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How To Sleep With Tinnitus

How To Sleep With Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a symptom commonly described as roaring, ringing, clicking or buzzing in an individual’s ears. It can include high or low pitched noises and vary in volume from very quiet to loud in both or just one of the person’s ears.

Sleep Talking – Causes and Treatment

Sleep Talking – Causes and Treatment

When people are sleep talking, they are often mumbling and talking nonsense, and don’t remember it the next day. Most of them are not aware that they have a problem until their partner, roommate or a family member brings it to the table.

Noises Used For Improving Sleep

Noises Used For Improving Sleep

Many types of noise can help people sleep by relaxing them and allowing them to drift off itno blissful slumber.

Sleeping Alone vs. Snoozing with a Partner

Sleeping Alone vs. Snoozing with a Partner

Many couples are probably wondering is it better to sleep alone or with your better half. Well, the answer to this question is far from a simple “yes” or “no”. In order to make a definitive conclusion, we have decided to compare sleeping alone vs. with snoozing with your partner. First, let’s take a look at the advantages of catching ZZZs with your significant other.

Do Sleep Trackers Make You Sleep Worse?

Do Sleep Trackers Make You Sleep Worse?

Sleep trackers are useful pieces of technology that should help you learn more about your sleep. They can improve the quality and duration of sleep, and help you change bad sleep habits.

Useful Tips to Fall Back Asleep After You Wake Up

Useful Tips to Fall Back Asleep After You Wake Up

Many people in the United States experience nocturnal awakenings, and the prevalence of these awakenings increases with age. If you wake up frequently during the night, and can’t fall back asleep, some useful tips can help you with this.

You Are One Box Spring Away From A Good Night’s Sleep

You Are One Box Spring Away From A Good Night’s Sleep

Mattress shopping can be confusing enough for anyone. Adding a box spring to the list of requirements makes the shopping process even more baffling. It can tempt you away from the box spring section of the website or the store but depending on the type of mattress and...

The Real Questions About Mattress Disposal Every Homeowner Needs To Ask

The Real Questions About Mattress Disposal Every Homeowner Needs To Ask

The American citizens dispose of close to 20 million mattresses each year. This trend comes after the demand for new bedding has significantly gone up in new homes across the country. Mattress companies have created a movement of mass mattress buying that has claimed...

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Mattress Online

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Mattress Online

Have you ever wanted to buy mattress online? It does sound like something many people would do, right? Well, many people do it and you may be the only one left out. In fact, it's not that much of a hassle and you will have a variety of options to choose from before...

Best Mattresses for Hip Pain – Top 6 Beds and Buyer’s Guide

Best Mattresses for Hip Pain – Top 6 Beds and Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for a bed that will provide good support and minimize hip pain, our guide can help you. In this article, you will find our picks for the best mattresses for hip pain available on the market and a guide for first-time buyers. Our choices and recommendations are based on buyer and owner experiences, and our intensive research.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress

A Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress

Shopping and finding a new mattress can be exhausting and frustrating – but don’t worry, Counting Sheep is here to help you! Check out our mattress buying guide, and things you need to focus on when shopping for a new bed.

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Sleep and Aging – Sleep Guide for the Elderly

Sleep and Aging – Sleep Guide for the Elderly

As we age, many of us we will experience certain changes in our bodies that will also affect how we sleep. The effect of these changes may further be influenced by chronic illness or the side effects of prescription medication. Unfortunately, sleep problems and...

Sleep Pills For Children – Medication Doses, Risks and alternatives

Sleep Pills For Children – Medication Doses, Risks and alternatives

Most adults think about their childhood as times when sleeping was very easy. Unfortunately, today around 25% of children experience sleep problems, and sometimes their sleeping issues are so severe that they turn to a doctor, and doctors sometimes prescribe them...

Prescription Sleep Medication

Prescription Sleep Medication

There are a lot of different sleeping drugs out there, varying in their active substances, targeting issues, side-effects and form in which they are consumed. Most commonly used prescription drugs for insomnia are benzodiazepines, and Z-drugs.

Helix Vs. Purple Mattress Review

Helix Vs. Purple Mattress Review

Both brands are innovative and ready to go above and beyond to be the best brand on the mattress market. They try to offer as much customization as possible to fit the needs of all body types, preferred sleep positions, and firmness levels, at a reasonable price. In today’s comparison, we are going to review their constructions, features, prices, pros, and cons, but we will leave the final verdict up to you.

