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Looking for a new blanket? We’ve got you covered! Check our list of the top blankets of the year. Whether you’re looking to add style or warmth to your bedroom, we can help.

When purchasing a blanket, you should take your time to pick the best one, as they come in many different models. They can vary depending on the material from which they are made, their design, or how they are woven together. Although choosing a blanket of the highest quality may be a little pricier, it pays off in the long run, because it is much more comfortable and will last longer. Of course, when it comes to blankets, the look is equally crucial. There is a large number of colors and patterns so you can easily pick the best one for you and your bedroom. Read on about all the information that could be useful when buying a blanket.

Types of Blankets

First of all, it is crucial to know what blanket types are available on the market so that you could determine what you are looking for. Here are some of the most common types.

  • A standard blanket – As there are so many types of blankets available, the term “standard blanket” is used for a model that suits all regular bed sizes. There is a King, Queen, Double, and Twin size.
  • A throw – This is a lighter type of blanket which is often used to decorate furniture other than the bed. Their regular size is seventy by fifty inches, making it a good fit for a chair or a couch in your living room. This means that you can buy a blanket to adorn any part of your house, as they are really adaptable.
  • A quilt – These are some of the most beautiful blankets. They are similar to a standard blanket, but its exterior is made of various materials stitched together. This results in an attractive and decorative look that will make any bed look great.
  • A Heated blanket – If you want to be safe and warm during cold nights, this blanket is for you. This electrical model can provide additional heat when plugged in. Some models can even regulate temperature so you can set it up however you like.
  • A weighted blanket – A special kind of blanket designed to be heavier than usual. These models are made for people who feel more secure and comfortable with added pressure. The typical model weighs from five to thirty pounds.
  • An Afghan – Another blanket that is more often used for decoration, than for practical purposes. As it has a crocheted design, it has large holes in the stitching, so it won’t be very good for keeping the warmth. But if you are looking to adorn a part of your room, this is one of the prettiest options.

Types of Material

Type of material from which a blanket is made can affect several things. It can make it warmer or more breathable so that it provides a cooling effect. It can also make it smoother and more comfortable. So, you need to know what you are going to use your blanket for, and at what time of the year you are going to use it. These are some of the most popular materials used to make blankets.

  • Wool – This commonly used material is both warm and breathable. So, during colder nights, it will keep the optimal temperature, while being cooler during warmer nights. Although not as soft as some other materials, it is still pretty comfortable. Wool is also good at wicking moisture away.
  • Down – A bit pricier than some of the other materials, down is both very soft and light. This material is also good at insulating. Due to its properties, it can be used throughout the year. This is all thanks to the origin of the material – duck or geese feathers.
  • Cotton – A type of material used to create a blanket which is very soft and comfortable to use. It is commonly used for bedding products because it is good at absorbing moisture. Aside from that, it is generally smooth and plush to touch, with good breathability that will keep you cool during warm nights. This type of material is often used to create pillows, blankets, sheets, and many more.
  • Synthetic – There are several types of synthetic materials. These are made with specific characteristics in mind. For instance, polyester is cheaper and can mimic different textures. Fleece is made to have all the best features of wool and can be used by people allergic to wool. The only downside is that it is not as breathable so it might not be the best solution for warmer parts of the season. Acrylic is similar to wool or cashmere, but it is cheaper and lighter than them. The only problem is that it is not very durable, because after some time the material will start to peel and balls of fabric may form.  

Other Factors

When considering the purchase of a blanket, there are several more things to know that could prove useful. Some of these can affect them in either a good or a bad way, so knowing what to look for in a blanket can prove essential for buying a model that you will be completely satisfied with.


Depending on what you want to use your blanket for, size can be vital. Most types are made to fit the standard mattresses. On the other hand, some, like the throw ones, can be smaller, as they are usually meant to be used as a decoration. If you are going to use it for sleeping, check your mattress’ size and then look for a blanket accordingly.


