Restonic ComfortCare Collection Review

If you like the feel of an innerspring mattress, but also want a touch of contouring, ComfortCare might be an excellent option for you. With Restonic being one of the oldest retailers on the market, you are guaranteed to get a great quality mattress.

If you feel like it is the moment to buy a new mattress, but don’t have the patience or time to search for the right product, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We are actively researching and reviewing the market of sleeping products, and we bring you all the information in one place so that you can easily make the most informed decision and end up with a product that will allow you to get the best rest possible. We know how important proper sleep is, and a new mattress can help you achieve that.

Today we review the ComfortCare collection made by one of the oldest bedding producers on the market, the Restonic. They have been in business for more than 80 years, and there is a good reason for that. They have top quality products that come at a good value, and they are actively trying to improve. Many Consumers Digest Best Buy awards, and Women’s Choice awards tell about the brand’s quality and value in the highly competitive marketplace. Also, the Restonic is the first to receive UL certification, for the exceptional quality of products that lead the way in fire safety.

ComfortCare collection consists of innerspring and hybrid mattresses that provide luxurious and superb sleep experience that will help the users wake up energized and ready to face the challenges of every day. Read on if you are keen to learn more about the brand, its history, and the quality of their products.

80 Years of Excellence

People realized that comfort led to better rest a long time ago. That’s why they made primitive beds by using straws, leaves, grass, and other soft material covered with animal skin. Even though this would be considered extremely uncomfortable today, it was a lot better than sleeping on a cold hard surface. The modern mattresses began to take shape not that long ago, with the innerspring invention in the 19th century. All the other types like memory foam, latex, hybrid, appeared later, and now we have more sleep options than ever.

The story for the Restonic began in 1938 when they were founded under the name Triple Cushion Corporation, with the idea to bring extra comfort to the sleeping world. Only eight years later, the company got its today’s name, and in 1965 they introduced many inventions to their products. The most notable one is still their trademark today – The Marvelous Middle. It refers to the importance of the middle layer in the support and overall comfort of the mattress, and it gives their beds a unique feel that the customers learned to like.

In recent years, the Restonic changed the way they do business, as they are now exclusively selling their products through the authorized third-party retailers. They are also collaborating with other brands, and they have a couple of unique collections as a result of that. Their website offers the choice to buy some mattresses directly, but other than that, you’ll have to go through the third party. Their website features an option to find the nearest stores with their products, so you can type in your zip code, and see where you can get their products.

Although they reported having success with this model of business, the customers don’t seem too thrilled about it. There is a lack of information online about the products, the warranty, and the prices, which makes it hard to compare with other mattresses when you are searching for the best option.

Their latest logo “Supporting Dreams” tried to emphasize the importance of people that are using their products. We can say that over 80 years in business and millions of buyers definitely speak in the name of satisfied customers.

The ComfortCare Collection – Introduction

The invention of innersprings affected the way that the modern mattresses look today. Although they started producing in the 19th century, they changed a lot with the progress of technology and science, and innerspring models still account for two-thirds of all mattress sales. There are several reasons for that, mainly the excellent support that they provide, responsive surface, breathability, and lastly, innerspring models are usually the cheapest ones on the market.

Besides innerspring, memory foam is another top pick for many people. It provides close conforming, and it relieves pressure by doing so. Because of that, it is a more suitable option for people with back pain, but it has its downsides as well. It tends to sleep hot, and the surface is not as responsive as with innerspring models, which is a dealbreaker for some people.

ComfortCare offers not only innerspring mattresses but the hybrid ones as well. They provide the best of all worlds. Coils give enough support and bouncier surface, as well as higher breathability, while the memory foam comfort layers provide closer conforming and pressure relief that many people seek. Although they are usually priced higher than the other types, hybrid mattresses can be a perfect choice for many people. The collection features four beds with a support core made with wrapped coils and comfort layers that consist of gel-infused memory foam for exceptional comfort and superior motion isolation.

The Construction

All models from the ComfortCare collection are built similarly, with the only difference in the number and thickness of comfort layers, as well as firmness levels. The most notable feature is undoubtedly the Marvelous Middle that offers 25% more support in the middle layer where you need it the most. Extra durable center support helps prevent sagging and it is one of the features responsible for durability. It also equalizes the pressure distribution across the whole body so that you don’t wake up with a sore shoulder, hip, or lower back.

The individually wrapped, zoned, tempered coils add proper conforming support, as well as eliminate the motion transfer. They are zoned so that they provide more support in the center, where you need it the most. The heat treatment of coils enables them to have memory-foam like characteristics, meaning that unlike your average innerspring model, this one offers some conforming abilities that relieve pressure, which does wonders for back pain.

The Superegde Plus feature means that the extra firm foam on the perimeter of your mattress provides additional support and it prevents sagging. This provides a more stable foundation for the entire bed; it increases sleep comfort, and it also extends the lifetime of a mattress. Another exciting feature of these beds is Airflow border, which allows air to circulate during the night, keeping your mattress fresh for a longer period. Even though innerspring models are famous for sleeping cooler than other types, this little additions means that ComfortCare collection is perfect for those who tend to sleep hot at night and experience night sweats. Proper ventilation keeps bedding fresh, it reduces allergens and expands the longevity of a mattress.

Gel-infused and memory foam layers make the comfort system of these models. They deliver consistent, long-lasting support and provide the needed pressure relief. The gel is there as the memory foam tends to retain heat, so this is a nice little addition that helps this layer remain its temperature neutrality. These layers also provide motion isolation so that you don’t wake your partner up when turning around during the night. The pain relief works in two ways, by alleviating pressure from critical spots, and by increasing circulation in your body.