Casper Versus Lull – A Direct Mattress Comparison

Casper Versus Lull – A Direct Mattress Comparison

Opt for the Lull mattress if you prefer a firmer models, need moderate conforming ability, weigh 130 pounds or more, frequently deal with pain in your neck, back or shoulders, really want to avoid as much off-gassing odor as possible, and you’re running on a tight budget. Opt for the Casper model if you value strong conforming, are a side sleeper, have lower back pain and if you sleep with a partner.

Casper vs. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

Casper vs. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

If you have frequent pains and aches in your back, shoulder, and neck, the Casper would be the best choice. Casper is also suitable if you like low- to medium-profile mattresses or sleep with a partner (and get awaken easily because of the movement or noise). On the other hand, Tempur-Pedic mattresses are also great for those with frequent back, shoulder, and neck pain, but it is more suitable for people who like high-profile mattresses.

Tuft & Needle and GhostBed Comparison

Tuft & Needle and GhostBed Comparison

T&N Mattresses offer great support and comfort for lightweight individuals who sleep on their stomachs, backs, or side, those who prefer firmer beds, and couples. GhostBed mattresses also provide exceptional support and comfort for lightweight stomach, back, or side sleepers and people who like firmer surfaces with proper body conforming. It is also an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Tempur-Pedic VS Purple – A Mattress Comparison

Tempur-Pedic VS Purple – A Mattress Comparison

In this article, we will cover two brands that are associated with top-quality bedding arrangements and comfort – Purple and Tempur-Pedic. Their products are very high-quality, but that doesn’t mean every single one of them is an excellent choice for a given person.

Benefits of Side Sleeping

Your sleep quality is affected by multiple factors – it isn’t just how dark and quiet your room is or what music you listen to before you hit the hay – it’s how you lay your body down, too. According to science, the best sleeping position is sleeping on your side. Read on to learn why.

Sleep Clinic Guide

Sleep Clinic Guide

Sleep clinics are probably the best way to learn everything in-depth about your sleep and get an official diagnosis of a specific sleep disorder.

Do Fish Sleep?

Do Fish Sleep?

According to research, most animals sleep in some form, including fish.

The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Factors, Ethnicity and Sleep

The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Factors, Ethnicity and Sleep

There is inequality all around us, whether it is racial, income, or some other thing you might not think of right away. People who are less financially secured tend to sleep less than wealthy individuals. Also, black people on average have a shorter sleep duration as well as quality compared to Caucasians. We tried to determine why that’s the case, so read on if you want to learn more about the sleep gap in America.

Can Sleep Apnea Treatment Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Can Sleep Apnea Treatment Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Many people find CPAP machines uncomfortable and stop using them as soon as their sleep apnea starts to feel better. As a result, the disorder symptoms return in full swing, and a recent study highlights this as the main reason for hospital readmissions among OSA patients.

Mathematics of Sleep

Quantification of sleep is not an easy task – too many variables are involved in inducing and regulating this process. In best attempts to answer as many questions as possible, specialists have come up with a number of theories and models.

Sleep and Fasting

Fasting can cause temporary mild sleep-related problems, but they will go away quickly as soon as you adapt to the new regime.

Lack of Sleep Among Veterans

Sleep problems are an ongoing issue for many people working in the military, especially veterans. More than 75% of veterans have some symptoms that can be related to different sleep disorders.

The Ultimate Co-Sleeping Guide

When it is done correctly, co-sleeping offers desirable benefits that help children develop properly, and stay healthy. However, many parents approach it with caution and fear because of the potential downsides that have to be worked around.

Asthma and Sleep

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the lung airways, making them highly sensitive and easily triggered into an asthma attack. It can have a negative impact on the sleep duration and quality.

Human Growth Hormone and Sleep

Human growth hormone (HGH or just GH) is a protein, and it is also known as somatropin. It is produced by the pituitary gland that is located at the base of our brain. The secretion of HGH isn’t continuous, but it is rather released in a pulsating matter. It is crucial for children as it promotes growth and development, but it has a lot of positive effects on adults as well, as it boosts their metabolism and physical performance, and even helps live longer.

Scientific Research Into Sleep

Research of sleep and nervous system, in general, can be quite complicated. Our brain is one of the most complex things in nature and figuring out how everything works can be quite a task. As a British philosopher Emerson E. Pugh once said: “If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.”
However, the research of our minds and sleep has come a long way, and now we know many things about the importance of sleep, different sleep disorders, and how to treat them.

GI Issues and Sleep

Persistent stomach problems can cause great discomfort in one’s daily life. Indigestion, acid reflux, or even a spell of severe bloating can disrupt a person’s schedule when lasting for a few days, causing a range of symptoms anywhere from irritability to severe pain. As a consequence, one might cancel some activities, see a doctor or even get hospitalized if the situation gets extreme.