One of the most vital things to focus on is the durability of the product. This will let the customer enjoy the product for a longer time. The materials that are used to create blankets like wool and down are very durable. However, you can expect a higher price, and it can be harder to clean and maintain. Moreover, blankets that are used for sleeping tend to last shorter than the decorative ones. Washing them frequently can also affect their durability.


It is essential for a customer to know how their blankets are woven because it can affect the performance of the product. For example, the type of weave is essential for temperature regulation. If it’s loosely woven together, it will be breathable, but the heat will disperse, so this can’t be used for colder nights. On the other hand, these types of weave are great for decoration. When the weave is tightly made, it will keep the warmth, but can also hold in moisture.

Color and Pattern

Although not as vital, how your blanket looks can affect the overall aesthetic of the room. Look for the models that best suit your style, and fit nicely with the design of the rest of the room. This can change the atmosphere of the entire space, and make it a place you want to stay in all day.

Organic Materials

Non-synthetic material like cotton or wool can be produced to meet the standards of organic material. Although this usually makes them more expensive, the quality is also much better because they are made without any possibly harmful chemicals. This means that this type of material keeps safe both the ecosystem and you.

Cleaning procedure

Most blankets require a standard cleaning procedure by using a washing machine and a dryer. Just to be sure, when buying one, read the instructions as some models may need special treatment and different procedures for cleaning.

Return Policy

There is a chance that, even though everything is right with the product, it just doesn’t suit you well and you would like a new one. Many producers have a return policy for this kind of cases. Check if the model you are buying has a sleep trial or even a warranty. You can often get a full refund because it is in their best interest for every customer to be satisfied

Reviews of the Best Blankets

If you have troubles choosing the best blanket, we can help! Read our unbiased reviews and guide to find your perfect pick!

Creswick Australian Mills Wool Blend Blanket 

This company has been making products made of wool for a long time. Therefore, this experience has helped them make one of the best wool blankets money can buy. Creswick Australian Mills Wool Blend Blanket is actually a blend of wool and linen, although it mostly consists of wool. Linen is there to provide it with additional stretch and great durability. This isn’t any kind of wool, either. It is derived from a special breed of Australian sheep which gives particularly dense wool that results in an extra soft blanket. This type of wool is great at keeping the optimal temperature, and it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. You won’t have to worry about sweating or any kind of moisture, as it can wick it away easily. There are multiple sizes and colors available to choose from.

2PO 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket

If you need a good blanket that will keep you cool during the summer, don’t look any further. 2PO 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket is a lightweight model that is entirely made of high-quality cotton fibers that are breathable and ensure sweat-free sleep. Furthermore, thanks to the way it is woven, this thermal blanket is able to reduce the heat and help you sleep cool. On the other hand, during cold winter nights, it will keep you warm, so you can use it throughout the year. Like any product made of fine cotton, this blanket is durable so you won’t need a new one for a long time. There are ten different colors you can choose

Great Bay Home Sherpa Stretch Knitted Blanket

Affordable, comfortable, and great looking blanket. What more can you ask for? This cozy and elegant model is made of fleece polyester that is plush to the touch and both lightweight and warm so you can use it during the entire year. As it looks great, you can also use it as a throw blanket and decorate your living room with it. With various sizes, color, and patterns offered, fitting it with the rest of your room has never been easier. Another advantage of Great Bay Home Sherpa Stretch Knitted Blanket is a 30-day trial period in which you can get a full refund.

The Magic Linen Waffle Pattern Blanket

This model has it all. It is incredibly soft, very durable, can resist moisture, and looks beautiful in any room. This is the result of the material being the blend of linen and cotton and taking the best properties of both. Linen gives it the ability to wick moisture away and a long life span. By stone-washing it and then combining it with cotton, ultimate softness is achieved. Cotton also provides this blanket with warmth, meaning that you will be safe and comfortable during cold winter nights. Lastly, its waffle pattern makes this a classy choice that will fit your bed or couch perfectly, adapting to any style. Just to make sure, there are several colors available. The Magic Linen Waffle Pattern Blanket is machine washable, meaning there aren’t any specific requirement when it comes to cleaning. This product doesn’t require any special treatment, meaning you can just wash it in your washing machine.


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