Available Sizes and Pricing

Since Restonic is mainly selling through the authorized third-party retailers, you can’t get a lot of information about the current models, their characteristics and price. The products from the other collection that are available for purchase through their website go from $799 to $1199 depending on the selected size.

The ComfortCare features four different bed options and as much as 29 models. Those four basic ones are Euro Top, Pillow Top, Cushion Firm, and Firm, and depending on the other characteristics and size, the price can vary quite a bit. If you want special features like additional micro coil support, double-sided construction so that you can flip a mattress, reinforced middle zone, and TempaGel memory foam layer, you will have to pay a bit more.

Since the price varies based on a model and size, and the Restonic doesn’t disclose those details, you can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $2500. They have all six basic sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King, as well as two extra options for some models: Full/Double XL and Split Queen.

The ComfortCare Euro Top has a smoother first layer that provides increased cushioning and pressure relief. The Cushion Firm provides closer conforming for a better spine and body alignment throughout the whole night. The Pillow Top features an additional memory foam layer, which means extra comfort and more pain relief. And finally, the ComfortCare Firm is ideal for those sleepers who like a firmer surface and don’t like to sink in the mattress.

There is also the ComfortCare Limited selection that features innerspring mattresses with a top graphite latex layer for an increased cooling effect, memory foam, and an additional micro coil layer in some models. The cover is handmade of wool and silk, and this collection is of superb quality and is highly luxurious.

Delivery, Sleep Trial, and Warranty

Since Restonic mostly sell their products through the third party retailers, all the details concerning delivery, sleep trial, and warranty can vary. If you buy one of the available models directly from their website, the delivery usually takes 5-8 days, you get a 120-night sleep trial period, and the product comes with a 15-year warranty. For the other information, you’d have to contact the authorized third-party where you plan to buy your mattress.

The company offers to repair or replace any defective products under warranty. However, all the transportation fees would have to be paid by you, and the coverage will also be voided if the proper foundation is not used. Only the sinkage that is over one and a half inches for quilted beds, and three-quarters of an inch for not quilted ones are seen as defective, less than that is expected with time, and the company doesn’t do anything about it. Also, the natural decrease of softness as well as a change in user’s preferences is not covered by the warranty. All the cuts, burns, tear, and sweats, and all the other damages that are due to improper use or cleaning methods will not be covered. The warranty is only valid if you buy through an authorized third-party retailer, so if you buy from an unauthorized one, or directly from an original owner, the warranty is invalid.

Sleep Ratings and Customer Reviews

Even though the ComfortCare collection features top-quality, affordable mattresses, some reviews are not as positive. The most complaints are with the durability of the products where users regularly report shorter life spans. Some users said that the mattress retains heat, because of which they slept hot at night, but that is mostly the concern of the memory foam models. The ComfortCare sleeps relatively cool, and it also doesn’t emit any odors that are common to memory foam.

It provides proper support, and with the reinforced edges, you don’t have to expect any sinkage, which is a common concern with some models from the other collections. Unfortunately, unlike the memory foam models, innerspring provides worse motion isolation, and it is relatively noisy. That could be a problem for people that are easily woken up by their partner’s movement, so it is not the best fit for everybody. However, the incredibly responsive surface gives the bounce that is just perfect for sex, and couples will love it.

The great thing is that there are so many models and there is a perfect option for anyone, soft, medium, and firm. These mattresses are slightly heavier than the standard models, but they should be still moved and maneuvered by one person without too many problems.

Based on the customers’ feedback, we have rated the ComfortCare as well as ComfortCare limited selection. Two main factors were sleeping comfort and spinal alignment, and these can vary quite a bit based on the person’s sleeping position preference and body type. That’s why you should always take this with a pinch of doubt, as what is too firm for somebody can be a cloud-like mattress for somebody else.

Sleeping Position Light Weight (under 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs) Heavy Weight (over 230 lbs)
Side Good Good Fair
Back Good Very Good Fair
Stomach Good Good Fair


The ComfortCare collection is the best for average sized individuals and lightweight ones. The heavier people should probably look for a different option since it doesn’t seem to suit them very well.

Sleeping Position Light Weight (under 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs) Heavy Weight (over 230 lbs)
Side Very Good Very Good Good
Back Good Very Good Good
Stomach Good Good Fair


As far as ComfortCare Limited is concerned, the average built individuals will also find the best comfort with these products. Light individuals will find these mattresses great, while they are also reasonably suitable for even heavier users. Side and back sleepers seem to have the most benefits, but those sleeping on their stomach will have a sound sleep as well.

The Final Verdict

The ComfortCare collection provides a luxurious top of the line mattresses that come at an affordable price. They are great for individuals of average weight who like the bounciness of the innerspring core. Comfort layers provide enough contouring to relieve pressure and pain, and the high breathability of these mattresses make them great for hot sleepers, and people suffering from allergies.

One of the downsides is the lack of available information online. You have to go through the third-party to learn more about the models, and that just seems like too much for some people, so they give up. Comparing is a lot easier when you can do it online, and then go and try out the models you like best. Another huge concern is the durability of these mattresses, but an above average warranty should ease these concerns.

Overall, it is an excellent collection, that provides all the important features for a good value. If you pick the model depending on your body size and select a few other additions, you don’t have to worry about those complaints on durability, as a well-informed decision goes a long way.


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