Simmons Mattress Review

Summary This Simmons Mattress Review ought to enable you to see the assorted variety of the Simmons bedding lineup. All things considered, you can perceive what Simmons-a sleeping cushion organization can offer best regarding the bedding business. In any case, the...

Aireloom Mattress Review: What You Need To Know

Summary It's implied that picking the best bed is a procedure which requires a great deal of thought and a considerable amount of research. There are a lot of choices out there and picking the one that is most suitable for your inclinations and the inclinations of...

Is Sleeping with Pets a Good Idea?

Most pet owners regard their pets as valued family members, and it is not a surprise that sharing a bed with one is very widespread. Many people allow their pets to sleep with them, although it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

Insufficient sleep syndrome is a type of hypersomnia. The symptoms for the insufficient sleep syndrome include regularly sleeping for less than the average 6-8 hours per night, excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, lowered energy level, reduced alertness, memory problems, lack of concentration and focus, muscle weakness and pain, distractibility, attention problems, and more.

Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder

The non-24 hour sleep-wake disorder happens when the body’s rhythm does not adjust with the 24-hour synchronization of the daily cycle and affects our circadian rhythm. It is a chronic circadian rhythm sleep disorder that interferes with sleep.

Sleep Guide for Babies

Sleeping is beside eating, probably the biggest need of each baby, they grow and develop so quickly at this stage and sleeping provides them enough time for resting, restorative and growing processes.

Catch-Up Sleep Myth

Whether you work long hours during the week, had to finish a paper or presentation, or had a crisis that required you to stay up most of the night, you want to try and make up for the missed hours of sleep. However, you can only catch up on a small amount of sleep.

Careers in Sleep – How to Get a Sleep-Related Job

Since sleep has become such a vast field for researching, it is continually expanding as many people are having problems with sleep disorders. Sleep became an health-related industry worth millions of dollars, and many sleep laboratories and thousands of sleep clinics are open across the US.

Sleep Enuresis and How to Handle It

Sleep enuresis or bedwetting is common among children until the age of 7, when it stops in most cases. Parents are responsible for monitoring the situation and helping their child reach a level of physical maturity where their bladder muscle becomes strong and helps keep the bed clean.

Two-Process Model of Sleep Regulation

The two-process model of sleep regulation is based on the interaction of our two bodily processes – sleep-wake homeostasis (S) and the circadian process (C) – working simultaneously and dictating our sleep length, quality, and it’s timing.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sleep

In this article, we will cover the precise sleep difficulties frequently faced by people with ASD, some appropriate treatment options and longer-term coping advice to remove some of the due stress and make these issues more manageable.

Classifying Sleep Disorders

The diagnosis of sleep disorders and disturbances is based on clinical questionnaires, interviews, physical examinations and laboratory sleep research. Many guides and manuals are available today, to be used by doctors as a helping hand with recognizing various symptoms and pinpointing them to a certain sleep disorder.

The Effects of Trauma on Sleep

Our sleep is frustratingly easy to disrupt, even under normal circumstances. Physical and emotional trauma can be harmful for our sleep and it can contribute to sleep difficulties.

ADHD and Sleep

The symptoms and medication for ADHD can contribute to difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep, issues waking up in the morning, and the development of sleep-related breathing disorders.

Prescription Sleep Medication

There are a lot of different sleeping drugs out there, varying in their active substances, targeting issues, side-effects and form in which they are consumed. Most commonly used prescription drugs for insomnia are benzodiazepines, and Z-drugs.

How to Fall Asleep Faster?

If you have a hard time meeting your sleep goals and want to know how to get to sleep fast, you can try certain things that will help you relax and prepare for sleep.

Fragmented Sleep

Sleep fragmentation occurs in some people, and the problem with them is not falling asleep, that part usually passes without a problem; but staying asleep. People who typically experience it wake up many times during the night, and they have troubles falling back to sleep.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

Multiple sleep latency test is a helpful tool that doctors use to determine a sleep disorder where daytime sleepiness is the leading cause of disrupted sleep. It usually follows Polysomnography or PSG, which is an overnight test that monitors the sleep stages and patterns.

How Much Energy Does The Brain Consume While Sleeping?

In this article, we will cover the energy consumption of the human brain during sleep hours, as well as where that energy comes from and related information. Along the way, we may mention several experiments on non-human species that led us to draw solid conclusions that apply to humans.

