer blankets is quite challenging because you have to consider a lot of things like quality, design, size, color and a lot more. It is not good to choose a summer blanket because someone said so. It should be base on your taste, quality of the summer blanket and the purpose why you are selecting and buying one. These selections can help you in choosing and selecting your summer blanket for you and your family to be more comforted. Our best summer blankets!


Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket


  •         Child-friendly blanket
  •         Available with four distinct sizes
  •         Guarantee decent services
  •         Lightweight summer blanket
  •         With a limited product warranty up to 5 years


It is easy to achieve a high-quality standard of summer blankets with the brands and products that take care of its valued customers. The Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket stands for offering a solid and sophisticated summer blanket and assay versatility and satisfaction to the customers. Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket has been serving the people and producing and maintaining a high- quality standard products starting from 1990 and serving for about 29 years in the market. Furthermore, Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket is versatile and can be used while you are in your bed, car seat, armchair, or couch as long as you are making yourself comfortable and it is available with four distinct design specifically twin, queen and king size, and throw sizes. This summer blanket can add up a smooth and ultra-soft feeling the moment you are napping, resting or sleeping and hold very eye-catching patterns and designs. Moreover, if you and your family are planning to have a vacation, Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket is the best blanket you can use during your picnic during your vacation. This because Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket is 100% made of polyester material. In addition, if you have very sensitive skin or you are suffering from allergies, purchasing choosing Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket is a right decision because this summer blanket has an anti-pill structure to thwart possible takeovers.



  •         Lightweight summer blanket
  •         Offers variety and multiple colors
  •         Keeps your body warm when the weather gets chilly
  •         Shaggy
  •         You can wash it easily
  •         Ultra-soft summer blanket
  •         You can give this to anyone as a form of gift


  •         Exfoliate with high temperature
  •         Not as thick as you expected


Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton


  •         100% made of cotton
  •         Available with three different sizes
  •         Patterns and designs are carefully weave
  •         Facile machine dry and wash
  •         Breathable summer blanket
  •         Without harmful fabric
  •         Ideal for all kind of season
  •         Available with two elegant colors


Numerous blankets are offered by different companies that use contemporary materials but using natural fabrics and materials are quite appreciated by most of the people. And some of the summer blanket buyers indeed prefer to purchase natural cotton summer blankets than modern summer blankets. Furthermore, with Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton, you can have breathable summer blankets, especially during summer when the weather gets hotter that actually dries up your skin very much. Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton have invented or created a luxury assemblage of classy and breathable summer blankets for everyone. Consequently, the different lightweight summer blankets are mainly used during summer but either the weather gets colder or chilly, Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton blanket will produce a heavenly atmosphere and feeling for your body. This also saves yourself from the danger that the UV light brings. Utopia Bedding 100% Premium Woven Cotton is available with two distinct colors (White and grey), and you will appreciate and enjoy its idiomatic design and an unblemished woven structure. Also, this summer blanket is excellent in improving your decorations in your home especially when it is placed in your bed, armchair or couch.



  •         A breathable summer blanket
  •         100% natural cotton
  •         Easy to wash and care
  •         Not that heavy
  •         Can be a quilt or bedspread
  •         With an elegant pattern
  •         It last long


  •         Not as soft as you expected
  •         Subject to abatement


Exclusivo Mezcla Luxury Flannet Velvet


  •         Breathable summer blanket
  •         Smooth texture
  •         Lightweight summer blanket
  •         Available with fours different colors
  •         Non-static summer blanket
  •         It has nest stitches in the edged of the blanket


Summer is not an exception if you want to cover or enrobe your body with your favorite blanket. Summer blanket offers an alternative hug even during summer and keeps you feel the warmth. Furthermore, Exclusivo Mezcla Luxury Flannet Velvet is an ultra-soft blanket that can give you a hug and makes you comfortable even more, The company behind this amazing summer blanket tend to focus of providing high-quality standard summer blankets for adding warmth, comfort to everyone, and add an essence of luxury to your body. We should not judge this summer blanket by its mere appearance but try to take a look at its priceless benefits. In addition, this summer blanket is made of 100% polyester microfabric that guarantees customers that it is completely breathable, soft, and long-lasting. Also, Exclusivo Mezcla Luxury Flannet Velvet has its geometric pattern and a mere weight for about 1.1 pounds making it more great for travels and summer nights. During its years of service, Exclusivo Mezcla Luxury Flannet Velvet will not easily be faded, get shed or wrinkled. Hence, it still holds an excellent look throughout the time.



  •         Very comfy summer blanket
  •         Elegant look
  •         Long-lasting
  •         Warms you during winter and cools you down during summer
  •         Lightweight summer blanket


  •         Shady type of summer blanket
  •         Quite small


Pinzon by Amazon Egyptian Cotton Herringbone


  •         Lightweight summer blanket
  •         5.8 pounds only
  •         No troubles when it comes to cleaning it
  •         Safe for dryers and washing machines
  •         Offers two sizes
  •         Good-looking


From time-to-time, people are always looking for the summer blanket’s feature and quality upon purchasing. The company behind this summer blankets produces products that are Oeko-Tex standard passer that checks and distinguish the products if it meets the environmental standards and their standards. Pinzon by Amazon Egyptian Cotton Herringbone summer blanket is the best example of high-quality products attain in Portugal, and it is made of zero-twist cotton coming from Egypt. Furthermore, Pinzon by Amazon Egyptian Cotton Herringbone is a sophisticated and elegant herringbone weave that make this summer blanket even more catchy and attractive and available with two distinct sizes: King and queen size. Also, this summer blanket is available with four different colors (gentle cream, pure white, sand taupe, and chocolate) that can add up to the beautification of your home.



  •         Offers a strong layer of comfortableness
  •         Breathable
  •         A lightweight summer blanket
  •         Durable
  •         Easy to wash and care
  •         Made of Egyptian cotton and it is a natural zero-twisted
  •         A high-quality summer blanket


  •         Compact weave


Eastland Luxury Super Soft Queen

Even you are into things that you have a hard time losing them, and you have been using them for a couple of hours, but you are still not satisfied with their works. Eastland Luxury Super Soft Queen is a summer blanket where you can enjoy its softness even you are using them for a couple of hours but you will never get, and you will always have that desire to use it again and again. Eastland Luxury Super Soft Queen is a lightweight and durable summer blanket so you can enjoy it for a couple of years or for a longer time.

Furthermore, this summer blanket is 330 GSM microfiber making it warmer and softer unlike other fabrics, and its aesthetic look will not easily get wrinkle and faded so you can enjoy it longer. Moreover, if you want to improve the decoration of your home, Eastland Luxury Super Soft Queen is the best and the simplest décor you can add to that improvement due to its elegant design. Also, this summer blanket offers a variety of sizes that will fit to any users.



  •         Aesthetic designs
  •         Durable
  •         Brighter hue range
  •         Fabulous quality
  •         Easy to wash and dry
  •         Lightweight measure
  •         Adaptable
  •         Thermal effect


  •         It has no tumble steps in drying
  •         Easily gets damage

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