Sleep Deprivation – Consequences and Risks

Sleep deprivation is an issue many people face on a daily basis. It is so ubiquitous that many people accept it as a part of their life, treating it as a necessary byproduct of their work schedule or social life. As a result of this neglect, those people may experience a drop in performance at work, become more irritable in social settings and generally don’t function optimally. They are also more susceptible to various illnesses that can make the situation worse. The worst part of this scenario is that a lot of people are not aware of their sleep deprivation, which can lead to safety risks

Sleep Onset Association Disorder

If your child is experiencing sleeping difficulties, they might have a Sleep Onset Association Disorder (SOAD). This disorder can develop when a child associates a specific environment or a person with falling asleep.

Sleep Inertia – Facts, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Sleep inertia is a physiological condition which limits your cognitive and motor abilities after awakening. Almost anybody can experience this condition after waking up. It happens when your mind transitions between sleeping and wakefulness, usually when you enter deep sleep and wake up before completing the sleep cycle.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Memory?

Newer studies show that sleep plays an active role in the consolidation of memories, and while earlier studies focused more on the REM sleep and its importance, further studies highlighted the importance of deep (slow-wave) sleep. Read on to learn more!

Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

In this article, we will look at several sleep-related movement disorders to find out their potential risks and consequences, as well as how they’re normally treated. While the best idea is almost always to consult a doctor when dealing with these disorders, knowing the symptoms and causes yourself can help you understand their recommendations and also get some peace of mind.

Mental Illness and Sleep Disorders

Poor sleep can be a symptom, but also a cause of mental illness. Sleep issues can contribute to the development of mental disease, prolong it and make it more difficult to cope with. Learn more about the connection between mental disease and sleep.

Short Sleep

Short sleep has been defined as sleep that lasts less than 5 hours. while short sleeper syndrome (SSS) is a condition that involves sleeping for less than six hours each night.

Melatonin Risks

Melatonin is a sleep aid that is easily accessible over-the-counter and cheap – seems like the simplest and fastest solution for your sleep issues. Also, it’s natural, so that means it’s safe to use it, right? Unfortunately, things are never this simple. In this...

Mysteries of Sleep

Read to learn the answers to most common sleep mysteries such as causes of parasomnia, dreams, effects of long and short sleep, the function of REM sleep, hibernation, and how our memory works.

Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorder

Irregular sleep-wake rhythm disorder is a rare type of circadian rhythm disorder that disrupts the normal circadian cycle with abnormal sleep patterns. Individuals who suffer from this rare neurological condition do not have defined circadian rhythm, which means that they do not have a regular sleep schedule.

How Can Keeping a Sleep Diary Help You?

A sleep diary helps you record information about your sleeping and waking times, sleep quality, and more. It will help you improve your sleep patterns by figuring out what prevents you from getting enough good night’s rest.

How Is Tech Destroying Your Sleep

Read on to learn how technology truly impacts sleep, how it affects children and adults, and how to power down and get a good night’s sleep without tech gadgets that we are so used to using.

Central Sleep Apnea

Central sleep apnea is a sleep-related breathing disorder. People who suffer from it experience cessation of the airway during the night, which leads to lower oxygen levels, and can have serious consequences.

Sleepwalking – Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Sleepwalking, or somnambulism is a sleep disorder defined as a type of parasomnia and characterized by sitting up in bed, standing and walking during sleep. The action typically occurs earlier in the night, during NREM sleep, and particularly one or two hours after falling asleep.

The Science of Light Sleep

In this article, we will be focusing on explaining light sleep. It represents stages 1 and 2 out of the three non-REM (NREM) stages we’re aware of, and makes around 50% of our sleep time. In some ways, light sleep can be seen as a preparation phase for deep sleep and REM sleep, and it’s much easier to wake someone in the lighter stages. Let’s look into the details.

Do Infrared Saunas Help You Sleep?

In this article, we plan on examining infrared saunas to see whether they work as well as (or better than) traditional saunas when it comes to the positive effects on your body, especially from a sleep-enhancing perspective.

Sleeping Homeless

In this article we are sharing some facts and latest numbers about homeless people in America, as well as how they are struggling with sleep, and how much it differs from our common sleep issues.

Deep Sleep – Why Is It So Important?

Since deep sleep is so essential for our well being, it is good to know what exactly is deep sleep, how it happens, why it’s necessary for our brain and finally how to get more of it. Let’s dig into it.

Defining Sleep

People were always intrigued by the condition of sleep and tried to find out what happens to our body while we are sleeping.

Heart Disease and Sleep

Sleep is vital for your energy levels, and it is essential for a healthy heart. People who are not getting enough sleep have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, and many other problems.

How Sleep Affects Your Immunity?

Unhealthy sleep habits can weaken our immunity and make us more liable to viruses and illnesses. A healthy immune system is able to produce cells that fight against different bacterias, viruses or infections.